Production process for the creation of natural cosmetic products 

Production process for the creation of natural cosmetic products 

The use of natural cosmetics is becoming more and more common in the world, which are preferred for being manufactured through simple components and non-invasive procedures. Thus, the creation of products is the most essential part of any company dedicated to the distribution and sale of these items. 

In this case, the suppliers of these beauty and skin care products use raw materials obtained directly from nature and used for the manufacture of these products, so the production processes of these products are quite new. 

Therefore, if you are interested in starting your own natural cosmetics business, then it is very important that you know in detail how is the production process of the items to obtain the final result that will go on sale. 

Meet the best distributors of natural cosmetics 

Due to the great boom that natural cosmetics have had for several years, nowadays you can find different distributors of these products, which offer you benefits and excellent prices in their catalogs. That is why below we show you the best suppliers in the sector


Finally, we find 500Cosmetics, it can be said that it is one of the best distributors of natural cosmetics in Spain, which offers a myriad of products available in its virtual catalog and you can buy in a very simple way and at very low prices, this thanks to offering profit margins above 50%. 

Here you can find units for skin care, hair care, women’s intimate health, varicose veins creams, massages, pheromones and many other items available there. It is also worth mentioning that there is a line for men, so you will be able to find very versatile products. 

Best of all, 500Cosmetics not only sells, but also advises you on each of your purchases so you can get the best units manufactured there. It should also be noted that it has a private label line where they offer you very high profit margins, ideal if you are looking to establish your own brand


In Naturcosmetika you will find everything related to natural cosmetics where you can enjoy a catalog with a variety of products, ranging from hair treatments, hair oils, skin cream, body scrubs, among many others. 

Here they are not only focused on products for women, but also for the care and beauty of men, so you will find everything you are looking for in one place. In addition, it offers different monthly promotions, as well as personalized advice at the time of purchase. Thus, Naturcosmetika is an excellent distributor of natural cosmetics with excellent prices in the market. 


They are characterized by being distributors of Fair Trade products in natural cosmetics and fair food. Thus, they offer a very wide product catalog where you will find an endless number of items that you can purchase at really affordable prices. In addition, it has discounts that vary according to the quantity of units to be purchased. 

Among the products you will find in EquiMercado are body creams and lotions, pure oils, bath gels, shampoos for hair treatments, lip and eye products, among many others available there. In this case, it is worth mentioning that this is a line aimed only at women. 

What are natural cosmetics? What do we find in their composition? 

Natural cosmetics are beauty and care products that are created using natural raw materials, i.e. no chemicals are used in them. In this case manufacturers use mineral resources, as well as ingredients of animal and vegetable origin. 

All these materials are obtained through extraction, filtration, drying, pressing, distillation, sieving and other practices necessary to obtain the raw material of each of the resources used for it. Thanks to these activities, the nutritional values, vitamins and beneficial substances in each of the products can be preserved. 

Therefore, the creation of products through natural resources provides better results and benefits to customers, which is why the manufacture of these products has increased considerably in recent years, so that nowadays different distributors can be found. 

It is also worth mentioning that ingredients of animal origin for the creation of cosmetic products are only used if they are not harmful to the health or life of the animals, which means that they are never harmed. In this case what is used are milk, honey, propolis, among others. 

In the manufacture of these products are also often used cosmetic raw materials that are obtained by means of biotechnological processes, i.e. by means of hyaluronic acid, enzymatic or microbiological processes obtained in this way. 

Therefore, among some of the materials of animal and vegetable origin that are used by the manufacturers of natural cosmetics are the following: 

  • Essential oils.
  • Active substances and natural preservatives. 
  • Algae or other marine components. 
  • Oxides derived from minerals.
  • Marine salts. 
  • Natural colorants, emulsifiers and emollients. 

What types of substances may not be used in the production of natural cosmetics?

When producing beauty and care products, it is essential not to use certain types of substances that can be harmful to the health of consumers, so it is essential to be very careful with this.

Therefore, among the substances that cannot be used we find the following:

  • Mineral oils.
  • Vaseline.
  • Synthetic dyes.
  • Synthetic fragrances.
  • Synthetic preservatives. 
  • Kerosene waxes.
  • Silicones.
  • Propylene glycol. 

