What are the cosmetic products that are most sold online?

What are the cosmetic products that are most sold online?

Cosmetics and health care products are one of the most sold products on the Internet today and are even much more profitable than physical store business, especially for cosmetics distributors. This has made many physical stores decide to take their sales catalogues online, thus taking advantage of online commerce.

Currently, e-commerce has revolutionized the Internet world. While it is true, any business adapts very well to the online world, but there are certain businesses such as beauty products, cosmetics and perfumes where their sales are higher online than in physical form.

This is how all these types of products are considered highly profitable when selling online becoming a great alternative for all entrepreneurs, especially because they can apply the dropshipping model for their sales.


Main advantages of selling cosmetic products online

For some time it has been found that selling cosmetics online is one of the best alternatives when you want to sell from home. Mainly because these products are in high demand and are currently used by both men and women being them the main consumers.

Today there are thousands of cosmetics stores that have closed their physical stores to sell online and this type of sale in these natural cosmetics and body products are very successful. That is why here we show you the main advantages of selling cosmetics online.

Catalogue of a wide variety of products

When selling perfumes wholesale online you will not have limitations when creating your catalogs, especially if you work with the dropshipping business model. Something that happens with physical stores who are limited to what they have available in stock.

Shop from home

Online sales provide much more convenience to customers who can buy their cosmetic products from home or office. To do this they only have to enter your website and make the purchase of those products they prefer. Make sure you offer eye-catching and varied products such as perfumes, creams, lotions, skin treatments, hair, among many others.

What our visitors say

Undoubtedly one of the main advantages of online stores with the physical ones is that they have the opportunity to assess the opinions of their customers. While in physical stores you can not, since only sellers stay with what the customer commented during the sale.

In the case of online stores, users have the possibility to clarify doubts, ask for advice or simply comment on their shopping experience. Something that is highly recommended for people who are indecisive.

24 hour sales

Usually the physical stores usually have a schedule of attention to the public either in two shifts or a single shift run, but in the case of online sales users can buy cosmetics 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Clearly this sales system is usually much more favorable so you can increase your income significantly.

Broader audience reach

Another advantage that all this offers is that you can get a wider audience reach and not be limited to the area where your store is located. Generally, physical businesses are very limited in this sense despite the advertising they can do.

While in the case of online businesses have the opportunity to sell not only in your city, but also nationally or internationally if they have the necessary transport sent to do so. This allows them to have a greater reach of target audience that can translate into many more sales and more revenue.


What are the best-selling cosmetic products in online stores?

Some of the most popular products sold online are perfumes, makeup and nail polishes. Sales of these types of products have skyrocketed in recent months and everything indicates that it will continue to increase. The demand for cosmetic products has increased by at least 60% in the last three months.

In this way the ranking of sales within the e-commerce is currently led by cosmetics and beauty products, which is why here is a list of the most sold items on the Internet:

Chanel N°5 Perfume

Perfume number 5 of the French firm has been the best-selling in the world in recent years. It is as well as currently this fragrance is still buying a lot both by Internet and physical store, so much so that various studies have shown that every 30 seconds one of these perfumes is sold around the world.

It’s a perfume that was created in 1921 by Gabrielle Chanel and Ernest Beaux. A fragrance that has fallen in love with all people and that has led him to be placed as the best-selling perfume in history.

Orgasm Blush by NARS

It is a NARS brand blusher that has become one of the best-selling blushers on the Internet worldwide. It was created by Francois Nars in 1999 and since then no other blusher has been able to remove the first place. This product has become one of the most important cosmetics that is formulated with pink and peach pigments that generates that natural scent that has favored it so much.

Lip Glow

It is a lipstick very quoted in the market, so much so that it is the number one selling in Spain and it is estimated that every three seconds one of them is sold worldwide. Therefore, it is a very famous lipstick that has been used by professional makeup artists such as Peter Philips, the director of the creation and image of the makeup of the Dior house.

