Cosmetics Manufacturing – Third Party Manufacturer

Cosmetics Manufacturing – Third Party Manufacturer

Cosmetics Manufacturing – Third Party Manufacturer

In the field of natural cosmetics, the priority of those involved in the manufacture of natural cosmetics is to work with natural ingredients, a commitment to the environment and good production practices. Generally, they focus on making toxic- free cosmetics for facial care, body care, hair care and more.

Nowadays, in order to bet on sustainability, more and more brands want to launch their own natural cosmetics. To do so, the best way is to turn to a third-party cosmetics manufacturer, which is also known as a “partner” and within this sector, it emphasizes laboratories that manufacture cosmetics for third parties.

Therefore, if you want to debut your own natural product on the market, it is essential to find a good partner to help you improve your project and make your dream come true. However, choosing a manufacturer is not such a simple task, so here you will learn how to choose the best partner for your company to undertake this new journey.

What is a third-party cosmetics manufacturing partner?

In short, a third-party cosmetics manufacturing partner or collaborator is a team that is in charge of the manufacturing process of a specific cosmetic product that a specific company is working on. This means that they make their laboratory and skills available to enable other third-party brands to create and launch their own product on the market.

In fact, they are companies that take care of the entire production cycle of each product, ensuring almost zero energy consumption and without generating polluting waste, thus betting on natural cosmetics. In general, the stages they comprise are:

  • Harvesting: This involves selecting the most appropriate raw materials for the products.
  • Semi-processing: It consists of macerating the harvested plants in oils to obtain the required active principles.
  • R&D&I Formulation: In order to provide what the consumer needs, they mix the best ingredients to make the product.
  • Manufacturing: This is the phase in which the “partner” complies with the brands’ premises to produce the product they really want.
  • Packaging and labeling: After manufacturing the product, they proceed to its packaging and labeling, as agreed with the third party brand.
  • Quality control: They make sure that they comply with all the quality standards in force in the country, so that the products are perfect when they reach the final consumer.
  • Distribution: After all of the above, they deliver the cosmetic product to the brand they have worked for over time.

Why is a third-party cosmetics manufacturer needed?

The answer is simple: Because these companies have the right facilities to manufacture and test the cosmetic product. Generally, brands cannot make an initial investment to have their own laboratory, so they must turn to these cosmetic manufacturers to obtain the product with which they hope to satisfy the needs of their public.

As a result, the brands take care of drawing the development of their product “on paper” and from this, the partners or collaborators start the manufacturing phase with a large batch that meets the necessary requirements. Thus, beyond meeting the expectations of the brand that hires them, they also focus on developing cosmetics that comply with regulations and have the capacity to access the market without problems.

In short, third-party cosmetics manufacturers are in charge of making the brands’ aspirations come true, with respect to the products they hope to offer to their potential customers. So, while the brands develop their idea and proceed to present it to these manufacturers, the latter define the formulas to initiate the production cycle and deliver the final product to their buyers.

Tips for choosing your third-party cosmetics manufacturing partner

Nowadays, the industry offers you different alternatives when it comes to choosing the ideal cosmetics manufacturing laboratory for your brand, that is, to obtain the products you want to manufacture. However, there are many options that are inefficient and this could generate serious problems for your brand, both in the medium and long term.

Therefore, in order for you to choose the cosmetics manufacturing partner you really need, here are some suggestions to keep in mind during the selection process:

Safe and quality manufacturing

This is the most important aspect of all, as you can be sure to have a manufacturer that performs its work under the best possible terms. To do this, it is essential that it has a certificate of good practice, which helps to verify the conformity of a product to a set of requirements. Thus, it is ideal to give consumers the necessary guarantees regarding the final product.

Additionally, if the manufacturing laboratory is ISO 22716 certified, so much the better for you. Because, this standard regulates the cosmetics manufacturing sector to improve quality and create a friendly environment between manufacturers, suppliers and consumers. Specifically, it demonstrates that the manufacturer complies with the most suitable manufacturing, packaging, testing, storage and transportation requirements for cosmetic products.

Now, beyond verifying that your partner has its own certificate of good practices and corroborating that it is ISO 22716 certified, make sure that it also has a technical manager. This person will be in charge of guaranteeing the quality of your product.

A product manager must not be missing

Although it is true that the manufacturers themselves have to designate a product manager, since all cosmetics must have a guarantor to act before the authorities in case of any claim or health problem. Therefore, in a nutshell, the product manager is the person who acts as the main figure in the marketing of the cosmetic product.

To make sure that this figure is not missing in your project, it is essential that you check that this person’s name appears on the labeling of your final product. Generally, the companies themselves are the ones who take on this role, but others give you the freedom to act as the person in charge yourself. Either way, don’t forget the importance of this.

