Manufacturers: Parapharmacy Products – Suppliers

Manufacturers: Parapharmacy Products – Suppliers

The pharmaceutical industry is very extensive and, at the same time, other markets are becoming more and more relevant. One of them is the parapharmacy, which is dedicated to the preparation and dispensing of medicinal products without prescription. Due to the diversity of parapharmacy products that exist, this is considered one of the best potential sectors to generate money

Today, the so-called “online parapharmacy ” has generated interest in many people who want to start their own business. In view of the fact that, while the law requires that the owner and proprietor of a pharmacy must be a registered pharmacist, the same is not true for parapharmacies, which do not require registration

Therefore, it is worth knowing which are the best manufacturers and suppliers of parapharmaceutical products. This way, you will be able to start your own parapharmaceutical business to perceive the advantages of this sector and increase your income. 

Top 3 manufacturers of parapharmacy products

To give you an idea of which are the best manufacturers or suppliers you can choose to maximize your inventory and guarantee safety, speed and economy to your customers, we present these 3 interesting alternatives: 

  • 500Cosmetics: With more than 15 years in the market, this Spanish company is ideal for entering the parapharmacy sector on the right foot, since it offers numerous types of products. In addition, with its white line, it allows you to start your business by purchasing only 200 or 300 units, so that you have to make little investment and at the same time, receive high profit margins. 
  • Zafire Labs: Is a group of Spanish companies dedicated to the development, manufacture and marketing of health and beauty care products, i.e. hair care products, cosmetics, vitamins and minerals, facial creams, probiotics, etc. 
  • DSINCO: They are leaders in the distribution of parapharmacy products in Spain and have been helping small businesses since their inception. They offer more than 8,000 references to expand your inventory, guarantee fast delivery times and provide personalized advice. 

What is parapharmacy? Main characteristics 

Parapharmacy refers to the preparation, dispensing and counseling of medicinal products that, strictly speaking, are not drugs. Specifically, this sector offers products that are used and applied by people for their care, well-being and health. In fact, they do not require a prescription or medical prescription

In this sense, parapharmacies are establishments that sell all types of products based on the specific technical-sanitary regulations of the different categories of products on the market. Thus, they are in charge of satisfying the demand for all the products framed in the sanitary category, which are gaining more and more relevance in the market. 

In Spain, parapharmacy is defined as a channel with a high degree of heterogeneity with many players trying to develop different concepts, in order to meet the requirements of multiple consumers. Therefore, it offers numerous options that make it a potential type of business, even online because they are products that can be marketed over the Internet without limitations. 

Differences between pharmacy and parapharmacy

It is important to be clear that parapharmacy and pharmacy are not the same thing. Here we detail the main differences between the two: 

  • Types of products: While pharmacies dispense and sell drugs, parapharmacies do not. Although parapharmacy products are found in pharmacies, the opposite is not true. 
  • Owner’s requirements: In order to own a pharmacy, the owner or proprietor of the establishment must be a licensed pharmacist. Unlike parapharmacy owners who must simply have a pharmacy or parapharmacy technician degree. 
  • Illuminated identification cross: In the establishments of pharmacies, the luminous cross of identification is green. While, those of parapharmacies are blue. 
  • Magistral formulas: Medicines intended for a specific patient, also called magistral formulas, are made in pharmacies and not in parapharmacies. 
  • Opening of business: In order to open a pharmacy, it is indispensable that the responsible administration takes charge of the case and admits its opening. This is not the case for parapharmacies, as they do not have any opening limitations.
  • Online sales: Pharmaceutical products cannot be sold online, not even with a prescription. Parapharmacy products can be distributed through an Internet channel and have a large online presence in the world. 

Parapharmacy products: Definition and main types

Basically, parapharmacy products are those used for personal care, personal hygiene, health and well-being in general. In this sense, it includes options framed in the cosmetic and dietetic industry; for this reason, they do not require a medical prescription for their sale and distribution. That is why they can be purchased both in pharmacies and parapharmacies

The main difference between a parapharmacy product and a medicine is that the former is dedicated to preserve and improve the health, well-being and future of its users. While, medicines or pharmaceutical products are indicated to prevent and/or treat diseases or ailments. 

Main types of parapharmacy products

While it is true that there are multiple offers when it comes to parapharmacy products, there are some types that are the most common and the most demanded in the world market. However, there are some types that are the most common and the most demanded in the world market. The following are the main types of parapharmaceutical products:  

  • Cosmetics – Such as face make-up, hair dye, perfumes, sunscreens, etc. 
  • Personal hygiene – Whether shampoos, gels, creams, intimate hygiene, etc. 
  • Food supplements – These may be slimming products or products to increase muscle mass, for example. 
  • Diet and food – such as energy bars, isotonic drinks, diet supplements, etc.
  • Orthopedics and optics – Orthopedic braces, neck braces, saline solutions, cleaning solutions, glasses, etc.  
  • Medical devices and biocides – Such as bandages, catheters, probes, injection equipment, antiseptics, contraceptives, healing and suturing materials, etc. 
  • Childcare – Products such as bottles, pacifiers, teats, sterilizers, etc. 
  • Insect repellents – To repel mosquitoes, spiders, ticks or any pest likely to bite humans. 

