Wholesale original perfumes

Wholesale original perfumes

The sale of wholesale perfumes through the Internet has become one of the most profitable businesses in Spain and around the world. This is thanks to the large number of excellent quality suppliers that can be found today and that will allow you to sell their products from the comfort of your home.

The sale of perfumes is a business that works in a very profitable way because it is one of the most sought after products for both women and men, who consume this type of product on a regular basis. Start in the world of online business with these types of items will be very easy and helpful.

Perfumes are one of the accessories that can not miss any person, especially those who like to be scented all the time. Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in the sale of lots of perfumes wholesale will be one of your best alternatives.


Why sell perfumes and not another type of product?

If there is something to note about online sales is that perfume stores are usually very successful online. One of the points in favor of this type of article is the sale price and profitability offered. Generally in the world of fragrances sellers usually have their economic options and expensive ones.

So there is usually a good amount of money left for their prices offering you a very profitable profit margin that will allow you to turn this type of venture into a very important source of income and not an extra income as it would happen with other types of business.

Most people do not usually think about it when they have to pay a high price for a perfume as long as it is a quality and exclusive fragrance because most consumers like to smell good so they always look for original perfumes.

Considering all this, selling perfumes wholesale will ensure you sales and profits, basically this is all you are looking for when starting a business. In addition, you will have the opportunity to have many wholesalers of perfumes that allow you to employ the dropshipping model so selling these products will be easier.


How to become a perfume wholesaler?

Before you start selling original perfumes is important to consider which companies will distribute these perfumes at a good price so you can sell them in your online store or business. Which means that you should focus first on getting one or more distribution companies to sell you with wholesale price.

If you are looking to create an online store and not have to invest so much, then make sure that the perfume distributor offers you the dropshipping service, which will allow you to work with their sales catalogs without having to invest in a stock. This way you will only have to buy the perfume that your customer asks for and the distributor will deliver it directly to the customer without you having to get involved in the delivery process.

In this case your role will be to collect the product and buy it from the perfume wholesaler so that they can deliver the fragrance to your customer, so you would automatically keep the profit from the sale without having to do much. However, if your supplier does not work with this business model, then they will require you to buy a dozen or more to give you a wholesale price.

Keep in mind that you should be offered a low price so that you can resell the item, make a profit and be competitive with the competition. It is important that you make sure to buy a variety of perfumes as this is one of the main keys to success in these businesses.

Generally, this type of wholesalers are usually in every city and one way to get it is with cosmetics suppliers who usually offer wholesale perfumes. Which becomes a good opportunity to be interested in other types of beauty products that you can offer.


Key factors when looking for a perfume retailer

When looking for a cosmetic supplier it is best to look for it near your area, this will reduce costs and will also allow you to deliver much faster. It is also important that you get a distributor that is also an importer of perfumes as this will allow you to get better prices.

You should not only look at the prices of the perfumes offered by the wholesalers, but you should also look at the quality of the fragrances. This is very important for your image and reputation, so make sure you buy original perfumes and not imitations that harm your business.

Sells only original perfumes

The success of this business is to sell quality products and for that you need to sell original perfumes regardless of the price. The first thing you have to do is to know how to distinguish between an original perfume and a fake one, surely on the way you will find many fake perfumes that you will want to sell as original.

So that you can defend yourself against these types of sellers, here are some tips you should know:

  • A fake perfume usually has some kind of defect in its packaging, mostly in the printing, while the real ones usually have a perfect packaging everywhere you look.
  • Original perfumes don’t usually have problems in the atomizer, fake ones are constantly damaged in that part.
  • The original fragrances are well sealed from the factory, while the fake ones are often leaky.
  • If you shake an original perfume, the bubbles that form disappear in less than 10 seconds. In imitations these bubbles usually take much longer to disappear.
  • It is important to look at the batch number of the product, in this case both the packaging and the box must have the same batch number, if they do not have it means that it is an imitation.
  • The fragrance of the original perfumes tend to last much longer.
  • Mostly fake perfumes tend to cause itching or burn the skin of some people because of the poor quality of the alcohol used.
  • Some of the original perfume brands usually have a label showing the ingredients of the perfume.

