8 natural cosmetics brands to take the step towards a sustainable life

8 natural cosmetics brands to take the step towards a sustainable life

Natural cosmetics is one that is committed to distribute products that are created using organic ingredients and as a result, do not contain any type of toxic agent. Therefore, they provide significant benefits for the environment, health, responsible consumption and affordable cost.

Consequently, when we talk about natural cosmetics we also refer to a further step towards a sustainable life. Emphasizing that, these types of products are required to comply with a number of regulations to be considered natural cosmetics.

Now, because of its benefits, there are many people who have been motivated to bet on natural cosmetics. However, there are still few recognized brands that are dedicated to this branch of cosmetics and, therefore, it becomes interesting to know what are the 8 most famous brands of natural cosmetics in Spain.


Meet the 8 brands of natural cosmetics that have made a difference in Spain

It is no secret that in the Spanish territory has greatly enhanced the trend of natural cosmetics. Which is linked to a relentless search for organic ingredients in this country in order to provide physical and mental well-being to people, along with a more sustainable production model than what is used to.

Thus, several brands have been known that, through their proposals, have managed to exalt what is natural cosmetics in Spain and at the same time, motivate other manufacturers to support this cause. Without further ado, below, we highlight 8 of the best brands of natural cosmetics that guarantee an unparalleled transformation in the country:

Agave Crafts

It is one of the most recognized Spanish brands of natural cosmetics of all, so it has a special place in the hearts of many. Which, operates since 1996 and since its origins, has opted to manufacture products in an artisanal way using natural raw materials of high quality. These, of course, are approved and certified.

Among the most essential raw materials they use are vegetable oils and essential oils, as well as the hydrolates from the styling of the essences. These products are not tested on animals and promote health and beauty, while preserving the environment.


It refers to a distributor of natural cosmetic products, perfumes and other types of items that has been operating for more than 15 years and for its trajectory, guarantees great reliability to customers. Emphasizing that, its main philosophy is based on bringing all Spaniards and people around the world to various solutions of natural cosmetics and technology in the service of health.

In addition to preserving the environment, 500Cosmetics provides constant innovation and high quality in each of its articles in order to meet the aesthetic and health needs of its users online. Even, being an excellent distributor, it means benefits for entrepreneurs who want to access the world of natural cosmetics, thanks to its profit margins that exceed 50% and up to 70% for each order placed.


The products of this Spanish brand promise to take care of your skin and preserve the planet at the same time. Thus, their products are intended for environmental restoration by at least 10%. This is due to the fact that they use certified organic ashes to make their products.

In addition, as well as the products of this brand guarantee a great contribution of the active mineral principles of the vegetable, they have the ability to absorb impurities and toxins, increase the smoothness of the skin and improve its flexibility up to more than 50%.


Beyond being one of the most important online natural cosmetics stores in Spain, Cocunat is a benchmark brand in the natural cosmetics market in Europe. This is distinguished by its excellent 100% natural products to care for the skin, ensure excellent facial care and pamper the hair area.

In short, this brand takes care of your skin and hair with sustainable, vegan and toxic free products. Thus, they are revolutionary, internationally awarded and biotechnology-inspired products that use innovative active ingredients, are made with non-polluting raw materials and are completely free of animal cruelty.


Above its products that are simple, this Spanish brand of natural cosmetics stands out for its mind-blowing effects, in view of the fact that its formulations go beyond purely cosmetic products. In the same way, they fulfill their commitment to protect nature and ensure a better quality of life for human beings.

To do so, Cosmoética produces articles of certified organic origin and takes into account the cycles of the biodynamic calendar to add more value to its service. In this way, it has healing virtues. It is worth mentioning that, in its processes, it follows rigorous quality controls and uses a method that leads from chaos to order, in order to enhance the vital force of the product and make the most of the qualities of the plants.

Seaskin Life

It was born in 2008 and its mission is to give a complete turn to skin care, based on an effective sustainable method to ensure the care of the environment at the same time. To do this, it has been a tireless search for natural and revolutionary ingredients with the ability to restore the skin through the healing power of water at its best.

In addition to improving the physical state, the thermal and sea water so vital for this brand, also promises to improve the emotional state of people. It should be noted that, its ingredients are pure, 100% organic and natural active ingredients that are manufactured in a natural way.


It consists of a brand that, in the form of miraculous tonics in 21st century version, provides natural waters collected from the best organic agriculture to provide restorative effects on the skin in a pure state, without suffering any alteration. Thus, they are products that act as a powerful antibacterial, reduce irritation and soothe the skin immediately, for its healing effects.

