Wholesale perfumes tester

Wholesale perfumes tester

Perfume lovers emphasize that a good fragrance is one that permeates the skin and leaves a mark. In other words, they refer to the original perfumes that guarantee the highest possible quality and boast luxury, but have a high cost for many people.

Therefore, not everyone has the privilege of acquiring an original cologne, since their prices in the market are high in most cases, depending on the brand. For this reason, “tester perfumes” or “tester perfumes” have emerged, offering the possibility of enjoying the smell of a good fragrance for affordable prices, which has increased the demand for tester perfumes wholesale.

However, due to its quality, this type of perfumes has been the target of criticism and there are many who distrust these products. However, it is worth knowing more in depth what they are about in order to manage their advantages and disadvantages to perfection. All this and more, below.


What is a perfume tester? Interesting features

Also known as tester perfumes, perfume testers are those that are manufactured with the aim of being used in stores to provide a sample of the fragrance to customers and as a result, to motivate them to purchase the product. That is to say, they help them to see if the fragrance is to their liking or not.

Thus, it consists of a 100% original perfume that can be presented in various formats, especially as EDP (Eau De Parfum) or EDT (Eau de Toilette). In such a way, they are manufactured for all kinds of brands of perfumes for men and women, including the most prestigious as Paco Rabane, Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klein, Dior, etc.

Now, the main difference between this type of perfumes and the original colognes lies in the packaging. Since, basically, the authentic colognes have their original box, while the tester perfumes do not have the packaging of the brand, but a brown or white box without logo.

Therefore, as they are sample perfumes in which the manufacturer does not make major expenditures for their packaging, these products reveal a lower price that varies considerably with the original perfume. For this reason, it is characterized as a reference identical to the original cologne, but more affordable and in smaller presentations.

Main differences between a tester and a conventional perfume

To better differentiate the tester perfumes from the original or regular colognes, we will let you know the most relevant qualities that help to distinguish them from each other:

  • A perfume tester has an exclusive label. This allows you to identify it as a “sample” or “tester”.
  • The price of the tester perfumes is much cheaper than those that are distributed in the usual bottle.
  • The presentation of an original perfume and a tester is very different. Generally, testers do not show the brand logo or the characteristics of the product or its contents.


Advantages and disadvantages of perfume testers

To further detail a perfume tester, it is worth understanding what are the benefits they offer, as well as the disadvantages they may pose to consumers. Without further ado, we present the most important advantages and disadvantages of a perfume tester:


  • The fragrance is 100% original, in other words, the liquid in the tester is completely the same as the one contained in the original perfumes. In fact, you can enjoy its scent for a long time and use it with the same confidence.
  • They have a lower price than the original fragrance and this does not mean the loss of quality of the product. Thus, it allows you to save up to 50% of money and at the same time, enjoy the content of the original perfume.
  • It is very convenient to carry it anywhere, thanks to its small size. In short, it is the best option for transporting your favourite original cologne anywhere.


  • Their long-term durability is less, since they come in a smaller package than conventional perfume.
  • The perfume tester does not have the original box of the brand and this is a detail that may displease many consumers.


How to test a perfume tester correctly?

Although for many it may be an unimportant question, the truth is that you have to know how to use perfume testers in order for them to be truly effective. It should be noted that, inherently, there are significant variables that can make the test cologne smell different in the store than when you wear it every day.

For that reason, it is essential to follow certain valuable tips when testing a perfume tester and indeed, to be able to use it correctly after that. Here are several tips of relevance to learn how to test and use a perfume tester as an expert:

  • The most appropriate area to apply a perfume tester and check its quality is the skin of the wrist. This is a hot spot on the body where the fragrance can spread better and more effectively. It also allows the fragrance to blend perfectly with the particular odors of the body and thus, when spraying the cologne, it will exhibit as a result the real scent that the perfume will give in you.
  • When going to a store and testing a perfume tester, it is best not to wear another perfume on your body or clothing. Otherwise, the other fragrance may mask the new perfume and in effect, will not reveal its scent in detail.
  • It is essential to test each perfume tester with total moderation, in that way, you will avoid saturating your sense of smell and it will be able to perceive the scent in the best way.
  • Don’t forget to leave a good amount of time between tests. With this trick, you will be able to assimilate the smell of the perfume much better to know if you really like it.
  • When spraying the cologne on your skin (i.e. your wrist), do not rub or wet the area. This will help you to avoid breaking the notes of the perfume so that its quality is evident.

