News in natural cosmetics, latest products launched

News in natural cosmetics, latest products launched

Also known as ecological and organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics are those that offer products created with ingredients that do not contain any type of chemical or toxic agent. This means that it is environmentally friendly.

Because of its benefits, it has become the choice of many consumers, because beyond the qualities of its products, it is a type of cosmetics that shows very deep holistic principles and values. For this reason, its expansion has been remarkable at a global level.

However, sustainable formulations are the basis for cosmetic innovation today. Beyond that, however, natural cosmetics keeps reinventing itself and thus reveals important inventions in the form of new products to capture the attention of consumers.


Common characteristics in all natural cosmetics

Beyond knowing that natural cosmetics dispense with many of the qualities of traditional cosmetics, it is worth knowing what their most outstanding characteristics are:

  • Raw materials are sourced from the plant world – Mostly, these are expected to come from organic or mineral-based cultivation and avoid the use of pesticides.
  • No chemical ingredients – Although these cosmetics require the use of preservatives, the most natural preservatives possible (such as potassium sorbate, willow extract or alcohol) are used. However, the products are also free of artificial flavourings, synthetic preservatives, colourants, paraffins, parabens and petroleum derivatives.
  • The production of natural cosmetics is environmentally friendly – During the production process, the environment is completely cared for. Therefore, the packaging must be environmentally friendly (recycled or easy to recycle packaging).
  • Natural cosmetics are not tested on animals – While conventional cosmetics test their products on animals on a large scale, organic cosmetics do not. In addition to avoiding testing products on animals, they do not use any elements of animal origin.
  • Displays full information on the ingredients of its composition – Natural cosmetic products are obliged to specify the ingredients they contain on their packaging in great detail.
  • Appearance, colour and smell are inexpressive – As a proof that this is a natural cosmetic, these products are not like traditional cosmetics in terms of colour, smell and appearance. For example, the smell is artificial and the colour is not striking.


What are the main advantages of choosing natural cosmetics?

First of all, it is valuable to know what benefits natural cosmetics guarantee, so here we will mention the most important of them all:

  • It offers products suitable for all skin types and can therefore be used without restriction by people with skin conditions.
  • It distinguishes itself by protecting and regenerating the skin much more effectively than conventional cosmetics.
  • It does not contain parabens or other chemicals that can be harmful to the body.
  • It is environmentally friendly and as a result, minimises environmental pollution. Whether with biodegradable packaging or formulas created from recycled products.
  • It does not promote animal-tested products; in other words, such products are not tested on animals. This is in contrast to traditional cosmetics.
  • In most cases, natural cosmetics are certified organic. Thus, consumers are much safer to use such products.


4 reasons to prefer natural cosmetics to conventional cosmetics:

As a matter of health, commitment, responsibility and innovation, many consumers are opting for organic cosmetics. However, there are still many people who are not yet fully convinced to try these products, because they do not know the real reasons for doing so. Basically, these reasons are:

  1. Because they do not harm the body: Fortunately, natural cosmetics do not contain chemicals that affect the human body. Unlike traditional cosmetics that contain silicones, paraffins or sulphates, as well as artificial fragrances that can cause toxic effects.
  2. Because they include more active ingredients: Natural cosmetic items are composed of 100% guaranteed ingredients and dedicated to the function for which they are used; thanks to that, they are more effective. Whereas, traditional cosmetics use filler ingredients that do not perform any beneficial function for the skin.
  3. Because they are perfectly adapted to the body: Organic cosmetics are able to care for, protect and regenerate the skin effectively, in view of the fact that they possess fatty acids similar to those of the skin. As a result, they also prevent allergies or irritations.
  4. Because they respect and protect the environment: Due to their nature, these cosmetics have made it possible to minimise their environmental impact. Whether by using recyclable packaging, following sustainable manufacturing standards, avoiding animal testing and avoiding the production of toxic waste.


Innovation in the natural cosmetics sector: Find out about the latest product launches

Nowadays, it is no secret that people are inclined to make use of sustainable products, following their relentless quest to support environmentally friendly brands and at the same time reap the benefits that nature inherently guarantees. Beyond sustainable clothing or other sustainable items, this trend has clearly been observed in the beauty sector.

For this reason, many companies have chosen to diversify their offer and innovate in the field of natural cosmetics in order to capture the attention of consumers and to promote the benefits of organic cosmetics more effectively. Based on this innovation, here are some of the most innovative types of natural cosmetics:

Bio-regenerative oil

It refers to an oil focused on combating the signs of ageing, eliminating scars, minimising stretch marks, reducing wrinkles, improving skin elasticity, moisturising and improving the skin’s renewal process. It even works to treat burns that affect the skin.

