How to Detect Imitation Perfume Sales

How to Detect Imitation Perfume Sales

The sale of perfumes is a business that has spread globally in a remarkable way. Since, it is a product that is used daily by both women and men, as well as by boys and girls. In addition, it guarantees wide profit margins and this has led many companies to market colognes.

However, not all people have the money required to get a luxury perfume and indeed, imitation perfumes have emerged that are cheaper and allow you to enjoy these fragrances for little money. This has been of benefit to many consumers, but also of displeasure to others.

That is why, there are many people who wonder how they can detect when a cologne is fake, in order to recognize the sale of imitation perfumes. For this reason, here we will show you the main keys to make this detection in a quick, simple and effective way.


7 essential tips to detect the sale of imitation perfumes

Believe it or not, recognizing a fake perfume from an original one is easier than it seems. Especially if you take into account the following tips of great interest:

1) The packaging:

The first aspect that you must assess to find out if a cologne is fake, is the packaging. In this case, imitation perfumes have a cellophane paper that does not fit perfectly to the case and in fact, contains air between the two elements. Therefore, if you rub it, it makes a noise.

Also, you can tell that the paper is of poor quality and is badly folded, just by touching it. Unlike authentic colognes where the cellophane paper fits the case as if it were a second skin.

2) The bottle

In the case of the original perfumes, you can see a perfectly polished bottle in which the joints are not noticeable and it is soft to the touch. This, thanks to the fact that they are all made with a single mold.

However, in imitation perfumes, the bottle is rougher and does not exhibit that smoothness. In addition, it shows some imperfection where the two pieces have been joined together, i.e. at the junction points.

3) The cannula:

The plastic tube that transports the liquid to the diffuser and allows spraying the perfume, known as “cannula”, is another element that helps to differentiate an imitation cologne from an original one with optimum precision. This, in the fake perfumes, is thick and does not reach the bottom, in addition, it usually interacts with the liquid, looks very bent and even increases its size more than usual with the passage of time.

On the other hand, in authentic perfumes, the cannula is not visible inside the bottle, but it reaches the end of the bottle and is quite thin. In addition to that, it is slightly curved and thus, allows to take advantage of every last drop of the fragrance.

4) Labelling:

In imitation colognes, the description on the label is short, concise and even only displayed in one language. Thus, it does not specify information of interest to users and, ultimately, allows to demonstrate its poor quality.

But, unlike the above, in the original perfumes there is a notice on the label that exposes the total content of the product in a detailed and concise way. Thanks to that, it helps to prevent allergies or any kind of skin problems.

5) The cardboard:

Another clue that helps you to distinguish a counterfeit cologne is the carton of the box or the inside of it. So, once you remove the plastic in which the product is wrapped and after checking the labeling, you must detail how is the interior.

In the case of fake products, it is usually of poor quality, it does not adapt at all to the shape of the bottle and therefore, the perfume can remain loose. Whereas, in the real colognes the carton is made to the exact size and fits perfectly with the perfume to avoid damage during transport.

6) The foam:

Another of the most primordial particularities to discover a fake lotion is the foam, and for that, you have to shake the perfume. For example, if you shake an original perfume, it forms a light foam that disappears in a few seconds and, therefore, retains its inner appearance and does not exhibit any modification.

This, unlike imitation colognes in which the foam remains for a long time, after shaking the bottle. Therefore, it boasts a certain modification and this is what helps to distinguish an authentic product from a fake one.

7) The smell:

Finally, the smell is a characteristic that will also help you to detect the sale of imitation perfumes. Although it is more complex than the elements mentioned above, the truth is that it is not impossible to do so.

But, one of the recommendations to do this is to know the unique smell of the original lotion in order to compare it more closely with the fake one. In addition, the duration of the smell will also allow you to discover this, since the fake colognes have a shorter duration and the real ones last much longer on the skin or clothes.

It is essential to know how to distinguish an imitation perfume from an original one. Taking into account that the consequences of buying a fake cologne can result in allergies, stains, irritations and even depigmentation of the skin, in some cases. As if that were not enough, they also generate economic losses in the short term.


Why not buy imitation perfumes?

The main reason for not buying fake colognes is based on the harmful effects they can have on people’s skin. Since, the substances with which they are made tend to produce allergies and other noticeable affections.