Keep in mind that, if you put into practice each of these recommendations when buying a perfume tester, you will be more effective in your choice and be happy about it.


Learn to distinguish a perfume tester from an imitation!

To make sure you buy a test perfume that is identical to the original version and at the same time, avoid using imitations or wasting money on them, here we will teach you how to spot the differences between one product and another:

  • Check the packaging – If the product’s packaging moves inside the box and/or shows any relief from the mold used, it means that it is a fake perfume. Original fragrances are distinguished by the fact that they fit perfectly inside the box.
  • Check the cellophane paper – This element has to be perfectly adhered to the container for it to be an attentive perfume. If in the original sample it is not tight, it means that it is an imitation.
  • Check the label – Test perfumes are usually packaged in single-color or cardboard boxes that sometimes don’t even display the brand logo. But, in counterfeit colognes, you can see a poor quality label that does not contain complete information as in the case of the original fragrances.


Why buy wholesale perfume tester?

If you have thought about reselling this type of colognes and you still have doubts, you have come to the right section. Since, we will let you know what are the most important reasons to buy in wholesale perfume tester sales and as a result, meet the demand of your customers:

Acquire lower costs

If you buy in bulk, you can save money. Since, this directly translates into lower costs and many manufacturers even provide certain discounts for those who buy in bulk.

As if that were not enough, this type of purchase gives you the possibility to negotiate even more payment, depending on the amount to be purchased. The larger the purchase of tester perfumes, the more power you will be able to negotiate with the supplier.

Enjoy higher profit margins

Since you can save money in terms of unit prices, you will also be able to earn higher profit margins with a higher chance of increasing the profits of your business. Because of that, the money to be collected will be much higher and this opens the door for you to reinvest in other products to meet the needs of a wider audience.

Ensure more competitive prices to customers

If you sell tester perfumes at more affordable prices compared to your competitors, you will be able to attract many more consumers and in effect, make more profit. That is to say, wholesale perfume tester sales give you the option to dedicate more affordable prices of your products to end customers. Being an excellent alternative to become a benchmark in the retail market.

Get significant time savings

Another of the most special benefits of selling wholesale is saving time. Because you will be able to free yourself from having to go to different suppliers, evaluate budgets, negotiate, deal with payment terms and carry out delivery processes.

Unlike that, bulk shopping allows you to do all this in a single transaction and in effect, the time spent on it will be less. Which even helps them to allocate their time more effectively to the perfume stores.

To have an immediate stock of perfumes

As if that weren’t enough, you can also maintain the continuity of a certain amount of stock in terms of your tester perfumes. That way, you will be able to meet the demand of your public and even new customers who come to you. Especially in the high seasons.

Thanks to this, with enough inventory, you won’t have to deal with interrupted sales that, unfortunately, detract from the user experience. On the contrary, you’ll show more speed and efficiency, which is the best way to build customer loyalty today.


Best tips to sell perfumes tester

To conclude, we give you 20 ideal recommendations that will allow you to achieve large numbers of perfume tester sales with full force:

  1. Research what types of fragrances your potential customers prefer.
  2. Study the market to find out which tester perfumes are most in demand.
  3. Identify how much capital you have to invest in your business and buy in bulk.
  4. Determine which are the best suppliers in the market to make wholesale purchases and guarantee quality to your customers.
  5. Make sure you buy original merchandise and avoid imitation perfumes at all costs.
  6. Know perfectly each of the colonies that you offer to be able to capture the attention of people without so much effort.
  7. Avoid lying about the products you sell, no matter what.
  8. Don’t discriminate against your buyers, as everyone deserves the same respect regardless of their preferences.
  9. Focus on building customer loyalty through recommendations, guides and discounts, for example.
  10. Promote your products with added value, through the most popular social networks nowadays.
  11. Take care of the user experience in your social networks, because this will be one of the reasons why they decide to buy your products or prefer not to.
  12. Run a content marketing campaign with reviews of the tester perfumes you sell or interviews with experts based on the topic.
  13. Keep as much variety as possible in your stock to meet the needs of each shopper and ensure an effective experience.
  14. It offers a completely personalized attention to each client so that they can find what they need perfectly.
  15. Study your results and based on them, come up with new marketing strategies to reach more people, keep your customers and increase your business profits.



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