Everything you need to know about pheromone perfumes

Everything you need to know about pheromone perfumes

The use of perfumes has deepened with the passage of time, as this product has become highly demanded by men, women and children. All this has made the marketing of this product very profitable for any perfumery business.

Thanks to the importance that perfumes have taken in people’s daily lives, nowadays you can find perfumes with pheromones, which have gained a lot of popularity thanks to the fact that they help to improve the sexual attractiveness of the person who wears them.

However, many people are still unaware of these types of perfumes or still do not dare to use them. That is why here we are going to explain in detail everything about pheromone perfumes and what their real purpose is.


What are pheromones, how are they generated and how are they captured?

Human pheromones are chemical substances that are released through the human body by both men and women. In the case of women they are derived from oestradiol, the most important female sex hormone, which is produced in the ovaries, while in men they are derived from testosterone.

According to studies, humans typically shed at least seven million cells a day through the secretion of pheromones. When these substances leave the body they are immediately picked up by the vomeronasal organ, the orifices found in the nostrils.

Therefore, the vomeronasal organ, which is part of the respiratory system, is the main area for picking up pheromones, so it is the main place for picking up emotions, desire and attraction.


Is there a difference between female and male pheromones?

In the case of men, the pheromone is known as androstenone and is produced in the sweat glands in the armpits. It tends to convey aggression, dominance and strength, making it the perfect pheromone to attract women and drive men away.

While in the case of women the pheromone is called Copulins, these consist of small fatty acids that originate from vaginal secretions and are secreted in greater quantities during the fertile days of a woman, i.e. a few days before ovulation.

This allows the woman during those days to transmit a greater sexual attraction towards the man, causing a relaxing effect on men. So in this case it can be said that there is a difference between the two pheromones, but that both men’s pheromones serve to attract women and vice versa.

That is why the use of these pheromones has become one of the best alternatives for the development of perfumes with pheromones, as it allows both men and women to feel much more attractive and confident, especially when being intimate with someone of the opposite sex.


How does the human pheromone work and what factors condition it?

Humans often secrete certain types of pheromones unconsciously, which are automatically picked up by other individuals. This is how humans can mostly detect sex pheromones, which are developed during puberty and are used to identify the sex of another individual.

However, it is not only pheromones that make a person highly attractive to the opposite sex, but this must be accompanied by other factors that help condition sexual attraction between men and women, such as the following:

The physical attractiveness of the person

This is arguably one of the most important factors that many people take into account. If there is not even a little physical interest in the other person, then it is very unlikely that a relationship will develop in the short, medium or long term, despite having pheromones that are highly attractive to the opposite sex.

Generally, each person usually has some physical preferences when choosing their companion or partner, either physical features according to their type of beauty, so this is an important point to consider.

Psychological appeal

It is something completely different from physical attraction, in this case it is when a person is naturally attracted to another person who meets certain fertility criteria. Generally, this type of attraction is usually unconscious.

The personal image of the person

Having a good physique or good genetics will not be everything, for this it is important to have a good personal image, so knowing how to define our personality will be very important, having a good outfit, a good hairstyle and above all a good perfume that will allow you to capture the attention of your opposite sex at all times.


Despite being one of the most neglected senses, it is one of the most important determinants of sexual attraction and is the key factor that makes pheromone perfumes so successful.

In this case it is pheromones that play a key role considering that each body emits a completely unique odour that can only be picked up by smell.

This scent is found in pheromones and it is these chemicals that will allow you to increase other people’s sexual desire for you and even make them fall in love with you.


What are pheromone perfumes?

Many people are still unaware of these types of perfumes. In order to understand this correctly, it is important to know how pheromones work in human sexual behaviour. In this case they are natural chemical substances that the body exhales.

According to studies, pheromones do not usually have an odour, but they do have the ability to cause a reaction in other people through smell. All these studies revealed that chemicals from male bodies, such as hormones, natural odour and sweat can cause different reactions in the female sex.

They were also able to observe that women in contact with the same sex could have some reactions such as menstruating at the same time, increasing their sexual desire, among others.

