How to sell from home without having an online store or stock

How to sell from home without having an online store or stock

It is no secret to anyone that electronic commerce has become one of the main sources of work worldwide. Which, essentially, consists of a business model based on the transactions of products and / or services to sell from home through electronic means (websites or social networks).

Indeed, there are many people who are attracted to access this market and especially, to set up their own online store in order to start their entrepreneurship on the net. However, today, there are still many entrepreneurs who do not know how to start in this medium; either, because of the initial investment, because of the doubts they have or because of the infinity of mistakes that they can make throughout the process.

But, luckily, one of the best alternatives for this is dropshipping. Whereas, dropshipping stores offer the possibility of working with a supplier without having to make large investments. Thus, below, we give you the main keys to sell from home without having an online store or stock.

Dropshipping features

The dropship is presented as an effective method to operate on the network without maintaining an inventory and in effect, without having to carry out large financing. So, in practice, retailers or entrepreneurs have the opportunity to partner directly with a supplier that manufactures, stores, packages and ships the products to the user on behalf of that seller; thanks to dropshipping.

Therefore, it consists of an electronic commerce model in which the sales of products are made based on agreements or negotiations with wholesalers, in order to avoid the need to have their own stock of products and instead, make use of from the same catalog of said providers.

Now, in summary, the main characteristics that distinguish dropshipping from the other methods that exist to sell from home over the Internet, are the following:

  • When dropshipping, the seller simply acts as an intermediary. Since, after making an agreement with the supplier, it only takes care of placing the orders of its customers on the page of said wholesaler.
  • It is not necessary to have the stock of the products offered.
  • As it does not require the maintenance of a stock or logistics operations, its initial investment is minimal.
  • The supplier is the one in charge of delivering the order directly to the customer and this is done on behalf of the retailer.
  • It is a simple and attractive online business model, since it only requires a computer and a good Internet connection.

The advantages of dropshipping to sell from home

After knowing the main peculiarities of a dropshipping store, surely you can instruct that this is a type of business with numerous benefits afloat to earn money directly from home and without having an online store or even stock. In this sense, we mention what are the greatest advantages of dropshipping:

  • A wide selection of products: If you need to buy the products that you sell in advance, it is possible to offer a large catalog of articles to your customers. So, your product disposition will be directly proportional to your dropshipper supplier’s.
  • Lower investment compared to other electronic businesses: While other business models require investing large amounts of money to have a good inventory that meets the demand, dropshipping eliminates this need. On the contrary, it allows you to start an online business without investing in stock in advance.
  • Great scalability: Because order processing in dropshipping is supported by suppliers, it is easier for the business to scale with fewer financial and operational resources. Unlike traditional businesses in which the increase in sales is proportional to the amount of work.
  • Location flexibility: Fortunately, a dropship store can be run from anywhere with an Internet connection and easy communication with customers and wholesalers. In other words, you can continue to earn money both at home and outside of it.
  • No facilities or warehouses or offices are needed: Since it allows you to sell from home, to do dropshipping, it is not necessary to have offices or warehouses or to bear the expenses that this inherently demands.
  • Accessibility for anyone: Any Internet user can access this online business model without being an expert on the subject. Valuing that, it is easy to use.
  • Possibility of expanding globally: By nature, the digital environment allows you to sell anywhere in the world and of course, dropshipping also enjoys this great opportunity. Thus, it will be possible to attract potential users of any site and increase sales.

Main types of dropshipping suppliers

To learn more about dropshipping, it is appropriate to know that there are several kinds of distributors, which are basically the following:

  • Manufacturers: They are those who, as their name indicates, are in charge of manufacturing your product idea. One of their main pros is that they help to obtain more margin because they avoid intermediaries throughout the process.
  • Suppliers: In this case, both manufacturers and wholesalers and distributors of the products you buy meet to meet the needs of your customers.
  • Dropshippers: Basically, they are the ones who supply the items you sell through your online store or your social networks. They can even be suppliers, manufacturers, or both at the same time.

Tips for choosing the best dropshipping provider

When considering your business form to sell from home without having an online store or stock, it is important that you are sure which supplier you want to select because this will be the key factor to emerge during the process and achieve success, over time. .

