Best countries to import perfume from

Best countries to import perfume from

If you want to start your own perfume business it is important that you have the best suppliers of these products, mostly these items are offered by wholesalers of cosmetics, beauty and health care products.

However, in many cases these perfumes are often available in other countries other than yours, so a good option is to start importing all the products you want to sell in your physical or online store. To do this you must know which are the best countries from which you can import perfumes at the best prices in the market.

This will guarantee you to get these fragrances at much cheaper prices than in your country, so you can start offering highly competitive prices that will allow you to be a step above your competitors. Keep in mind that the final price of your product will be very important for the success of your sales.


Perfume imports

You should be aware that if you want to bring perfumes and fragrances from outside the European Community, you will have to present a Declaration of Responsibility that replaces the previous license that until recently was valid for importing these types of products.

Keep in mind that the import process can be a bit difficult to accomplish, especially if you do not know very well this sector and the presentation of all these documents. Even in some cases, in some cases imports of products can be very expensive.

That is why before carrying out an import of perfumes you should consult with people specialized in this issue of logistics. In the case of the company 500Cosmetics gives you technical advice for the collection of all documents required for this process of buying abroad.

In addition, it has a specialized team to facilitate the procedures of companies or individuals who want to specify these imports. It is also important to know everything related to the safety of the goods when importing and marketing perfumes or fragrances.


Advantages of importing perfumes

These advantages will depend directly on the country where you live, in the case of Spain users do not have so much trouble when buying perfumes or cosmetic products, as this country is characterized by offering one of the best prices on these products throughout the European Union, so you can get very good prices.

However, if you live in a country where these products are not cheap at all, the option of importing perfumes or beauty products becomes very useful, as this will basically allow you to get goods at much lower prices so you can offer highly competitive prices in the market.

The paperwork for imports will also depend on the country where you live, so in some countries these procedures are much easier than others as well as the payment of tariffs. In case you want to start importing perfumes for your physical store or online, then you can get advice from an expert of these procedures in your country for each of the necessary requirements.


Best countries to import perfumes

Currently there are several countries where it is really worth importing perfumes, first for the quality of these products and second for their low prices. Here is a list of the best countries where you can import perfumes and thus supply your physical or online store.


France has become the European center of cosmetics and perfume. They have immense flower crops that allow them to extract the essences of perfumes, which led them to become an important industry for this type of products. This is how France is known around the world as the country of scents and fragrances.


Spain is currently the second best country to import these types of products, such as cosmetics, essential oils and perfumes. A country where the tourist can find a lot of these products of very good quality and at very good prices, thanks to all the competition that has been generated in this market.


It happens something very similar to France, Germany is characterized by having advanced knowledge in distillation, obtaining essences, maceration processes that has allowed them to create some of the best perfumes around the world, so the German perfumery is seen in many places as one of the best and which is worth importing.

United States

There is no doubt that the United States is one of the most recommended countries when you want to import any type of product, from perfumes to technological products. This is because it has a large number of manufacturing companies and distribution of cosmetics and perfumes that distribute at very low prices in the market, so it is worth buying there and sell in your country with very competitive prices.


Clearly Italy is another European country that stands out for its ability to sell perfumes. It can be said that many of the most recognized brands in perfumes and cosmetics are from Italy, this is because it has many manufacturing and distribution of these products, so they are always considered as a good choice for importing perfumes for the whole family.


Why start your own perfume business?

The sale of cosmetics and perfumes are one of the fastest growing market sectors in recent years, so much so that it is expected to have an annual growth of 4% between 2019 and 2025, so it is a booming business that will allow very profitable profits.

Currently there are many companies that have been dedicated to creating fragrances in order to meet market demand, taking into account that it is growing. Now there are many people who care about their health care and personal care, including men who have been becoming potential customers in this sector, something that previously was not so significant.

Perfumes are a product that is used by almost all people including the smallest of the house, so its sales possibilities are very wide. In addition, it is one of the main products to choose when you want to give a gift to your partner, family or friend.

In this way, being able to create your own perfume business will allow you to get significant profits that can generate a better quality of life and not just get an extra income as happens with many other businesses. To do this you must make sure to get quality suppliers and that they are highly reliable.

Keep in mind that the quality of your product and the attention of the public at the time of purchase will be essential for the growth and reputation of your business, especially if it is an online store where the reputation of the website will be essential for the future of the store.


Tips for starting a successful perfume business

The main objective to start this type of business successfully is to have good suppliers, which should be responsible for supplying you with everything you need in perfumes so you can sell and meet the demands of customers. However, there are other factors that are important to take into account when you want to be above the competition.

Analyze the market

It is important to know what kind of public you are going to sell your products to, what are the demands of the perfumes, the buying trend and especially how your competition is managed. Knowing these factors will allow you to make a marketing plan and thus be able to get the most out of your business either physical or online.

Customer loyalty

If your budget is quite short, then there is no point in trying to compete with those businesses that are already established in the market. To do so, just offer a personalized service to a certain number of loyal customers so that you can start to improve the foundations of your business. If you have little merchandise, then try to cover few customers.

Trying to sell what you don’t have can backfire on you and create a bad reputation with customers, who won’t come back to your business because they think you don’t have what they are looking for.

Make the most of social media

No matter if you have a physical or virtual business in either case it is essential that you take advantage of social networks advertising and as another option to purchase. To do this take care of generating attractive content and publish constantly, this will allow you to attract the attention of many other people.

Create an online store

If you already have a physical business, then focus on creating an online store as well, keep in mind that perfumes and cosmetics are a highly potential niche on the Internet, even many companies already established in the market have closed their physical stores to focus solely on online sales.

It is important that the website has at least three payment options for customers, this will allow you to have much more chances to make sales and also make sure you have a varied virtual catalog of products.

Study each one of the products you are going to sell.

The best thing to do when selling perfumes or any other product is to know what you sell, this will allow you to provide better customer service. In addition, you will go from being a seller to an advisor, considering that many people have many doubts and want to clarify them just before buying.

Expand your perfume sales

Do not stay only selling perfumes, this is a product that you can combine very well with other products such as lotions, bath soaps, cosmetics, creams and many others that are of great interest to the public. Keep in mind that variety is the key to success.

Constantly update your product catalogue

Perfumes are products that are constantly changing, and is that each nothing new fragrances come to market so it is important that you have them and do not stay only with what you have in stock. Also, be sure to offer the best brands on the market as well as those that are in trends, this will help you increase your sales quickly.


Best suppliers to buy perfumes

Choosing perfume suppliers for your business can be a really complicated task for many, mainly because you have to hire wholesalers that are completely reliable and offer original and quality products. Knowing this, here we are going to leave you with a short list of the best suppliers with which you can start equipping your perfume business.


A company dedicated to the sale of products for beauty and health care, as well as perfumes for both men, women and children. It is currently one of the most reliable suppliers in the market and with which you can get the lowest prices in the market as they are manufacturers and distributors.

It offers a very wide range of products for both women and men, offering profit margins of over 50% which makes it ideal for any type of business that wants to grow quickly. It also offers dropshipping business model at no additional cost.


It is a dropshipping supplier that has thousands of reference products including perfumes, cosmetics, health care products and beauty. In addition, it stands out for offering a wide variety of perfumes with all the aromas and fragrances.

Just log on to their website and start enjoying their huge catalog where you can get different types of perfumes of the best brands at very low prices, so you can easily compete in the market.


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