This lipstick was created with the aim of getting a lipstick with a better pigment than the rest, but that in turn was much more moisturizing than normal lipsticks. This is how the French line put all their ideas into the creation of Lip Glow, making it the only lipstick in the top 10 of online sales in Spain.

Terracotta, sun dust

This powder was created in 1984 and has remained one of the best-selling cosmetics on the Internet ever since. This product has reached the top for two reasons: it offers a unique golden color finish and a texture that does not crack.

It is estimated that this product is sold every 25 seconds, an ideal item to enhance the beauty of people’s face. In addition, it stands out for presenting a very striking case capable of attracting the attention of anyone.

Too Faced Mascara

This mascara is sold every 7 seconds online worldwide, which has made it one of the best-selling products today. Better Than Sex has a vegan formula that has managed to position itself ahead of any competition in terms of eyelashes.

It stands out for intensifying the black pigmentation of the eye, while at the same time moisturizes and strengthens the lashes with honey and collagen that allows to have this part very enriched and hydrated. It offers an hourglass-shaped brush and mimics the curve of a woman. It is a product with an excellent physical design that will be irresistible to your eyes.

Créaline H20 from Bioderma

It is a facial cleanser that is well known around the world and over time has become one of the best selling products on the Internet. It was originally called Créaline H20, but is now known as Sensibio H20 Micellar Water.

It is because it is formulated based on micelles, a set of molecules responsible for attracting the residues of the face and sebum particles so it is ideal for removing makeup from the skin and environmental pollutants, thus allowing to have a completely clean and healthy face.

That is why this product stands out for its decongestant power of the skin, able to cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin, created mainly for all intolerant, atopic and sensitive skin, which has made it one of the favorite products for professional makeup artists.


Best online suppliers of cosmetic products

Luckily today you can find a lot of cosmetic suppliers online, who are responsible for providing you with the best products and the lowest prices on the market that allow you to be competitive with your rivals.

As we know that the process of finding wholesalers is not an easy task, here we are going to leave you with a list of those that you can start contacting so you can become a wholesale cosmetic distributor:


It is a company dedicated to the sale of natural cosmetics and technology of health, beauty and wellness, which provides its services since 2004, standing out for offering quality products and developed by themselves. Their philosophy is to satisfy the aesthetic and health needs of their customers through innovation.

500Cosmetics is characterized by offering leading products in the market of beauty, health and wellness, so it offers a catalog of items quite complete and varied, as well as the dropshipping business model ideal for all entrepreneurs.

Becoming a cosmetics wholesaler has never been easier than with 500Cosmetics, who will offer you profit margins of over 50% on each of their products, resulting in a very profitable business that you can enjoy.

LubreNatural Cosmetics

It is an online store that offers everything related to natural cosmetics and beauty products at the best prices on the market. It has 100% ecological and sustainable lines, which has led it to become the favorite of many entrepreneurs.

In addition, Lubre Cosmética Natural is not only characterized by selling these products wholesale, but also offers advice to all its customers on the use of natural cosmetics and everything related to health and skin care.


Ortrade has become one of the most excellent suppliers in Spain, it is a company dedicated to the distribution of products related to health, perfumery, cosmetics, makeup and many more. In addition, it offers a very extensive catalog of all its products so you can get all the variety you need.

In addition, they are not only dedicated to selling but has health care professionals who can advise you on everything you need for your business and personal care. Something that is very profitable for all those who are starting in the world of sales.


In Bamboo Cosmetics you will have the opportunity to find a wide variety of beauty and health products at the best prices on the market. Here you will be able to enjoy from foundations to lipsticks enjoying a great variety of brands and models.

This is how they have managed to establish themselves as one of the best suppliers in Spain so you can supply your business with the best brands and any type of cosmetics. In addition, it has very extensive catalogs where you will find completely original products.

In addition, on their website you will have the possibility to buy cosmetics from leading brands in Mexico and around the world. They also stand out for offering offers from time to time so that their customers can get products at very low prices and thus be able to improve their earnings.


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