What information should parapharmaceutical products contain? 

Generally speaking, all parapharmaceutical products must present certain types of information on their ingredient composition, mode of use and more. In detail, these are the data they must provide to consumers:  

  • Name and clear identification. 
  • Name and address of the responsible company. 
  • Composition (each ingredient with its proportions). 
  • Expiration date. 
  • Lot number. 
  • Instructions for use, warnings and precautions for use. 
  • European Union labeling with CE marking (if it is a medical device). 

Why start a business with parapharmaceutical products? 

To start a pharmaceutical or drug business, the restrictions are considerable. In this case, the owner must be registered, the opening of the establishment is monitored by the competent authorities and, in short, its distribution is more complex. However, this is not the case with parapharmaceutical products. 

If you want to start a business and invest your money wisely, one of the best alternatives at this time is to enter the world of parapharmacy and sell parapharmaceutical products. The main advantages of this are the following: 

  • Accessibility: There is a clear and direct accessibility to parapharmacy products, as they are not subject to the restrictions on use imposed by laws regarding prescription drugs. Therefore, you can purchase them directly from the manufacturer or supplier to start your business. 
  • High demand: Worldwide, almost anyone makes use of parapharmaceuticals because the sector houses a large number of options capable of satisfying the needs of many. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man, if you have low or high purchasing power, if you are young or old, etc. 
  • Low investment: On average, parapharmacy products are not expensive and the fact of investing in them is quite easy compared to other types of products. In addition, there are different manufacturers or suppliers that help you get started with the purchase of a few units. 
  • Excellent profit margins: As these are high turnover products that require minimal investment, the profit margins are quite profitable.
  • Online sales: Because parapharmacy products can be promoted and sold online, you can take advantage of the Internet to engage your potential customers and increase your sales more easily. You don’t need to rely on a physical store to do so. 
  • Generate jobs: You can also produce a positive social impact by generating jobs through your business. It is not necessary to have health professionals to be able to sell parapharmacy products and this will allow you to hire people willing to work and learn. 

How to open a parapharmacy? 

If the main reasons to start selling parapharmacy products have encouraged you to start your own business with it, you are probably wondering what are the steps to follow to open a parapharmacy business

Therefore, we explain below the process to be followed to achieve this, in general terms: 

  1. Take the necessary steps: First of all, it is important to comply with the regulations, so you have to complete a series of administrative procedures through the corresponding entity to build your new parapharmacy business.  
  2. Define the type of population to satisfy: As the parapharmacy market is extensive, you must define and study the type of population you wish to satisfy with your service, in order to find the categories to develop.
  3. Locate a manufacturer or supplier: After specifying the categories you want to address with your company, you have to start looking for the best manufacturer or supplier to acquire the products you want to market.
  4. Once you have obtained the merchandise, it is time to make your own inventory and define the prices of the products, establishing the percentage of profit you want to receive according to the investment made. 
  5. Find your location: If you want to start right away with a physical store, be sure to locate one that is in a commercial location to make it easy for your customers to shop. Also choose a store with a good appearance, bright lighting, versatile furniture, etc. 
  6. Create your online store: In case you choose to start with online parapharmacy, make sure you build an optimal online sales channel that will help you promote your brand and products easily, engage your audience and raise your sales safely. 

How to increase parapharmacy sales? Tips 

To start off on the right foot and avoid frustrations along the way, it is essential that you take into account certain suggestions or recommendations to increase the sales of your parapharmacy products and to be able to position your business in the market.

In this case, we recommend the following: 

Build customer loyalty 

The consumer should be your main target! If you manage to capture their attention, satisfy their needs, solve their problems and win their loyalty, your company will be able to achieve the best sales. To gain their loyalty, make sure you provide high quality products that really improve their health, with the best safety and at the best price

Betting on off-line and online marketing 

All sales channels are important! It is essential to make use of effective tools to attract the main and digital audience. For example, if you have a store you can run radio campaigns and, if you have a website, you should associate it with your social networks. 

Improve customer experience 

It’s not just selling and that’s it! You have to make sure you offer a selling experience that differentiates you from the competition. For this, for example, it is essential to provide personalized advice so that your buyers are sure to buy the best product to meet their needs. Also focus on simplifying the sales cycle by providing all the associated information immediately. 

Select an optimal manufacturer or supplier 

The distributor of the products can be your best friend! When choosing a manufacturer or supplier, don’t forget to partner with a qualified company that, beyond providing quality products, offers good prices and high profit margins, as well as efficient delivery times. This is ideal for keeping your customers happy.

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