Five pheromone perfume brands you need to know about

Five pheromone perfume brands you need to know about

Perfumes have become one of the most indispensable accessories for both men and women today, because the feeling of smelling good and being able to attract other people with the scent is something everyone wants to do.

However, nowadays you can find perfumes with pheromones, which will give you a greater attraction to other people thanks to their compounds. Keep in mind that most people are attracted to different types of smells, so these types of perfumes want to take advantage of that.

So many perfumes have been manufactured with scientifically proven chemicals that are seductive to the opposite sex. So now wearing a cologne would allow you to look much more attractive and increase the sexual desire of the opposite sex.


What are pheromones?

Pheromones are natural chemical substances that are secreted through the human body and are responsible for men being attracted to women and vice versa, all this is generated through olfactory stimulation of the senses. It should be noted that pheromones can also be found in animals where they fulfil the same function.

Therefore, pheromone signals are detected by an organ inside the nose called the vomeronasal organ. This is surprising because many people tend to ignore the sense of smell when they are interested in a person, but it really all starts there.

That is why when the vomeronasal organ detects the pheromone, it automatically sends a sexual response signal to the human brain where it immediately transmits different states such as sexual compatibility with that person, mood swings, increased sexual appetite among others.

Although pheromones are secreted naturally in humans, these substances can be elaborated and included in the components of a perfume. That is why these pheromone perfumes have become very important in the market and are now in high demand.


A very old practice despite seeming to be something new

It is possible that a year ago, pheromone perfumes were not known in the market even though they already existed and were used by some customers. However, they have been gaining popularity and now everyone wants to use these perfumes and feel much more attractive and confident when going out and sharing with people of the opposite sex.

It’s no secret that everyone wants to be sexy and handsome, and this is something that pheromone perfumes are doing and that people are loving. However, it seems that this is a new and very sophisticated practice, but the truth of the matter is that it is something very old.

This is how in ancient Egypt they began to use pheromones for the manufacture of perfumes. At that time, the Egyptians discovered that the sweat of the human body contained an aphrodisiac substance for both women and men.

However, at that time this practice was only carried out on men who were selected for this type of work, where once their sweat was collected, it was stored in containers and then mixed with different fragrances of perfumes.

This has become a widely used practice today with the only difference being that women’s pheromones are now also used to create perfumes to attract men and vice versa. The three most commonly used pheromones in perfumes are androstenedione, androstenone and androstenol, although there are many others that are also used.


How do pheromone perfumes work?

The purpose of these pheromone perfumes is to make the person who applies them much more attractive to the opposite sex. This will happen almost unconsciously for the other people who will be attracted by their scent, in this case the pheromone scent.

Even many of these fragrances do not usually have no scent at all, but can be combined with any other fragrance perfume. However, for the application of the pheromone fragrance to be effective, it is necessary for the person to apply it to certain areas of the body.

In these cases, it is best to apply it to the hot areas or blood points, i.e. the wrists or neck, which are very likely to come into contact with other people through greetings or hugs. It is also necessary to apply it every time a shower is taken, as it loses its effect with water.

According to various studies it is estimated that the duration of the smell of pheromones in perfumes usually lasts between 6 and 8 hours. But as a solution to this, many of them come in pocket-sized presentations so that people can apply them at any time and place.

Being a chemical compound that is generated completely naturally through the sweat glands, pheromones are very safe and their application does not pose any risk to people.

Therefore, any cologne with pheromone is completely the same as a normal cologne with the only difference that they have an additional chemical substance added to attract people of the opposite sex. This clearly gives a greater sense of attraction and security to the person wearing it, making me feel much sexier.


Are pheromone perfumes really effective in attracting other people?

There are many controversies that have been generated around these perfumes with pheromones, but the truth of the matter is that these pheromones are highly effective in attracting other people of the opposite sex, so the use of these perfumes created with these substances are completely guaranteed.

It should be noted that both men and women have different pheromones, in the case of women it is oestradiol which is produced in the ovaries, while in men it is testosterone.

