What do you need to know before opening a sex shop?

What do you need to know before opening a sex shop?

Sex shops are becoming more and more common both physically and online. Over the years, this type of erotic shops have ceased to be a taboo for most people, although there are still many who feel self-conscious about going to a sex shop.

However, a good alternative to open a business of this type is to do it online, as these virtual businesses have become a very profitable alternative for most entrepreneurs.

As sexual taboos are becoming less and less taboo and most people are much more open about sex, it is important that you know everything about this type of business before you open a sex shop, as this will help you to achieve success more easily and quickly.


Why is it better to set up a sex shop online and not in a physical shop?

Nowadays the taboo of sex toys has decreased by a large percentage compared to 5 years ago, especially among older people, who are now one of the biggest consumers of sex toys.

However, and despite this, entering a physical sex shop always causes a bit of embarrassment to the customer, especially because they may be seen by someone else they know. That is why many entrepreneurs have opted to set up an online sex shop, which offers greater convenience to the customer when they want to buy a toy.

In addition, online sex shops have become one of the most profitable businesses on the Internet. Since this usually gives more privacy to people and a greater comfort to buy from home. There they can see each of the products calmly and investigate a little about how they work before making the purchase.

All this has made this type of business one of the fastest growing online businesses in recent years. So much so that many physical shops have decided to close their premises to work online and show their product catalogue on the Internet.

In this way it is much more convenient for the customer to buy vibrators, rings, whips, handcuffs, sexy lingerie, condoms, pills, among others online than going to a physical shop, so we recommend you to start this venture through the Internet and offering the greatest possible discretion at the time of making each of your sales and deliveries.


What are the requirements to open an online sex shop?

If your intentions are to start an online sex shop, then the first thing you should do is to have a website, which in this case will be your online shop. To do this make sure you build a site where you can offer all your products and if possible place everything by categories.

If you do not have the knowledge for this, then make sure you hire an IT expert who can help you set up your online shop. Make sure you have all the permits and licenses to register your business, this will depend on the laws of each country.

Keep in mind that the whole design of the shop must look completely professional, for this you need real photos of very good quality. In addition, make sure you have a comprehensive product catalogue where each of your products has a description that allows you to clarify the doubts of your customers before they buy it.

If you are an online shop, then you can apply the dropshipping business model, so make sure that your suppliers work with this system. This will allow you to offer certain products that you do not have in stock and thus have a much more complete product catalogue.


How does an online sex shop work?

The operation is basically the same as with a physical shop, only in this case everything will be virtual, therefore it will be necessary to create a catalogue section where each of your products has a photo, a description, if possible a video of how it works and the price.

It is important that each product has a data sheet that allows you to place all relevant product information.  Make sure you create different categories so that customers can search for their preferred sex toy more easily.

Be sure to publish all the products you think you need such as dildos, lubricants, gel, lingerie, accessories, vibrators, inflatable dolls, keep in mind that variety is the key to success and the sex shop world is one of the widest so you should try to cover it 100%.

It should also be mentioned that online sex shops have become a very profitable business and are far ahead of physical shops, as a shopper in a physical shop will generally not dig as deeply into the products but will be more self-conscious.

While in virtual shops the buyer has the freedom to browse the entire product catalogue and research what he is interested in without being seen and even without feeling the pressure of the buyer at all times. So you will surely be able to see products you never knew existed.


Tips when setting up an online sex shop business

Online businesses tend to have certain advantages over physical businesses, although they can often be more limited in reaching people, although this will depend largely on how well they are advertised.

It is important that you pay for advertising campaigns as well as promote the online shop through social networks, in order to raise awareness of the brand and reach many other people. Keep in mind that all this can translate into more sales and therefore more income.

For the customer’s convenience, it is necessary that each product has an attractive and eye-catching image and a description that convinces the customer to buy it. For this you will have to employ different marketing strategies.

It is also important to make sure that you have suppliers who are reliable and have very good quality products. Keep in mind that the quality of your products will be your reputation and if you want to be successful selling online it is important that you have an excellent reputation.