Unlimited samples

If you come across a manufacturer that has limitations regarding their samples, run away. It is really essential that these laboratories send you as many samples as you need, in order to check the quality of the cosmetic product throughout its development phase. Each one of them will be used to compare it with the final product, in order to verify if they have really met the required specifications, i.e., those found in the briefing of your product.

In the same way, the possibility of obtaining the samples you want is useful to facilitate the sensoriality of the product, the industrial scaling and even to adjust the costs. This is the only way to obtain a result that convinces you 100% and, at the same time, to know that you will be able to satisfy the needs of your potential customers.

Keep in mind that while some third party manufacturers provide all samples free of charge, there are others that have a policy of charging an additional balance of the budget for them. So, you should also discuss this with the laboratory, so that you are both clear on the terms regarding the samples.

Performance of cosmetic stability studies

Cosmetic stability is defined as the ability of a product to maintain its properties over time, in an unaltered manner. Thus, it guarantees that a cosmetic product is able to maintain its specifications within the limits established by the manufacturer, during its use and shelf life.

Given its importance, make sure that the third-party manufacturer chosen for your brand performs the relevant stability studies on your product before it is launched on the market. To this end, it is also important that they set the corresponding development times and that the laboratory keeps you up to date on all phases of the project. It is not only a matter of creating the product and manufacturing it immediately, but also of analyzing well what may happen over time.

Fortunately, stability studies are essential to determine feasible and realistic timelines with respect to product development. For this to be perfectly accomplished, it is suggested that you and your third-party cosmetics manufacturer establish a timeline to avoid surprises during the production cycle and to obtain the highest possible product quality.

Saving money and confidence

In conjunction with quality, don’t forget the importance of selecting a third-party manufacturer that saves you money. If it guarantees you an optimal quality-price ratio to manufacture your product, do not hesitate to choose it. This will allow you to provide a competitive price to the market, ensure the accessibility of your product and build customer loyalty with more simplicity.

Beyond quality and money savings, you should also keep in mind that it is essential that the laboratory gives you the greatest possible confidence. This way, you will be fully confident that your dream will come true in the best hands, and you will be able to work comfortably, calmly and pleasantly with this manufacturer, in order to get the best out of your new project.

More recommendations…

  • Work with a third-party cosmetics manufacturer that also handles the

promotion, development and recognition of your own brand or business.

  • Choose a team of people with whom you feel comfortable and empathize from the very first moment.
  • Select a company that addresses current trends such as: natural cosmetics, sustainable cosmetics and vegan cosmetics.
  • Hire a manufacturer that focuses on innovation to debut a differentiating product in the market.
  • If possible, get a laboratory that has its own “regulatory” area for internationalization, as this will make it easier for you to export your products outside the European Union.

500Cosmetics: A step forward for third-party cosmetics manufacturing

At this moment, one of the best solutions to debut in the natural cosmetics market with the help of a reliable partner is 500Cosmetics. It is a brand that is part of Natural Logistics, which was created in 2004 with the aim of bringing everyone closer to the best resources of natural cosmetics and technology at the service of health.

With more than 15 languages available, this brand offers optimal personalized advice that allows emerging companies to enter the natural cosmetics service more easily, to satisfy the different areas of health and beauty. Therefore, its products comply with the legal requirements applicable at European level.

To start your project and make your dream come true with 500Cosmetics, you simply have to complete three steps and in record time, you will be able to debut your own brand of natural cosmetics on the market. These steps are:

  • Choose your product: First of all, you have to select the product you are interested in. Be it pills, creams, colognes, erotic toys, etc. Luckily, it has a wide range of options for you.
  • Selecting your logo: In order to help you create your brand to gain recognition in the industry and differentiate yourself from the competition, 500Cosmetics also helps you create a name for your product and choose the best logo.
  • Determine the product packaging: The last step is to choose how the product you want to launch will be packaged. This way, you can check what the labeling will look like and if it is really what you want to display to your potential customers.

The benefits of working with 500Cosmetics as a manufacturer:

  • High profit margins – This brand helps you earn high profit margins for the best profits after making your debut in the industry.
  • Innovation first – Through its products, 500Cosmetics ensures that your brand enters the market with truly innovative options that capture the attention of users and differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Start with small productions – Unlike other third party manufacturers, this company gives you the possibility to start with small productions, i.e. 200 or 300 units. Therefore, you do not have to make a large investment to start your own business.
  • More promotion and recognition for your business – With its own strategy, 500Cosmetics helps you to promote your own brand to gain quick recognition. Thus, it is an ideal solution to build customer loyalty without much effort.
  • Saving money in the creation of your brand – As the company provides you with effective tools to create your own business, it also allows you to save money by being able to dispense with other expenses in strategy, marketing, logistics, design, etc.

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