In this case, it corresponds to a product that mixes the oil from the seed of the rose Mosqueda with that of the fruit. It also contains natural vitamin E, Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9, as well as 5 times more carotenoids.

Antioxidant serum

Basically, it is an essential antioxidant chia seed serum that protects the skin from all external aggressions. This, through its 99% natural formula that fuses the chia seeds from organic farming with vitamin C.

It provides extra radiance and smoothness to the skin, as well as combating the signs of ageing with great skill. This type of product is suitable for all skin types.

Anti-pollution cream

It is a product enriched with hyaluronic acid and green tea extracts that protects the skin from pollution and external agents. Thus, it prevents the appearance of signs of ageing at an early age and as a result, allows you to exhibit a more radiant appearance.

In addition to this, this cream corrects all kinds of imperfections, as it has the ability to even out skin tone. In addition to all this, it also has a sun protection factor SFP 15 to ensure greater protection.

Breast firming and enlargement pills

For women who wish to increase their breasts in a natural way, as well as improve the tissues of the mammary glands and enhance the bust, these highly effective pills have been created. They work as a food supplement with herbal ingredients that reactivate the mammary glands.

Thus, they have the ability to strengthen the breast tissue. In addition, as they contain the nutrients vitamin B6, they also help to regulate hormonal activity significantly. Thus, it is a natural alternative to improve the appearance of the breasts.

Illuminating pre-base

The make-up sector also wants to be part of this sustainable trend and indeed, a novel illuminating pre-base has been created that works as an optimal moisturiser to produce an anti-fatigue effect that evens out and improves skin tone to make it look more luminous, radiant and healthy.

This is achieved through its mica particles of animal origin. One of its greatest advantages is that it has a light texture that is easily absorbed by the skin. In addition to being used as a unifying cream, it can also be used as a highlighter.

Anti-cellulite oil

It is a sustainable product that activates the metabolism and favours the elimination of liquids, thanks to its components among which stand out: Birch leaf extract, rosemary and butcher’s broom, apricot kernel oil, wheat germ and jojoba.

This makes this oil ideal for optimising the skin’s elasticity, firming it by up to 35%. As if that were not enough, it also tones and nourishes the skin to prevent the appearance of cellulite.


Definitive guide: Learn how to choose real natural cosmetics

Although its creators claim that it is a natural product on the label, this does not mean that it is actually safe. Therefore, it is important for consumers to know how to distinguish a real organic cosmetic, mainly by looking at what its components are or what it is made of.

In fact, here are some essential tips to learn how to choose a real natural cosmetic:

Distinguishing organic cosmetic labels

Paying attention to sustainable cosmetics seals is one of the first steps to take when choosing a quality product. In other words, this is one of the best guarantees that a product is 100% organic.

So, in order to be able to rely on guarantees that ensure that the necessary requirements are met when manufacturing a natural cosmetic, take into account which are the certificates that support this type of articles and that maintain similar regulations based on criteria of social and ecological responsibility:

  • The French Ecocert.
  • Spanish IMO control.
  • The German BDIH.
  • Italian ICEA.
  • The English Soil Association.
  • The European NaTrue.

Check that the product has not been tested on animals.

It is also necessary to verify that these products have not been tested on animals and do not contain elements of animal origin; otherwise, they cannot be qualified as sustainable items.

In order to do so, you basically need to check that the product is labelled “cruelty-free”. This means that it is free of animal cruelty or, alternatively, that it has not been tested on animals.

Know which ingredients may not contain

Natural products must contain at least 95% ingredients of natural origin. Therefore, it is necessary that they do not contain certain substances such as:

  • Petroleum derivatives or mineral oils. They prevent the skin from eliminating waste substances.
  • Preservatives and parabens; they can be dangerous because of their high toxicity.
  • Paraffins, acrylates, dimethicone or PEG. These should also be completely rejected.
  • Chemical filters, aniline derivatives, artificial fragrances and dyes, metals (such as aluminium or lead).
  • Detergent bases used in shampoos and gels. They tend to irritate the skin and increase permeability to other toxins.

Differentiate their formulation in relation to conventional cosmetics.

It is also essential to know how conventional cosmetics differ from natural cosmetics. In the case of the latter, their formulation is based on water and vegetable oils mixed with active ingredients (antioxidants, vitamins, moisturising substances, washing substances or deodorants).

They should include a wide variety of elements of vegetable origin. They are usually listed with their botanical name followed by “Aqua” or “Water”, “Oil”, “Butter”, “Extract” or “Wax”. The manufacturer must also indicate which ingredients are from certified organic farming.

In addition, it is important that natural ingredients are at the top of the list. Since these are usually ordered from highest to lowest concentration, it is therefore advisable that those of vegetable origin are at the top of the list, so that the product is as natural or organic as possible.



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