Electronic device wholesaler

Electronic device wholesaler

Have you considered buying consumer electronics to resell? This area of ​​the market has recently become one of the most profitable. The reason is obvious, as new technologies emerge, people want to get them immediately to benefit from them and make their lives more comfortable and simple.

If you own an electronics store or plan to start a business in this sector of the market, you definitely need to find a great electronics wholesaler. Here are some of the wholesale consumer electronics providers that can become your allies.

Which electronic device wholesaler to choose?

Before deciding on an electronic device wholesaler, you should make an analysis of which are the most sought after products by your target customer or the devices that you are interested in selling. Because the variety of products is very large, it is possible that there are suppliers that have extensive catalogs and also others that specialize in devices for a particular purpose.

Best Selling Consumer Electronic Devices

In general, the most popular consumer electronic products are: computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, televisions and portable speakers.

You also find a wide variety of personal care devices such as shavers, epilators, toothbrushes, massagers, electric instruments for manicures and pedicures. In addition to the equipment used for health care, such as: air humidifiers, blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, and much more.

Choose the wholesaler that suits you best

As you can see, there are many electronic devices that have been developed and that are aimed at various consumer areas. Some wholesalers have variety within their catalog, but others are more specialized and are dedicated to selling only some of the equipment that we already mentioned.

Of course, you must choose the sector that you prefer or that best suits your business needs. In addition, you can include in your business the sale of accessories that many of the electronic devices use, which sometimes is sold more frequently and brings a profit.

In any case, keep in mind that it is not enough to find a supplier, it is also necessary that they offer you quality products, a diversity of equipment and brands, as well as a resale price with an acceptable profit margin.

In this article, we list some examples of electronic device wholesalers who can become your suppliers. But it is you who in the end will study each of the alternatives and decide if it is worth buying the products with them.

Electro Devasa – Wholesaler of consumer electronic devices

At Electro Devasa S.L. is a company that since 1992 dedicated to providing wholesale and retail electronics products. It works with all kinds of electronic devices, such as: Radio, computer peripherals, electrical appliances, photography, alarm clocks, telephony, electronic games, epilators, razors, blood pressure monitors, humidifiers, and much more.

They have a very extensive catalog that includes brands for all tastes and pockets. If you are interested in the most recognized manufacturers, then Devasa also offers them. So you will find famous brands such as: Panasonic, Casio, Braun, Sogo, Sony, Avant Mx-Onda, Digivolt, SPC Telecom, Grundig, Nevir, Sytech, among others.

The service that this provider offers to its clients is fast, high-quality and effective. So they always have it present that the most important thing is customer satisfaction. Also, the prices you get through them are competitive and allow you good profit margins.

As of 2006, they work online with thousands of people who prefer or are more convenient for this modality. However, even if you make purchases online, you can solve all your doubts by contacting them directly through a telephone number.

DL PLUS – Wholesaler of electronics items

DL Plus is an online electronics wholesale store that has been dedicated for several years to offer electronic devices to companies and businesses. The catalog of this company is ambitious and covers the most diverse categories. So you can find countless products in this wholesale portal.

The sales lines contemplated in the DL Plus catalog include consumer products and consumables, such as rechargeable batteries and batteries. On the other hand, it offers electronic accessories such as power supplies, audio and video connections, video game and computer accessories. They also have a wide variety of small appliances and electric work tools from the most important brands.

At DL Plus the most important thing is to respond to the demand and demands of the consumer in various areas of consumer electronics. So it is very safe that you get a solid offer within this wholesaler that adapts to your business needs.

It does not matter if you want to purchase a variety of products or place an order for a particular item, you can always enjoy advantageous and competitive conditions. You will be surprised by the quality, variety and prices in the DL Plus catalog.

Cronos Import – Consumer electronics wholesaler and distributor

Cronos Import is an importer, wholesaler and distributor of home appliances, consumer electronics and promotional items. They already have more than three decades of experience in this sector, so they have extensive knowledge of customer needs and their goal is to offer innovation at competitive prices.

The flagship brand of this European supplier is SILVANO, but it also distributes other well-known brands worldwide. In any case, the goal is always that you get quality products at an unbeatable price.

