Sale of perfume wholesale lots

Sale of perfume wholesale lots

The sale of perfumes and cosmetics has become one of the most profitable businesses today, especially if your goal is to become a perfume wholesaler. In addition, it is a business where you will not have to invest large sums of money.

Nowadays both men and women consume this product very often so its demand is quite wide and it is even a product that can be applied for both boys and girls with much softer and sweeter scents.

The sale of perfume wholesale is characterized by leaving good profits so the selling price and profitability are quite favorable. In this way, it is a venture that will provide you with an important source of income and not extra money as with many other sources of work.


Sell perfumes wholesale under dropshipping method

Most people tend to buy two or three perfumes at a time to be able to vary each time they have an appointment, go shopping or go to work so the possibility of selling these products is very wide. However, to be successful in this type of business it is important to have both quality and exclusivity.

One of the best ways to work with perfumery and cosmetics is applying the dropshipping model, which will allow you to work without having a stock of product, for this you must have suppliers that offer this sales system and thus be able to work directly.

This way you will have the opportunity to sell a product directly from your supplier and they themselves will be responsible for delivering it to the door of the buyer’s house. So your job will be to receive the money and transfer to the wholesaler for the purchase of perfume and thus get the profit immediately.

This is a business model that is very well suited for entrepreneurs who do not have a very large capital to have a stock of product. So it is a working system that adapts very well to online perfume sales. In addition, this allows you to create very large catalogs with a wide variety of products.

Currently the eCommerce sector is in an unstoppable growth where more and more entrepreneurs are joining. Among the most profitable items are cosmetics for health and beauty care and perfumes. This is because they offer a wide profit margin that translates into profitability.

In the case of perfumes or cosmetics consumers prefer online stores to make their purchases, as these types of stores are usually much cheaper and allows you to have a shopping experience from home. You can also have your own online store and sell perfumes wholesale both nationally and internationally.


Advantages of dropshipping for perfume sales

It is a business model that allows you to earn profits in a simpler way and without having to invest a lot of money, considering that having a stock of product translates into a high expense for any type of business. In addition, for the case of cosmetics and perfumes wholesale dropshipping is very well associated.

Accordingly, here are the main advantages of this sales system:

  • You don’t need a physical store: By not having your own stock of products, you won’t need to spend on a physical store, which is considered one of the biggest investments when starting a business.
  • You won’t need staff: As it is an online store you can run it yourself from the comfort of your home, either through your computer or smartphone. In this way you will be saving all the expenses generated by having a staff.
  • You do not worry about the stock of products: The goal of dropshipping is to make people not worry about storing products or inventory of the same, but all this is taken care of by the same provider that offers the sales system taking into account that not all wholesalers of perfumes offer the dropshipping model.


How the online store works under the dropshipping sales system

In order for you to understand much better this method of working, here we are going to explain the main steps for the operation of these businesses. In this case the sales process will work as follows:

  • The customer makes the purchase on your website. Once you have received the purchase order you will pass it on to your dropshipping supplier.
  • The perfume wholesaler will receive your order with the shipping address and within 24 hours or more will ship the perfume.
  • It will be the same supplier who will be in charge of managing the package until it is delivered to the end customer at the door of his home.


Five reasons to sell perfumes under dropshipping model

Starting a dropshipping business is one of the best options that any entrepreneur can have, especially if you do not have the necessary capital to have a physical store and a large enough stock to meet customer demand.

However, you can also have your own physical store with a reduced stock, but offer catalog sales under the dropshipping model, in this case you can send them to the customer’s address or directly to your premises so that they can pick them up afterwards.

Best of all, this sales system is very well suited for cosmetics business mainly if you want to be a cosmetics distributor and sell perfumes wholesale. That is why here are the main reasons why to sell perfumes with dropshipping.

Perfumes are in demand all year round

It is a product that is in demand all year round, so your e-commerce of beauty and health care products will have activity all year round. In addition, people are constantly looking for perfumes to give as gifts or for their own use.

Like any business, there are times of the year when your sales increase significantly, such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas time. So it is important that in those months your stock is much wider or add many more references to your sales catalog.

Allows you to have quite wide profit margins

If you apply the dropshipping model in your business it is essential that you have two or three suppliers that offer this sales system. This will allow you to have different factory prices and thus look for the one that offers higher profit margins.

It is important that you make sure to sell original products that are of quality, keep in mind that most people tend to pay high prices for these types of products, which are considered luxury. Although it is true, you can opt for a more economical line that allows you to have more accessible products for average consumers.

The important thing in these cases is to have good suppliers that allow you to play with your profit margins and thus be able to make quick profits. Keep in mind that perfumery is a very profitable business from which you can live comfortably if you are successful.

You can also create packs of products at very good prices that leave you a very profitable profit margin, taking into account that some products leave higher profits than others. In addition, this is a very good alternative to sell those products with little output.

Keep your perfume list up to date

In the perfumery are constantly launching new fragrances of the most recognized brands around the world so it is important that you are constantly launching new products or different versions of existing perfumes.

This way if you have a dropshipping store updated and synchronized with the list of your suppliers you will be able to be up to date with all the products of the moment. It is important that you not only offer quality but also exclusivity that will allow you to stand out from your competitors, gain the trust of your customers and be characterized by offering everything that is new on the market.

Dropshipping allows you to create microniches

If you have a dropshipping business you will have the possibility to create micro-niches in your online store, that is, if you sell only perfumes for men, you can also create a space for women’s perfumes or add natural cosmetic products.

This is made easier because you are working with a stock that is not yours but your supplier’s so you can take advantage of selling everything that the wholesaler offers you and so you will have many more sales possibilities. A good sales option is to combine perfumes with beauty and health care products, in these cases the chances of success are much wider and you can get better profit margins.


Best dropshipping suppliers to sell perfumes

In the case of Spain you can find a variety of wholesalers of perfumery that offer dropshipping sales service at no additional cost. So it becomes one of the best options when starting your business. To facilitate the search for these providers here we show you some of them:


International Group is one of the largest suppliers of cosmetics, personal care products and perfumes that you can hire for your online sales. It has over 30 years of experience so they are quite reliable and responsible with each of their deliveries.

They also stand out for offering the dropshipping business model, which is ideal for all new entrepreneurs who do not have enough money to have their own stock of products. The only requirement is to have an established online store.


This is another dropshipping provider that will offer you this service completely free. It stands out for offering a very wide product catalog which will allow you to have a greater number of sales. Also, you will be able to find the best lines of perfumes worldwide with the best prices, so you will have very wide profit margins.

Here you will not only find perfumery products, but also beauty care products, body cosmetics and natural cosmetics. All this in one place.

For BigBuy to offer you the dropshipping service it is mandatory that your online store is dedicated to the sale of perfumes, cosmetics and other beauty products. As well as offering reliability and be quite profitable for them. So they will offer you a very wide catalog that you can share with your customers.


Currently 500Cosmetics is one of the most reliable dropshipping providers in Spain, which offers you this sales service without any additional cost and thus offering you a very wide product catalog where you will not only find the best original perfumes, but you can also have other beauty products such as skin care, hair or everything related to the line of makeup.

Also, 500Cosmetics stands out for being one of the suppliers that offers higher profit margins on each of its products. It will allow you to get profits ranging from 50% to 70% on each of its products.

This is because they manufacture and distribute their products themselves which are made 100% natural. This will ensure that every single product they distribute is completely healthy for people. So 500Cosmetics has become one of the most reliable and cost effective suppliers if you want to sell perfumes wholesale.





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