Now, to recognize in more detail the reasons for not using imitation perfumes, we present the following reasons of interest:

  • They use harmful chemicals that can become toxic to the body.
  • In some cases, they contain high levels of aluminum and bacteria, and may even be filled with known carcinogens.
  • They lack UV (ultraviolet) protection and therefore affect the skin directly with allergic reactions, spots or dermatitis.
  • Serious side effects include acne, psoriasis and even eye infection.
  • They are sometimes distributed to launder drug money, arms trafficking and even human trafficking.


11 signs to recognize an original perfume and dispense with copies

Beyond the differences mentioned above when it comes to detecting the sale of imitation perfumes, it is necessary to know the main characteristics of an original perfume to ensure your purchases and identify the veracity of the product to perfection. With the particularities detailed here, you can avoid being a victim of deception when buying a cologne:

  1. Regarding the wrapping, the cellophane has a defined shape, is adhered to the packaging, has a defined shape and rules a precise work.
  2. As for the box, its printing is impeccable, it exhibits a perfect gloss and the texture of the cardboard is visible through the cellophane paper. In short, it boasts great quality.
  3. In the bottle, the glass is of quality, transparent, smooth and in one piece which helps to avoid extra glue that, apart from looking unsightly, can contaminate the perfume.
  4. Around the label, you can see the batch number, traceability code, manufacturer information and details of the product in terms of its manufacture and content. So, each of the ingredients are broken down as required by law.
  5. The bubbles in the bottle, in the original fragrances a layer of foam is generated that disappears instantly after shaking.
  6. In relation to the duration of the perfume, authentic products have a much longer duration of the smell, although this depends on the type of perfume it is.
  7. Regarding the design, it should be noted that the original perfumes have a perfect and well cared design, both in the bottle and in the box. Since this supports its authenticity in the case of any lawsuit.
  8. The colour is another indication of whether the perfume is original. In that case, the colognes usually show pale colors and without many colorants.
  9. A code and/or serial number, these data on the outside of the perfume box show its place of manufacture and, therefore, are guaranteed as authentic products from its bar code and serial number.
  10. Regarding the cap of the perfume bottle, it should be noted that the original options have a completely symmetrical cap.
  11. It is necessary to value the price, since, if a perfume is real, its cost will be higher because it is a branded perfume and thus, the price provides a good indication of authenticity.

Don’t forget to use a trusted salesperson

If you don’t buy the perfume directly from the store and prefer to go to an independent seller or a random sale, it is appropriate to make sure you go to reliable people or else you will surely get a counterfeit perfume for the price of an original one.

Therefore, so that you can have more assurance when buying perfume, here are some tips to easily identify a suspicious seller:

  • Check that the seller is verified or endorsed by other companies.
  • Check if they have stores on online sales platforms, as on these sites they need to gather successful sales in order to keep their permanence.
  • Examine whether it has a return or privacy policy and if it doesn’t, it’s appropriate to demand it.
  • Try what other users say about the seller after making a purchase with them. The opinion of others for their experience is essential to have more assurance.
  • Pay close attention to how you write your information, i.e. in terms of spelling and grammar. If they are relevant, it will reflect your professionalism.


The advantages of using original perfumes

If you’ve been wondering why opt for an original cologne instead of using a clone perfume, here are the main benefits of using authentic fragrances:

They make you smell so much better

Unlike imitation perfumes, original fragrances make you smell much better and for a longer time. Because, the concentration of authentic colognes is high and in effect, will allow you to have a good smell throughout the day.

They allow you to feel more attractive

One of the details that human beings notice the most about another person, is their smell. So, a quality perfume will increase your attractiveness remarkably and this will make you much more remarkable outstanding in front of others.

They help you relax

By nature, pleasant scents are suitable for minimizing stress and achieving an excellent state of relaxation. Considering that, the reduction of stress levels has remarkable benefits on people’s overall health, which is also possible thanks to the prevention of allergies or harmful side effects such as those caused by imitation colognes.

Gives you higher self-esteem

Branded or original perfumes guarantee a pleasant smell with great durability and when a person feels that he/she smells good at all times, he/she can exhibit greater self-confidence and this is reflected as a better self-esteem. Being ideal for attracting positive energies as well.

Strengthen your memory

As good perfumes have the ability to leave memories and by nature, the human brain associates memories with smells; they are also efficient to enhance memory. That is why, attentic perfumes bring good benefits to people’s health, in different aspects.



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