With the purpose of supporting natural cosmetics, their items are completely sustainable, as they use nature’s ingredients without modifying them and they are cruelty-free and organic in their entirety. One of the great advantages of Rowse, is that it manufactures versatile lines of essentials that can be easily combined with others and adapted to every need.


Based in Madrid, this famous brand is one of the most important in the country in terms of natural cosmetics today. It aims to create awareness in the population about the toxicity that abounds in the current market and therefore proposes organic products that provide the power of the medicinal properties of plants and vegetable oils in Spain.

For its part, it mainly makes use of olive oil from Jaen, orange blossom flowers from Valencia and aloe vera, sage, lavender and rosemary extracted from the fields of Murcia. With these ingredients, they promise to elevate the care of the skin in reference to wrinkles, spots and other irregularities that diminish its beauty. Thus, Münnah products regenerate the face progressively.


What are the main reasons for opting for natural cosmetics?

Because of its benefits, more and more people prefer to use natural cosmetics instead of conventional cosmetics. This, mainly, to be able to follow a healthier lifestyle and support sustainability. So, beyond taking care of food, they also choose to pay great attention to the products they apply on their skin or hair.

According to recent studies, every year people absorb about two and a half kilos of toxins through the skin, due to the chemical components used in the manufacturing process of industrial cosmetic products. Being so, harmful to the skin and even very harmful to the environment.

Hence, the importance of betting on natural cosmetics to take the step towards a sustainable life. That is why, below, we highlight the main reasons to prefer natural cosmetics instead of industrial ones:

  • This cosmetic contains active ingredients that promote skin hydration, oxygenation and elasticity. In effect, it provides a softer, smoother and rejuvenated skin.
  • Apart from benefiting the skin, it is environmentally friendly, since its manufacturing process is free of pesticides and toxic substances.
  • Minimizes the occurrence of allergic reactions, because it guarantees a remarkable adaptability to each skin type. Thus, at the same time, it enhances nourishing, protective and regenerating effects.
  • Without being aggressive, its effect is completely progressive and ensures good results due to the absence of chemical ingredients on the skin.
  • It provides optimal value for money. Therefore, in addition to benefiting the skin and the planet, it is affordable and often lasts longer than traditional cosmetics.
  • Inherently, natural cosmetics do not use filler ingredients and because of this, they can be said to be 100% active.


Why start up a natural cosmetics business?

If you have been inclined to sell natural cosmetics and still have doubts about it, here we give you why it is advantageous to decide to start a natural cosmetics business today:

Cosmetics are used every day

Without exaggeration, from the day we are born, we use cosmetic products such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, deodorant, etc.. So, they are essential items for the day to day, especially because they allow us to pamper and protect our skin, as well as to avoid bad body odours.

So, if you choose to offer natural cosmetic products, they are likely to be in high demand and guarantee you excellent earnings on a consistent basis. Especially, because instead of selling conventional cosmetics, you will be offering a novel approach that captures the attention of numerous people by nature.

Consolidate the natural and sustainable trend in the world of cosmetics.

Another of the pros of natural cosmetics is that you will be able to offer solutions linked to natural, plant-based, clean and sustainable products. At the same time, focus on innovation based on current consumer trends and meet the needs of customers.

It should be noted that, according to recent data, the trend of natural and organic has marked a before and after in the cosmetics market. Thanks to its advantages, it has spread significantly around the world and more and more people are betting to support this initiative.

Generate a positive social and environmental impact

By encouraging skin care or the largest organ of the body, you can make a positive social impact on the people around you. Taking into account that, they are natural products that bring great vitality to the skin and avoid harmful side effects regardless of your type.

In addition to this, natural cosmetics also allows you to generate a positive environmental impact, since you can increase your profits without using endangered species or genetically modified organisms. With this and much more, you can minimize environmental pollution and do your bit for sustainability.

Increased personal and professional growth

Personal and professional satisfaction is another of the benefits of selling and promoting natural cosmetics. These satisfactions can be summarized as follows:

  • Discover new skills and strengthen the ones you already know.
  • Manage your schedule freely to make the most of your day to day life.
  • Learn more than expected, while working independently.
  • Get your own results, according to your goals.
  • Manage your budget efficiently.
  • Generate work for other people.
  • Decide who you prefer to work with and who you don’t.


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