Natural cosmetics suppliers

Natural cosmetics suppliers

Internet sales are becoming more and more common, especially those specialized in the natural cosmetics sector. However, starting any type of business online is not that simple, since it also requires an investment.

That is why most people today have opted for better alternatives when undertaking, one of them is dropshipping, a way of being able to work directly with suppliers without the need to invest large sums of money.

For all this to work properly, it is necessary to be able to make correct use of dropshipping and have the best natural cosmetics suppliers, who will be in charge of offering you all the products you want to sell.

How does the dropshipping model work in a business?

This model allows users not to have to make more inventory payments in advance or generate logistics costs, since it is a system where wholesalers send products directly to customers, thus facilitating your sales.

Dropshipping has become the main variant of e-commerce, which means that in this case the stores do not have said products in stock, but instead, when a product is sold, it is bought from one of the trusted wholesalers and subsequently shipped to the customer. This means that the seller never manipulates or sees the product sold.

Therefore, dropshipping allows merchants to work comfortably without the need to invest money, so the virtual store will only be in charge of managing customer orders, billing and generating a database, while Suppliers will be in charge of storing, packaging and delivering the product to the end customer.

With this, it can be said that the merchant does not have an inventory, but works with the stock of a third party, in this case they are the wholesalers or the manufacturers of the product.

Advantages and disadvantages of the dropshipping system

Despite being a quite feasible sales system, it should also be mentioned that not only does it offer an advantage to merchants, but it also has some disadvantages that are important to assess. In this way, here we offer you the advantages and disadvantages of this Internet sales system


  • Generates an easy start: No initial stock is required, you must not manipulate the physical products, they do not pass through your company and you offer direct delivery to the consumer.
  • Larger catalogs: This type of business allows you to create broader catalogs, since by not having to invest in products, you will be able to offer everything that your natural cosmetics suppliers offer you.
  • Lower investment of money: By not requiring a physical store, or a warehouse to store the products, or an investment in stock, the initial money is less than that of any other business. In this case, the biggest investment is made in an online platform and in an advertising strategy to spread your brand.


  • Low profit margin: The profit margin in this case will depend directly on your suppliers, so the profits may be low if the wholesalers do not offer you the products at a good price.
  • Deficiency in customer service: If products and delivery times are not controlled, this can lead to inconvenience to customers that the merchant in this case cannot control.

Tips when implementing dropshipping in your online business

Before starting your online business and applying this buying and selling system, it is important that you take into account the following tips:

Choose your suppliers very well

It can be said that this is one of the most important points when you want to adopt this sales model, so choosing trusted and professional suppliers will be essential to ensure optimal operation in your company. In order to choose your best natural cosmetic suppliers, you must take these aspects into account:

  • Location of the wholesaler’s factory: Preferably it should be in your own country, in this way you will avoid customs inconveniences and reduce the delivery time of the merchandise.
  • Shipping management: You must keep in mind if shipments include invoices and if the supplier takes care of product returns.
  • Preparation of packaging: Make sure that the products you sell do not contain the logos of your suppliers or contact information.

Make successful negotiations

Not only should you focus on negotiating the products at a good price with your wholesalers in order to obtain a higher profit margin, but also make sure to negotiate the delivery times of the products to the customers. This will help you build a good reputation with them.

Use marketing to your advantage

It is important to invest in digital marketing, this will help you increase the traffic and conversions of your website, which translates into greater visibility of your products and therefore more possibilities of making sales.

Apply SEO to improve your positioning

When you have a dropshipping type business, it is very difficult to position the online store, since most businesses will have the same descriptions. Therefore, if you have some SEO knowledge it is important that you apply it and thus you will be able to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Make sure customers are satisfied

With this sales system, the post-sale process does not depend on you, so you should pay a little more attention and contact the customer once the order has been received to make sure that everything has gone well. This type of action can be done through a message, call or email.