They specialize in providing: Consumer Electronics, Appliances, Personal Care, Household Products, Tools, Promotional Products, Lighting, Kitchenware, Auto Accessories, and much more.

In addition, as they have affiliated offices in Asia, they are able to make direct contact with the major manufacturers and provide many quick-sell product lines. They are also in the ability to offer bespoke and personalized items for their clients.

IRISANA S.A. – Innovative electronics provider

IRISANA S.A. began its activities in 1986, serving as a wholesale importer and exporter of consumer electronics, watches and sunglasses from the most recognized brands. Starting in 2006, special and innovative products for everyday use related to health, ecology and the environment were added to its catalog.

Among its most prominent electronic articles we can mention those that are focused on intimate health, among them are: Intimate massager and sucker / stimulator. You may also be interested in mosquito repellent clocks and an anti-flea device for pets that works with ultrasound.

As you can see, the options that are available in IRISANA are not the most common but they are the most innovative. They don’t cover a wide variety of areas, either, but they are solutions that can have a lot of sales if you offer them to the right audience.

To distribute your products, you just have to go to the official page and fill out the corresponding form. In a short time the company will contact you and you will be able to have access to the ordering App.

DePau Sistemas – Wholesaler of electronic, computer and household appliances

DePau Sistemas is a supplier of computers and other electronic items that has been a wholesaler for 20 years. Thanks to this track record and experience, they can offer quality, competitive prices, fast deliveries, excellent after-sales service and a wide product portfolio.

They have a very large stock, with more than 11,000 product references that are updated daily. So you can be sure that you will find what you need on this provider’s website.

In addition, all its products are from the main technology and computer brands, it has commercial agreements with these forms to offer unbeatable prices to its customers. In this way, the latter have the opportunity to offer current products, from recognized brands at prices that allow them to compete with other establishments or online stores.

The human team behind the brand works efficiently in each department to provide the best service to establishments and online stores throughout Spain. You can work with them as a traditional distributor, buying in bulk, or through the famous dropshipping. On the other hand, the fact that they bet on renowned brands gives them the opportunity to offer products that have a guarantee. Otherwise, this would not be possible.

500Cosmetics de Natural Logistics – Technology for health, beauty and well-being

The 500Cosmetics firm is a wholesale supplier specialized in health, beauty and wellness. It was created in 2004 with the aim of offering natural, innovative and avant-garde solutions that contribute to the well-being of people. Thanks to these resources, it is possible that different areas of beauty and health can offer more professional services to their clients.

It is backed by Natural Logistics, a business group with extensive experience in manufacturing and distributing products around the world. For this reason, 500Cosmetics is a line that has firmly established itself in the market and has been in existence for almost two decades.
The range of products offered by 500Cosmetics includes items to cover different needs, both for men and women. All within the realm of personal care, wellness or sexual health. You can find body massagers, muscle stimulators, intimate vibrators and much more.
Its products always keep the path of quality, innovation and adaptability. They do meticulous studies, create new technologies and modify their catalog to adapt more and more to the demand of the end customer.

500Cosmetic, in addition to being an online store, collaborates directly with stores, distributors, professionals and entrepreneurs who are interested in selling their products. For this, it has several sales methods, and surely some of them may be the ideal one for your business.

You can work with them as a direct distributor by acquiring a stock of the merchandise you want to sell. If you still do not have to invest in a stock of products, then collaborate with them by selling by dropshipping or through the affiliate program. So there are no excuses to invest, because 500Cosmeticas offers you excellent opportunities.

Is selling electronic devices profitable?

Of course it is profitable to sell electronic devices. You may have already realized that these devices have become indispensable in people’s lives, even you yourself may be a regular consumer of different electronic devices.

On the other hand, the profit margin of this type of product is usually wide. Of course, this will depend on the type of equipment you want to sell, whether you find a wholesaler of electronic devices with competitive prices and the form of resale you do.

Finally, this market keeps innovating and is aimed at a very varied audience, from children to the elderly. So it is feasible to maintain the public’s interest in such a business over time.

In summary, we can say that finding a reliable supplier with good pre-sales and after-sales service is one of the most important things when selling consumer electronics. Of course, you do not have to marry a single wholesaler, it is good that you have different options to be able to guarantee a variety of products and prices.

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