This is because all ingredients used for the manufacture of this type of product must be free of raw materials from genetically modified plants, dead animals or obtained in a way that is deadly to them, otherwise they cannot be called a natural product. 

When we talk about natural products, we refer to the fact that we are collaborating with the conservation of the environment, which means that synthetic substances cannot be used in them either. This is fundamental in order to create guaranteed units for users. 

Step-by-step production process for the creation of natural cosmetic products 

Having taken into account all the above mentioned and knowing which are the types of substances that can be used and which are not, then we are ready to know which is the production process of these products. Thus, here we explain in detail each of the steps to follow. 

Stage 1: Collection of raw material 

The first thing to do is to collect the raw material to be used for the production of cosmetics, in this case animal or vegetable substances. Therefore, among the available ingredients that can be used are vegetable oils, essential oils, natural plant extracts, waxes, lard, mineral ingredients such as salt or clay

The aloe vera plant can also be used to manufacture hair and skin products thanks to all the substances it offers due to its high content of amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and minerals. The same applies to argan oil, rosehip oil or shea butter. 

Stage 2: Semi-processing   

Once all the raw material to be used in the natural cosmetics has been collected, the next step is to macerate each one of them in oils that allow to obtain all the active principles of the collected substances. It is essential to do it at the moment that ecological plants have been taken. 

Stage 3: Formulation 

This is one of the most important points of all, since it involves carrying out the R&D&I formulation, also known as “research, development and innovation“. So it consists of carrying out an in-depth study to find out what the skin needs and from this to mix the best ingredients for skin care. 

Stage 4: Product manufacturing

If you already have the correct formulation for each of your products, then the next step is to start producing each of them, whether creams, perfumes, makeup, among others. In this step the item should be ready to be packaged and labeled.

Stage 5: Packaging and labeling 

Here you should select a type of container that is according to the product you are producing, this means that you should use containers of sizes according to the proportion of substance to be added in it. In the cosmetics industry there are many types of containers that can be used for this purpose. 

In the case of liquid substances, ampoules can be used in the case of injectable products, sachets to add products that need to be consumed in a single dose, sealed vials with various types of substances, blister packs for tablets, boxes and jars for packaging creams. 

As you can see there are many alternatives to carry out the packaging of the product you have created. However, the packaging is not everything because, once the substance is inside a container, the next thing you need to do is label the product. 

This is very important because it is the image of each of the units produced, which means that it must have a name and logo that is in line with what is being sold. In addition, it is recommended to use easy-to-remember names and attractive logos that can be related to the products offered, this will be essential for the marketing system. 

In case you want to manufacture private label products, then you should keep in mind that the labeling process will not be necessary since each of your buyers will be in charge of placing their own brand. 

Stage 6: Quality control 

Once the creation of the product is completely ready, that is to say, it is already packaged and labeled, the next step is to perform the respective quality controls. In this type of business this is very important since these are substances that people will apply directly to their skin or consume. 

So that each of the manufactured products must pass the quality test without any margin of error, this will depend on how good or not your merchandise is and hence the type of reputation that your company may have. 

Stage 7: Product distribution 

If they have passed the quality control test and have complied with all the requirements of the law, then the next thing to do is to start distributing it, this will depend on the distribution routes you have for your business. 

In many cases the manufacturers distribute them in their own stores or in commercial allies, you can also carry out a sale in different natural cosmetics stores, as well as through the Internet. Therefore, at this point you must decide what type of marketing you want to do to sell each of the units you have manufactured. 

Are natural cosmetics better than chemical cosmetics? 

There is no doubt that natural cosmetics are becoming more and more sought after in the market, making them more competitive to chemical products. The main reason for this growth is due to all the benefits generated by the use of these units made with all-natural ingredients. 

When purchasing any beauty product, it is important to read the label and find out what it contains. This will let you know if you are using chemical or natural cosmetics. Those made with organic ingredients tend to be healthier and more conducive to skin care. 

In addition, it should be mentioned that natural cosmetics are better prepared and offer more minerals and vitamins than those that are not, so it is safe to say that they are better in all aspects, which is why their growth in the market has been exponential in recent years. 

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