It is important that you familiarize yourself as much as possible with the brands you want to sell, this will allow you to know them perfectly and you will be able to know if they are really selling you an original or fake item.

The most advisable in these businesses is always to sell original perfumes so you do not risk your reputation or in such a case separates the original line with the imitation, this if you want to sell products that are more accessible to some people considering that many people seek imitations to economize.

If you are also going to sell imitations, it is important that you make sure that they are quality imitations, this will make you have a good image to your customers. Similarly, be sure to offer a completely original line for your most prestigious customers, if you buy once and test the quality of the product will surely buy you two and more times.


Tips for selling perfume

Before starting your perfume wholesale business, it is important that you take into account the following tips:

Learn all you can about perfumes

It is very common for customers to ask many kinds of questions about the producer or have doubts about what kind of perfume suits them best. You should not only become a salesperson, but also an advisor.

Discover the best perfumes

It is essential that you know what are the best types of perfumes and their fragrances, you have to be an expert differentiating between oriental fragrances, floral, citrus, among others.

Distinguish the best brands

You should also know which are the best brands in the market and which of them specialize in men or women. Some of the most recognized brands worldwide are Carolina Herrera, Antonio Bandera, Chanel, Lacoste, among many others.

Sells perfumes by catalogue

The most feasible in these businesses is to sell perfumes by catalog, so be sure to get wholesalers with dropshipping model that offers you all your stock and you can offer them to your customers without having to make an investment in warehouse. Selling in this way will allow you to offer a wide variety of colognes for both men and women.

Make use of advertising

Much of the success of business is in advertising. So make sure you advertise a lot and that your messages awaken people’s senses, use words like romance, night, seduction, aroma, among many others.

Use your own website

If you want your customers to see you with professional eyes, then create your own website or online store to sell perfumes. There you can display your entire catalog where each of the products have their characteristics. This will help you to increase sales so your profits will be higher.


Best wholesalers to sell perfumes wholesale

There are many wholesale cosmetics distributors that you can find today. However, before contacting some of them it is important that you make sure that they have the dropshipping business model, as this will allow you to start your business without so much investment capital. Therefore, here we show you the best wholesalers of perfumery.


A company with over 15 years of experience that has enabled it to meet the needs of people in terms of health and beauty. It stands out for offering natural cosmetics and technological solutions to health care. It is available in more than 15 languages providing professional solutions 24 hours a day.

With 500Cosmetics you will have the opportunity to have a dropshipping wholesaler where they will offer you one of the most extensive catalogs in terms of perfumes for men, women and children. A company that is constantly concerned about providing innovation in each of its products.

In addition, 500Cosmetics is characterized by offering promotions to its customers at the time of their purchases, so it usually offers a profit margin between 50 and 70% on each of its products, as well as the opportunity to work with your catalog from the comfort of your home.


Ankorstore can become your wholesale perfume supplier because it has a dropshipping business model and a large stock of perfumes for both men and women. Here you will find a wide variety of fragrance for all tastes as well as 100% original perfumes.

You are also going to have the opportunity to find a wide variety of well-known brands as well as some not so popular ones. This cosmetics company is characterized by offering a delivery in less than 48 hours, which would allow you to deliver the goods to your customers quickly and safely.

Here you will not only find perfumery products, but also home accessories, fashion and beauty products as well as everything related to the cosmetic line which makes Ankorstore one of your best options.

Beauty Fort

This cosmetics distributor is known for offering more than 70,000 beauty products of all kinds from skin care and health products to high-end perfumes. This is how Beauty Fort has everything you need to become one of your best wholesale perfume suppliers.

The way to contact them is very easy, you just have to enter their website and register for free so you can enjoy their extensive online catalog and there make your searches and orders. It has a minimum order of 400 dollars for small businesses, but also offers a dropshipping service that will be of great help.

Beauty Fort delivers all over Europe and offers you the best prices on cosmetic and beauty brands. They are also known for delivering to your doorstep.


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