Cruelty Free Make-up, best distributors

Cruelty Free Make-up, best distributors

Natural cosmetics has become one of the main types of business to undertake and obtain good profit margins. Because it is committed to sustainability, respect and ethics, it has managed to capture the attention of the world.

Consequently, Cruelty Free make-up was born as a novel proposal to encourage all followers of natural cosmetics to use make-up products that are free of animal cruelty and thus, in effect, maintain the concept of ethics and respect to avoid harming animal species when it comes to satisfying the great demand that exists in the make-up industry.

Therefore, although it is not a field that has been explored so much, the truth is that it is an excellent proposal that has encouraged many people in the world to distribute this type of make-up products. Below, we invite you to learn more about it.


What is Cruelty Free make-up? Main characteristics

For several years now, the term “Cruelty Free” has become one of the most widely used terms in the world. In the field of cosmetics, it refers to products that are not tested on animals at any stage of their production.

Therefore, Cruelty Free makeup is makeup that is not tested on live animals to verify its results. In addition to not testing them on animals, they also do not use elements of natural origin in their formulations.

Due to the many cases of animal abuse in recent times, Cruelty Free cosmetics brands have had a great boost worldwide. So, more than just for fashion, both women and men have become interested in learning about this type of products and using them with the aim of minimising these offences against these living beings.

Thus, we highlight the main features of Cruelty Free make-up:

  • The ingredients of a cruelty free product have not been tested on animals.
  • For the final formula of the make-up article, no elements of animal origin are used in its production.
  • Before being put on sale, this type of make-up is only tested on humans.
  • They are products composed of all-natural ingredients or, alternatively, contain fewer chemical elements than conventional.


The advantages of Cruelty Free make-up: Why choose it?

Beyond discerning that these products are free of animal cruelty, it is worth knowing more about the benefits that this type of make-up guarantees, and below we mention the most important ones:

  • They promote sustainability, as non-animal-tested products are environmentally friendly and prevent the production of chemicals that are harmful to planet Earth.
  • They avoid causing harm to animal species and in effect aim to minimise the extinction of many endangered species.
  • Because they are all-natural products, they guarantee high quality.
  • Without diminishing their effectiveness, they are in many cases cheaper than traditional cosmetic products.
  • They can provide greater durability, as they are better absorbed into the skin.
  • They are gentle on the user’s body, as they do not affect the skin, do not clog pores and do not cause allergies.
  • There is a wide range of Cruelty Free make-up products to suit all the needs of the target audience.


How to correctly identify a Cruelty Free product?

If you still don’t know how to identify a Cruelty Free product, you will learn how to do it right now. Taking into account that, recognising them is extremely simple, as they contain prints such as: “Cruelty Free”, “I protect you”, “Not teste don animals”, “Leaping Bunny”, etc.

Additionally, if you are still in doubt, you can download and install a mobile application called “Happy Bunny”, which allows you to scan the product code directly and, in a matter of seconds, check whether the product is testo-free on animals.

As if that were not enough, there are currently various organisations that have taken it upon themselves to create lists in which they point out the names of brands or companies that continue to use methods that involve animals and, in one way or another, support animal cruelty. With this, they hope to raise awareness among consumers so that they stop buying these products; that is, as a kind of campaign against it.


Meet the three seals that endorse animal cruelty-free brands

The following are the main seals stipulated by international organisations that accredit all products that are not tested on animals:

  • Cruelty – Free International: This is an international organisation that ratifies all those brands whose ingredients and final products are not tested on animals. Even the supplier of their raw materials cannot make use of this type of testing. In order to maintain the highest guarantee, companies have to be accredited every year on a mandatory basis.
  • Choose Cruelty Free: The seal of this international organisation adds to the requirement of animal testing, the exclusion of the use of products derived from animals. The same applies to the suppliers of its ingredients and they must necessarily be endorsed as cruelty free. It should be noted that the commitment to this organisation must be renewed every year.
  • PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals): One of the most famous organisations due to its fight against animal abuse and its main mission is to certify that neither the product nor its compounds are basically tested on animals. It is located in the United States.


Today, the Cruelty Free label is a substantial differentiating value.

For companies that manufacture and distribute Cruelty Free products, seals that indicate that they are free of animal cruelty are a great differentiator that provides added value for consumers and raises their interest in purchasing these items. Mainly because of the reliability they offer and the mission they have.

This is why Corporate Social Responsibility policies are becoming more and more essential for companies. Sustainability and transparency are the characteristics that have been shaping the course of Corporate Social Responsibility for many years now. Therefore, companies must respond to this change in consumer mentality and, at the same time, satisfy their needs.

Indeed, it is vital to incorporate into their products those features that are sustainable and that, through this, function as an optimal strategy to improve their value proposition. Considering that, many appreciate this effort that is increasingly being promoted around the world.

Therefore, more and more brands are multiplying their efforts to change their testing methods and make more sustainable or responsible practices that positively intervene in the daily lives of human beings. So they are leveraging the Cruelty Free movement as a divergent brand to differentiate themselves from many of their competitors, to engage a wider audience, gain more recognition and extend their profits.

Therefore, in addition to raising awareness among the population of Spain, Europe and the whole world, this type of company helps to minimise the cruelty that animals suffer as a result of any type of experimentation. Since, after these actions, they usually die and very few survive to be used in future tests.


The best distributors of Cruelty Free make-up

To get an idea of which make-up brands are not tested on animals, we present the following list:


It is a brand approved by PETA, the non-profit organisation based in the United States that works hard on the ethical treatment of animal species. It has numerous types of references that meet the needs of make-up lovers.

Urban Decay

It has a high quality in the field of makeup and in addition to this, it is a brand that has refused to test their products on animals and, to top it off, they are also vegan. In such a way, they triple their efforts to support sustainability and be respectful to these living beings.

Lime Crime

They are completely “Cruelty Free” make-up products that have also opted to become vegan references in order to prevent any mistreatment of animals. Although they are not physically located in Spain, they sell their products online to support retailers in Spain.

Tarte Cosmetics

Although it is not a completely Cruelty Free brand, it has certainly created such a collection which, apart from its sustainability, guarantees high quality and is distinguished by products that give pleasure just by looking at them.

Too Faced

Specifically, it is a firm that has a wide variety of eyeshadow palettes. So, if you are looking to sell this type of makeup exclusively and that, in turn, is Cruelty Free, it can be an excellent option.

Real Techniques

They are distributors that work with 100% Cruelty Free products and among all their articles, mainly their brushes and sponges for applying make-up foundations stand out.


It is a make-up and cosmetics brand that does not commission animal testing and, as a result, helps to promote environmental sustainability and supports animal cruelty-free initiatives. In this way, it is one of the biggest benchmarks in the market.







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