Wholesale natural cosmetics

Wholesale natural cosmetics

In recent years, it is common to hear different terminologies accompanied by the word “natural” and in the case of the cosmetic sector, this has also taken over this term to offer a great solution. Thus, natural cosmetics have reached a great boom due to the fact that it uses 95% of ingredients extracted from nature, respecting the environment.

Thanks to their benefits, natural cosmetic formulas are highly demanded at the present time and, in view of this, there are many people who are interested in knowing the advantages to undertake in this area of ​​beauty and health in order to earn money and at the same time, provide benefits to your customers.

Thus, beyond being a fashion, natural cosmetics has become a sector validated by the academy; taking into account that, according to clinical studies, consumers of this have acquired a greater awareness regarding the importance of their care and the environment simultaneously. Therefore, it is affordable to take advantage of natural cosmetics wholesale.


Reasons why natural cosmetic products are highly demanded

While it is true, companies that offer natural cosmetic items focus on enhancing people’s beauty through personal and skin care, the use of accessories, the use of fragrances and even to improve the nutritional aspects of their products. consumers. However, for sure, many still wonder why these products are so in demand lately?

Well, that is why, it is wise to know what are the main causes why natural cosmetic items accumulate so many sales worldwide and here, we mention one by one:

  • They are products created for those who want to start a much more natural lifestyle.
  • Compared to traditional products, these provide better results.
  • During its manufacturing process, animals are not tested.
  • They do not have parabens, artificial flavors, colorants or petroleum derivatives, unlike traditional cosmetics.
  • Fragrances of this type are more durable and pleasant to the human nose, as they are 100% natural.
  • Its use does not pose risks, as long as the consumer is not allergic to any of its components.
  • Many of these cosmetics are vegan.
  • The packages where natural products are marketed, usually with biodegradable ones.


Why start in natural cosmetics? The most important reasons

Today, the most sustainable commercial proposals have managed to capture the attention of a greater public, thanks to the fact that they are the most sustainable over time. From there, the new trend has become to use natural products that conserve the environment and cause less damage. Well, millions of people prefer to take care of themselves and the environment as a life choice.

In this sense, it is accessible to undertake cosmetics in order to take advantage of the preferences of many clients who choose to use cosmetic products with great harmony between their function, their preparation and their results. Therefore, we highlight which are the most special reasons to undertake in natural cosmetics and prevail the benefits of it:

Cosmetics are used every day

Virtually everyone in the world uses cosmetic products from birth, without needing to be a fan of it. Well, you need soap, shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant, at the very least. In addition, to this are added the different types of creams that some people choose to use on various parts of their body.

Indeed, a cosmetic business could ensure consistently high sales, since they are personal care items that prevent bad body odors and help protect different parts of the body.

Ensures caring for the environment

Of course, natural cosmetics help to generate a positive environmental impact. Considering that, it does not use species that are in danger of extension, avoids genetically modified organisms, reduces packaging and in general, it is highly sustainable. All this, increasing the quality of the products that are distinguished by being safe and healthy.

Generate a positive social impact

Natural cosmetics differs from traditional ones because it prevents a negative impact on the environment and, indeed, on society in general. Thanks to the fact that, when obtaining the necessary raw materials, the environmental conversation is also guaranteed. Added to this, through natural cosmetic products, it is also possible to generate work for millions of people in the world.

Encourages skin care

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and therefore it is important to maintain the health of the skin. Thus, natural cosmetic items guarantee optimal results for this, which are translated into controlling the loss of water from the body, protecting it from harmful radiation from the sun, preventing unwanted microorganisms, cushioning blows, etc.

Enhance professional and personal growth

As if that were not enough, the fact of undertaking with natural cosmetics also allows to increase both professional and personal growth. Thanks to this, those who decide to sell this type of products, will be able to learn a lot, propose their own goals, discover all their skills, gain dependency, obtain results that lead them to success, manage their schedules, advance at their own pace and even generate work. for other individuals.


Tips to start a natural cosmetics business

If you feel attracted to undertake with natural cosmetic items, it is essential that you take into account certain recommendations to get started in this sector correctly and thus achieve your goals gradually. Here, the tips of greatest interest:

  • Gather the necessary information before starting: Thoroughly carry out research on natural cosmetics and find what most catches your attention to offer to your future customers, with this you can guide yourself to choose the types of products that You really want to sell, either based on its manufacturing process or its main ingredients.
  • Do a market study: It is also pertinent that you follow up on the market to which you want to target through your venture and in this way, you will be able to build the profile of your potential user, know what needs you must satisfy and what the strategies will be more chords to get your attention.
  • Decide where to sell the products: Once you have chosen the types of natural cosmetics to offer and have studied your potential customers, it is time to decide where to offer and sell these items. At this time, it is more appropriate to promote them online in order to reach more people.
  • Choose to take advantage of dropshipping: There are many distributors and suppliers who handle dropshipping to help their collaborators obtain profit margins from the sale of their own natural products. This will allow you to avoid making large investments to have your own stock at the same time that you can offer an extensive catalog that meets the needs of all your customers, thus increasing sales with it.


How does dropshipping of natural cosmetics work?

Basically, dropshipping for natural cosmetics is a sales system for natural products in which sellers do not need to have a stock, since it is the same manufacturer or supplier who is responsible for delivering orders to end consumers. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to sell natural cosmetics without an initial investment, without stock, without facilities and even directly from home just by promoting the products.

In this sense, it is appropriate to highlight how dropshipping works in order to better understand this online business model and intuit its notable benefits:

  • Mainly, you must have an operational online store that will function as a showcase.
  • Once you reach an agreement with the dropshipping provider of your choice, you can display their product catalog without having to have them in stock.
  • When one of your customers wants to buy one of the items, they must make the payment directly to you.
  • Next, you must place the order with the supplier and this will initiate all the logistics processes to finalize the shipment to the final consumer.

So, in short, you can start with little initial investment, you will receive few fixed costs, you will not have to worry about managing shipments, you will take advantage of great scalability and you can work from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Some suppliers of natural cosmetics wholesale in Spain.

If you want to dropship natural cosmetics and you still don’t know which supplier to choose, here are some of the best options:

  • 500Cosmetics: It consists of a distributor with more than 15 years of experience from which you will find natural cosmetic products, sex shop items and perfumes. Being a company that guarantees profit margins between 50-70% for each order placed, thanks to its dropshipping system and provides a 2×1 discount to all its new customers.
  • LoveCherry: Company dedicated to the development and manufacture of erotic cosmetics and also sells erotic items, toys for adults, lingerie, etc. In its dropshipping business model, it provides highly competitive prices and handles a wide range of products to satisfy the demand of all its customers in Spain.
  • Naturlider Mayorista: It is a wholesaler of natural products that handles dropshipping services since 2017 and has a catalog of 20,000 references where you will find more than 400 brands available. Thus, it offers exclusive rates with discounts to entrepreneurs, reduces financial risk, provides a money-back guarantee and promotes a satisfactory shopping experience.

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