Main types of dropshipping suppliers that you can find

To start your sales through dropshipping it is important that you know the different means of distribution that you can choose when offering your merchandise, in this case there are the following:

  • Suppliers: One way to find dropshipping suppliers for your online store is through supplier directories, there you will have the opportunity to find a large number of distribution companies that work under this sales system. Keep in mind that this encompasses what manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers are.
  • Manufacturers: Working this type of business directly with manufacturers is one of the best options. Therefore, if you know the product you want to sell, call the manufacturer directly and ask for the list of their wholesale distributors or negotiate the purchase directly with them. Make sure manufacturers offer dropshipping service.
  • Google: Finally, you can use Google to find suppliers, for this use some keywords such as “dropshipping suppliers of natural cosmetics”, dropshipping companies for cosmetics “, among many others. once achieved you must make sure that it is a real company and a reliable site.


Which are the best suppliers of natural cosmetics in Spain

To facilitate your search and help you find the best suppliers of natural cosmetics, here we are going to show you a short list of some of the most reliable wholesalers and who can give you the best profit margin. To do this, follow the list that we show you below:



It is a company that is responsible for distributing and creating perfumes and natural cosmetics, as well as pharmacy products. For this, it is in charge of offering a very extensive catalog of its beauty, wellness and cosmetic products, thus offering everything necessary for the health service.

500cosmetics is more than just a supplier of natural cosmetics, since it is a company where everything goes on its own, from the beginning, to the manufacturing and distribution process. For the manufacture of the same, it offers natural ingredients of very good quality, ensuring that consumers can satisfy each of their needs.

Likewise, for the first purchase it offers you 2×1 promotions and has profit margins from 50 to 70% on each of its merchandise such as perfumes, lotions, nutritional supplements, skin treatment, among others.


Beauty fort

This company dedicated to the sale of beauty products currently has more than 70,000 completely different products, which range from skin treatment, perfumes, cosmetics, hair products, among others. Beauty Fort, has become one of the trusted providers in this sector, offering different types of services for retailers.

Beauty Fort is characterized by offering wholesale supplies of all its cosmetic products, offering direct shipping to customers through the dropshipping model, as well as packaged ready to be delivered without any traces of it, making it ideal for customers. dropshipping online business.



It is a dropshipping supplier dedicated to wholesaling in Spain and throughout Europe, so it has thousands of references and a wide catalog of natural cosmetics and perfumes. Therefore, if you have a virtual store, you can choose BigBuy as your trusted supplier and thus start selling through its dropshipping system synchronized with its catalog.

This company offers you facial care products, body and natural cosmetics, perfumes, among many other products, all at the customer’s disposal. In this way, BigBuy offers trust and excellent service to its customers, making it a good option to hire as a dropshipping provider.


Why sell natural cosmetics online? Principal reasons

For several years, natural cosmetics have had a great boom, which is why many people have chosen to sell these products both in physical stores and online. And it is that being able to take care of yourself and the environment is one of the first choices of many consumers.

That is why here we give you the main reasons why to sell these products online under the dropshipping system.

Cosmetics are used daily

Most of the people use these types of products every day, especially for their beauty and body care. Most of these items are used for the care of the nails, hands, the body, for facial cleansing, hydrant creams, creams to protect from the sun, etc.

Seeing all these types of health and care products, it becomes imperative to use them. So it is considered to be a fairly profitable business since its output can be quite fluid in all cases.

Ethics and respect

This type of market allows entrepreneurs to propose a business model that respects the environment, taking care of your health and that of others at all times. Natural cosmetic products have been characterized by being highly sustainable and free of toxic substances, which is why it has become a business linked to the terms of responsibility and sustainability, so thinking about this type of business is ideal to build a world cosmetics and liability.

Offer health products

Offering this type of business online will allow you to help other people take better care of their health. As it is to improve your skin, prevent the appearance of unwanted microorganisms, protect the body from solar radiation, control the loss of water from the body, among others. These types of products are always of interest to most people who take care of their body on a daily basis.

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