As a consequence, it is beneficial to know certain recommendations from which you make sure to select your best dropshipping provider and thus be able to satisfy the demand, show efficiency to your buyers and, ultimately, consider yourself as an optimal online seller:

  • Process management: You have to know how the entire process of the supplier in question works, that is, monitor step by step what happens from the time the customer pays you for the product until the moment the supplier is notified and he does the same. indicated to send the order.
  • Compliance with delivery deadlines: It is also pertinent that you make sure to choose a dropshipper that guarantees speed when delivering orders. Taking into account that, it is essential to provide the purchased product in the shortest possible time to keep users happy.
  • Affordable prices, offers and good margins: Above all, choose a supplier that handles excellent prices compared to other wholesalers of the same type. Also, make sure it offers retailers deals and guarantees good profit margins, so you can boost your profits.
  • Trustworthy and security support: Although it is not pertinent to underestimate the suppliers with less time in the market, it is important that you make sure you work with a company that has a good trustworthy support for the management of large amounts of resources. This will help you avoid scams and defaults.
  • The closer, the better: The location of the supplier is also essential because, the further it is from the area in which your business focuses on selling, the greater the distances to travel to deliver the merchandise and this could delay the transaction.

What are the best dropshipping suppliers in Spain?

In order to guide your search and help you locate a guaranteed supplier in order to optimize your initiation into the world of dropship, we want to introduce you to the best dropshipping suppliers in Spain today to sell from home. Next, we show this list:


It is a distributor of natural cosmetics, perfumes and sexshop products with more than 15 years of experience as a manufacturer, which has numerous items in high demand. Through 500Cosmetics, your collaborators have the possibility of acquiring profit margins of up to 300%.

In addition to facilitating the dropshipping business model to millions of entrepreneurs, this provider also allows you to choose other types of collaboration to earn money from home, whether through distribution, affiliation or white label. In the case of opting for dropship to sell without stock, the company guarantees margins between 50-70% for each order placed.

In case you choose 500Cosmetics as your main dropshipping supplier, you will enjoy a 2×1 discount on your first purchase and on any of their products, just for being a new customer (access here).


It consists of a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of erotic articles, toys for adults, erotic cosmetics, lingerie and other products for wholesale sex shops in Spain. Thus, basically, LoveCherry has chosen to help the best stores in the sector grow through its dropshipping business model with competitive prices, free shipping and a wide range of products from guaranteed brands.

One of the greatest benefits it provides is that it has a catalog that contains more than 20,000 articles and, thanks to this, entrepreneurs will be able to ensure that they meet the needs of their potential clients. It is also appropriate to note that this company has a synchronized shipping system, does not handle a minimum order quantity, ships worldwide and constantly launches offers.


It is a highly recognized dropshipping wholesaler in Europe with thousands of products in stock. This provider is characterized by centralizing the needs of all its users and that is why it handles numerous categories and brands, in addition to the fact that all its products have content optimized for SEO.

In addition to this, BigBuy is distinguished by its fully integrated logistics warehouses, its efficiency in receiving multi-product orders, its ability to ship 24 hours a day and the possibility for its customers to access high-quality brands. On a daily basis, this online provider offers a multitude of news to inspire more people to sell from home without an online store or stock.


In Spain, DreamLove operates as a large-scale erotic products manufacturing and distribution company for sexshop. Thus, it facilitates the wholesale of erotic products through its dropshipping system that allows professionals, brands and companies to obtain good profit margins both in Spain and throughout Europe.

Mainly, on this website, you can find quality lingerie, fashion toys and cosmetic items for personal care; that is to say, everything related to the erotic sector. Regarding its trajectory, it is worth noting that it is one of the first companies to apply the idea of ​​dropshipping since 2007 in Europe, which is why it provides a safe and reliable system.

Assorted Dildos

Another of the best suppliers to dropship from home and earn money in Spain. Thus, it is a distributor dedicated to the erotic industry that has been operating since 1996, which is why it has a great track record. This company is not in charge of selling directly to the final consumer, but is in charge of supplying its buyers to help them acquire optimal profit margins.

Through its catalog, Dildos Assorted provides a wide range of brands, including the best in the world and in Europe when it comes to toys for adults. In addition to this, they adapt to the needs of each client and therefore help them choose the best option depending on their requirements in order to lead them to success as electronic sellers.


Refers to a dropshipping wholesaler with more than 50,000 products available in stock. In 1999, they created their first online store and then, in 2005, they introduced the concept of white label in the erotic product to innovate. On the other hand, it is a company that has more than 4,000 square meters of automated and robotic warehouses, to guarantee efficiency.

In addition to this, they are distinguished as suppliers that focus on maintaining a close relationship with other manufacturers from multiple sectors in order to manage the entry of merchandise by adopting the best security and quality controls. Based on its dropshipping service, this company promises to grow your business without logistical limitations, without a minimum order and with tailored services to analyze the needs of each client.

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