Therefore, pheromones help people to feel more sexually desirable, enhance their seduction and attractiveness, find new sensations and harmony between scents. In this way, perfumes with a concentration of human pheromones serve to attract other people for sexual reproduction or reproductive purposes.


How do pheromone perfumes work?

In order for these fragrances to be highly effective and fulfil their purpose, it is important that the person can apply them to specific areas of the body. Generally, they are recommended to be applied to hot or bloody areas and should be used daily after each bath, bearing in mind that bathing will automatically lose their scent.

Therefore, they should be applied either on the neck, wrists or extremities as these areas will act faster because they are closer to other people or in greater contact with them.

It should be noted that these fragrances are a natural chemical compound that is generated through human pheromones in a completely safe way. Thus, these pheromone perfumes are exactly the same as any other alcohol or water based fragrance.

In this case the main difference is that they have pheromones that will help to promote relationships. When buying one of these fragrances it is important to choose the most suitable one, otherwise you could cause an effect contrary to its objective. Keep in mind that there are perfumes with pheromones to attract men and also to attract women.


Do you know the best pheromone perfumes by PHIERO?

Many people still question whether the effect of these fragrances is real despite the fact that there are many brands on the market that promote it. One of them is the brand Phiero, which already has a great trajectory in the market and one of the most recognized brands in perfumes with pheromones. That is why here we show you which are the best fragrances in this range.

Phiero Night Woman

Considered as one of the best perfumes of this brand, which will help you to enhance all your seduction and attractiveness with just a small application. This is how this fragrance has helped thousands of women to become irresistible thanks to all the pheromones for women that possesses.

With this perfume you will be able to gain much more confidence when seducing, thus generating much more security thanks to the 4 pheromones that it possesses. In addition, it has a pocket size so you can carry it easily to apply anywhere helping you to enhance your sex appeal wherever you are.

Phiero Woman

This perfume designed for women has been created with three main objectives: to attract more easily, to awaken new sensations and to help them experience much more intense relationships. So it has become an ideal fragrance for women to become irresistible and extremely attractive.

Phiero Woman is composed of 4 pheromones and a mixture of aroma with scents of soft wood and wild flowers, making it perfect for attracting the opposite sex. It also gives women a greater sense of security when it comes to seeing themselves in intimate personal situations.

So this fragrance will not only help you feel much more sexually attractive, but it will help you have much more intense sexual responses allowing you to seduce whoever you want.

Phiero Secret

This fragrance consists of a natural concentrate of odourless substances that will increase a woman’s sexual attraction, so it tries to mimic female pheromones in order to make all men feel more attracted to them.

In addition, it not only helps women to be more attractive with its own scent, but also causes a response in men by helping them to increase the amount of testosterone they produce so that their sexual desire is much greater. Therefore, this fragrance relies on its power of natural attraction to capture male interest.

It should be noted that Phiero Secret does not offer any particular scent so you can combine it with other perfumes. The man’s brain simply receives the pheromone signal and automatically triggers an attraction and a longing for the person who possesses it.

Phiero Night Man

It’s a perfume with pheromones for men that will help them feel much more confident and attractive. It is as well as this perfume with pheromones will help them to flirt much more where they want to go offering you a greater confidence to feel much more attractive and conqueror, as well as having the ability to awaken sexual desire in women.

Phiero Night Man offers a pocket size presentation so it can be easily transported and applied anywhere. It is undoubtedly one of the best options for men to feel much more attractive. It includes three types of pheromones with aromas of pink pepper and star anise to awaken the sexual appetite of your opposite sex.

Phiero Xtreme

Its main purpose is to help men increase their sexual attractiveness to the opposite sex. This is why this concentrate will help you to seduce and attract much easier so that becoming irresistible will be a fact.

Phiero Xtreme is made with three very powerful pheromones such as A-Keto, Androstenone and Delta 16-OL, with a concentration of 20% being the highest of the entire Phiero range. Unlike the vast majority of perfumes with pheromones, it does not have any added scent, but only offers the intense smell of the three pheromones that make it up.

It can therefore be applied directly to the hot areas of the body and then used with your perfume of choice. It has a long-lasting effect of 6 to 8 hours as long as you don’t use a bath, while on clothes its pheromone scent can last up to two weeks.




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