It is necessary that you have at least two or three suppliers, as this will allow you to have more variety when buying, so you can get better prices. Likewise, it is important that you are always looking for new suppliers who can offer you other types of products than the ones you already sell.


Main advantages and disadvantages of an online sex shop

These types of businesses tend to have some pros and cons so it is important to be aware of them before starting a sex shop.


There are arguably more advantages than disadvantages to these businesses, so much so that online sex shops have become one of the most profitable businesses today. Some of the main advantages that this offers are as follows:

  • Variety of products: Online sex shops usually have many more products available than physical shops, so customers will have the opportunity to have many more products and more variety. In addition, they can learn about new products that they may not have known existed.
  • They can buy without haste: Most customers who enter a physical sex shop usually make their purchases somewhat uncomfortably and in a hurry, this to avoid that someone they know sees them, which often causes them not to explore everything that is there but to go directly for something they are looking for. On the other hand, shopping online will be much easier and will allow them to look at all the products available more calmly.
  • Anonymous shopping: The best of all is that you will be able to shop completely anonymously. So this type of shop offers the right to privacy. You simply have to make the purchase online and wait for the package to be sent to you. Bear in mind that these products are usually sent in completely sealed boxes without any kind of identification, so not even the delivery person will know what the box contains.



Mostly the disadvantages tend to be very few, perhaps one of the most marked disadvantages is that they require a fairly high initial outlay, for what will be the creation of the website, the purchase of the domain and advertising costs.

It should also be borne in mind that the search for suppliers of this type is not easy, so make sure you have suppliers who will deliver on each of your orders.

Starting an online business is no easy task, so sales will only come if there is commitment and perseverance, so you should try to push your brand as much as you can.


Is dropshipping worth applying to an online sex shop?

If you don’t have the money to buy a large stock of sex toys for your shop, then the best way to start is to use dropshipping, which is suitable for many business models, especially sex toys.

This is a business model in which the wholesaler or supplier allows their customers to sell their products without having a stock, and many of them even give them their catalogues so that they can just offer them. In this way, your brand sells a product, you receive the money to buy it from your supplier and the supplier is responsible for delivering it to the customer’s door.

Here you basically act as an intermediary between your supplier and the customer, so you will get the profit from your sale immediately. Therefore, you will only assemble the catalogue of your dropshipping supplier to start selling each of their products, this sales system will allow you to have a greater variety when selling.

Keep in mind that not all sex shop providers usually offer these services, so make sure you get one that does. Generally, the one that does usually does not charge monthly fees or fees for the service. So it is important that you check with your suppliers to see if they work on a dropshipping model.


Best sex shop dropshipping suppliers

Nowadays you can find some suppliers of sex toys that work under the dropshipping model. As we know that this search is not so easy, here we show you some of them with which you can start your venture.

Dream Love

It is a wholesaler that sells all kinds of erotic products wholesale for other companies or registered sex shop brands. It is also characterised by offering advice on everything related to the business to help those who are starting out in this world.

Here you will have the opportunity to have a very wide range of products so you will have a lot of variety of products. In this way, Dream Love has become a very good alternative if you are looking for a reliable supplier.


They are characterised by being a totally reliable wholesale company and one of the most prominent in Spain. This is how there you will find a large number of erotic and sexual health care products. In addition, it has totally free advice for its customers so they will advise you and help you in your venture.

This company works with the dropshipping model where they stand out for offering very wide profit margins that are usually between 50 and 70% on each of their products, this thanks to their very low prices that will help you achieve success very quickly with competitive prices in the market.


Finally we present another dropshipping wholesale company where you will find products of all kinds. To do this, they offer you a very wide product catalogue where you will find a section of erotic toys especially for parties and celebrations.

This is how BigBuy has become one of the most recognised Sex Shop providers thanks to the variety of sexual products it offers and its excellent prices. It has a catalogue that is available in 24 languages and each of its shipments carries the image and brand of the client.




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