Best distributors of erotic products

Best distributors of erotic products

Internet business has become much more valuable nowadays, thanks to all the reach that can be had through the network, whether social networks or virtual shops. This is how many entrepreneurs have opted to sell erotic products online.

Starting your business online is a very good alternative especially if you do not have enough money to set up a physical shop. However, in the case of erotic toys, this type of sale tends to be much more successful on the Internet.

But in order to ensure success from the start, it is necessary to have the best distributors of erotic products, as this will be key to your future. That is why here we will teach you a little more about this business and where to find the best wholesalers in the market.


Sex toy shop Why set up a sex toy shop?

In the past there was a lot of taboo when it came to talking about or buying a sexual product, but the truth is that nowadays that has been put aside and nowadays both young people and adults are much more liberal when it comes to looking for a sexual accessory.

However, physical shops are still a mystery to many people, who are afraid of being seen by someone they know when they enter a sex shop. That is why most entrepreneurs have decided to start this business through the Internet.

Therefore, if you are looking for a business to start and invest your money in, the erotic products industry is one of your best options. Moreover, it is a type of business that you can associate with the dropshipping business model so you can offer much more variety of products without even having them in stock.

Creating an online sex toys and accessories shop will be a very profitable business as long as the right marketing and advertising campaign is applied. Nowadays these types of businesses are often very successful online because people can shop anonymously and calmly.

It is important that before starting this type of business you carry out a market research, economic analysis, budget and costs of what it takes to create your website. If everything is according to plan, then starting this business will not take long and you can start offering erotic products for both men and women.


How do erotic products businesses work on the Internet?

If you are determined to start your sex shop business online, then the first thing you need to know is how it works. In this case this type of shop would be like a digital version of a physical shop, you will have to create very good quality photos that will allow you to attract prospects.

Here you will not only have to upload photographs, but also videos if necessary and a brief description of each of your products, as this is what will allow the customer to know what they want to buy, how it works and how to use it.

Basically these virtual shops work like a physical shop, with the difference that you are not going to serve people physically but virtually. So you should expect them to access your shop and buy some of your products, so make sure you offer at least three payment methods.

Likewise, you can publish a large number of sexual products such as lubricants, accessories, lingerie, dildos, vibrators, among many others. Keep in mind that if you want to be successful, the variety of products will be key for that. So you must be sure to offer very extensive catalogues and with many new products for the customer.


How to open an online sex shop?

The procedure to open your online shop is not so simple, because you need to know a lot of things about computers, but if you don’t, then the best thing to do is to find an expert with the necessary knowledge who can create the website with all its categories.

It is important that before you open your online business you register it and have all the necessary permits to operate it, this will depend on each country. It is also important that the website that will become your online shop looks professional, so make sure you have a good design and good colours.

Likewise, you are going to have to upload high quality content, so you must make sure that all the photos you upload are real and very professional, as well as the videos of your products. Keep in mind that the success of these businesses is their catalogues, so your success will depend on it. Make sure that each image or video is accompanied by a description, price and payment method.


How to start making money with erotic products online?

Once you have your online shop ready, the only thing left to do is to plan the sale of your products, for this you can rely on your social networks and pay for advertising to reach a larger number of people. In addition, it is important that you work with suppliers that offer good prices and wide profit margins.

Therefore, once you have all the products in physical form or you are going to work on demand, the only thing you have to do is to publish it and wait for your shop to start getting traffic.

It is important that you are very calm especially at the beginning as sales may take a while to come in, but once you start selling you will see how the sale of all your products becomes very good, to give a boost to this make sure you set up several payment methods for your customers.


Keys to success in selling erotic products on the Internet

Sex shops are becoming more and more popular and more normal for the individual, so there is no longer a taboo when it comes to buying any type of sexual product. However, there are still those who want a bit of privacy when making these purchases. That is why here we show you the main keys to success with an online sex shop.

It offers very good quality products of the moment

If you want to be successful from the start, then you should offer erotic products that are novel and that your customers will not find anywhere else. Also, make sure you offer the most demanded products such as rings, vibrators, gels, among others.

This will help you so that customers can find everything they need in your shop and you don’t have to keep looking for it. It is also important that all your products are of very good quality, as your reputation will depend on this and your future sales.

So the success of these businesses will always be to offer very good quality at very good prices, because if you do not achieve this, your competition will surely be above you. To ensure success and profitability it is necessary to compete directly with your competition.

Offer different types of payment to your customers

Everyone who buys online wants to do it in a quick and easy way, that is why you should place different forms of payment so that your customers can find variety when making the purchase. It is important that you take into account that many people do not want to leave a trace when buying in a sex shop.

This means that placing only credit cards or debit cards to make the purchase is not a good idea, for that you can also add platform payment methods such as PayPal or Uphold where the customer can buy completely anonymously without their bank accounts being revealed to them.

The goal is that you adapt to the needs of your customers and not them to yours, so offer payment methods by card, transfer, PayPal, Binance, among others. Keep in mind that the more payment options you offer, the more chances you have of getting a sale.

Discretion at the time of purchase

The main reason for the success of these online businesses has been because of the privacy that it provides, which is the opposite of the physical shops. Most buyers do not want their neighbours, relatives or the dealer to know what they have bought and that it comes from a sex shop.

This is why you must ensure that your business works completely anonymously by sending packages without any identification of your brand and without specifying what is inside. Discretion is one of the keys to the success of these businesses, so it is important to take care of it.

Keep in mind that if your packages are identified, the person who receives them will not buy from you again, as this will mean grief for the buyer, mainly with the delivery person and all the people who see them receive the package. So maintaining privacy will be key in all of this.


Best distributors of erotic products

Luckily nowadays you can find many distributors of erotic products on the market, but not all of them will guarantee you a good service. That is why here is a list of some of the most reliable distributors of erotic products with which you can start your business now.


500Cosmetics has become one of the most reliable suppliers for most entrepreneurs, this is because they offer excellent prices on each of their products because they are manufacturers and distributors of each of their erotic products so they will give you profit margins of over 50% on each of their items.

It also allows you to work with the dropshipping business model so you won’t have to make a big investment if you are starting your sex shop business. 500Cosmetics offers you a wide variety of products ranging from vibrators, pheromone perfumes, gels, creams, Chinese balls and much more that you can start selling in your own business.


They stand out for offering a wide variety of erotic products wholesale to other companies, so they will offer you very low prices and excellent profit margins. In addition, they stand out for having the dropshipping business model so you can work directly with their catalogues without having minimum purchase minimums.

This is how DreamLove has a high range of products and are characterized by being suppliers of Sex Shop of very good quality where you will find variety in all types of product.


It is a leading company in Spain in the distribution and manufacture of erotic products, lingerie, adult toys and much more. This is how they will offer you everything you need to start in the world of sex shop with one of the largest catalogues of products in Europe.

In addition, they are known for shipping 24 hours a day and in record time. They will also offer you the best prices on the market on each of their products and discounts of more than 30% on each of your purchases.

Didos Assortes

It is one of the largest distributors in the erotic industry, which specialises in working directly with high quality brands. So they have become one of the most reliable distributors of lingerie, adult toys and everything related to the sex shop market.

In addition, Didos Assortes stands out for being a dropshipping supplier so you can work directly with their sales catalogue without having a minimum purchase. They also offer advice on each of your purchases as well as very affordable prices on each of their products.





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