Therefore, the secretion of these pheromones makes people feel much more attracted, thus increasing their sexual desires, attraction and emotions towards that person. However, it should be mentioned that these perfumes are not miracles.

This means that you are not going to apply a fragrance with pheromone and automatically all the people of your opposite sex will be surrendered to you, but this will be a plus when you want to conquer or captivate other people, since there are also other factors that are important to mention when you want to capture the attention of someone else.

An attractive physique

For a person to be able to steal your gaze or yours, it is not only important that pheromones act, but other factors such as physical attractiveness are also needed. Keep in mind that all people have different tastes, so this will play an important role.

This does not mean that by using a perfume with pheromones you are going to steal everyone’s gaze, because it is possible that you want to surprise a person, but their physical taste is the opposite of yours, so in this case pheromones will not play a decisive role.

What they do do is help you to create a good feeling with other people of your opposite sex, so if there is a bit of chemistry, this perfume can help you achieve your goals faster. In addition, it allows you to gain confidence and feel much more attractive when you are with other people you are interested in.

Personal image

Not only is it enough to smell good and have your pheromones activated, but your clothing and style also play a very important factor in attracting the attention of other people. So it is important that you can define your personality and accompany all this with a good perfume that will help you to captivate people of the opposite sex through your scent.

Psychological appeal

In many occasions many people don’t need to know each other to feel a small attraction or simply to hear each other talk or see each other act. Psychological attractiveness also plays a very important role when you want to conquer someone.  So it is not only enough to wear your perfume with pheromones, but also to get an attraction of this level that allows you to go much further.


Discover the best perfumes with pheromones that you can find on the market.

Nowadays you can find a great variety of perfumes with pheromones available in the market. However, in this case we want to recommend the Phiero range, which are completely guaranteed and will help you achieve very effective results. That is why here we show you a list of the best pheromone perfumes of the Phiero brand.

Phiero Night Woman

It’s a perfume with pheromones for women that will help you to get new sensations as well as feel much more sure of yourself to succeed when and where you want. So this fragrance will help you to have a greater capacity for seduction and security at all times.

Phiero Night Woman is made with 4 types of pheromones with great capacity of sexual attraction for the opposite sex. It also offers a pocket size presentation so you can apply it anywhere and at any time and feel much more confident in all your abilities, so you can establish relationships with more confidence wherever you are.

Phiero Secret

It’s another perfume with pheromones for women that will allow them to increase the sexual attraction of the opposite sex thanks to its odourless substances. This is because this fragrance is responsible for increasing the amount of testosterone produced by men, so that they can awaken their sexual desire towards her.

The odourless substances will act like female sex hormones so it will help to increase sexual attraction at all times. In this case this fragrance is unscented so it can be used with any other cologne of your choice.

In this case, the man will receive a signal before a positive stimulus, which will generate some reactions such as attraction and the desire to be close to that person. This is thanks to the pheromones that the odourless perfume possesses.

Phiero Woman

The main purpose of this pheromone perfume for women is to help you experience much more intense relationships and attract men easily. This perfume is composed of 4 pheromones and with a fragrance that blends the scents of soft wood and wild flowers.

All this will allow the woman to feel much more confident about being involved in personal situations, so she will be able to generate much more intense sexual responses to the person she desires.

Phiero Night Man

This perfume that has pheromones for men and that has a presentation in pocket will allow you to apply it anywhere and anytime so that you can feel much more confident when you want to seduce the girl of your dream.

It is worth mentioning that Phiero Night Man is one of the hottest pheromone perfumes of the Phiero line, which is composed of three pheromones and has a fragrance of star anise and pink pepper that will help you to facilitate the interest of any girl.

Phiero Xtreme

It is a concentrate of male pheromones that has been designed to help you conquer, seduce and attract any type of woman. It is composed of three types of very strong pheromones such as A-Keto, Delta 16-OL and Androstenone, offering a concentration of 20%, being the highest of the entire line of Phiero pheromone perfumes.

Phiero Xtreme does not offer any added scent so you can apply it on the hot areas of your body and use your favourite fragrance on top of it. Please note that the effect of this perfume usually lasts for 6 to 8 hours.




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