Suppliers to sell online

Suppliers to sell online

E-commerce has become one of the most important buying and selling systems today. Thanks to the fact that it is considered as an economic activity that allows to carry out the trade of different products and services through digital media.

Most Internet sales are made through social networks, mobile applications or web pages, these being some of the means by which users can access the catalogs of each of the brands from anywhere and at any time. .

However, in order to offer a wide catalog of products or services, it is necessary to have quality suppliers, this being the main basis for any online business to be successful.

Main benefits of selling online

Selling online will allow you to enjoy great benefits, one of the main ways to do it is through a dropshipping store, so implementing this type of business on the Internet will help you to be very successful. In this way, here we show you some of the benefits that all this brings you:

  • Cost reduction: If you decide to open your virtual store you will know that you will be saving a lot of paperwork, as well as paying a rent for a store, which at the outset means cost savings, something extremely important when starting any type of business. business. It also offers savings in terms of advertising, since being an online business its means of display will be through social networks and websites. Also, all the money you are saving can be invested in a good web platform and its maintenance.
  • Build customer trust: Currently, many of the large companies do not usually offer electronic purchases, so it is a good opportunity to offer something different and make customers enjoy this experience. To do this, make sure to offer a wide catalog, as well as affordable prices, easy website usability and different payment options.
  • Greater reach: By having a virtual store your products or services will be available to everyone, so you can have a greater audience reach and thus increase your sales. Best of all, your catalog can be available 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Likewise, the reach that can be had on the Internet will be much greater than that achieved with a physical store, so the possibilities for growth are much greater.
  • New markets: The main advantage of e-commerce is that they allow you to reach national and international markets in a simpler way, this is because online sales allow your brand to be reached by people from all over the world. which means that your target is not limited.
  • Safety in the delivery of products: Previously, this was an issue that largely affected online sales, but with the passage of time different logistics companies have been created that offer delivery services in a faster, safer way and efficient and with quite accessible prices. To offer greater security in this sense, you can use an order tracking platform, so that your customers can check the status of their shipment and can have more confidence in you.
  • Convenience for customers: Many people hate going to physical stores, so online purchases become their best option, and this type of sale allows people to save time and money on transportation. So this type of benefits for customers allows your sales to be greater than those of a physical store.


How to choose the best suppliers for your online business?

If you are starting your e-commerce it is important that you can become very good suppliers, since this will help you to guarantee low prices and above all a great variety of products. That is why here we are going to teach you some of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing your sellers.

  • Price: It can be said that it is the most important factor of all, since getting low prices will allow you to offer your products or services at very good prices and thus be able to compete in the market.
  • Reliability: This is another key factor that must be taken into account, since a trusted supplier will always make sure to send you the correct merchandise and the quantity you have ordered in the stipulated time.
  • Stability: An indicator that is worth taking into account when looking for the best option for your company. If a company has been in business for a long time and maintains a good reputation with its customers, then it is a good indication that it is a well-established and stable organization.
  • The location: Keep in mind that if you buy merchandise from a person who is a long distance from you, then it is likely that that product will take a long time to arrive or the shipping costs will end up being excessive. The most advisable thing in this case is to try to find suppliers close to your residence, this will allow you to obtain your purchases in a faster way and possibly save you in the transport of the merchandise.
  • Transportation costs: Try to hire companies that offer you the shipment of products for free, most of them handle a fixed amount to offer this service for free, so you can accumulate 2 or more orders at the time of purchase and thus get a saving in the freight of the merchandise.
  • Up-to-date providers: Finally, try to find companies that offer you the most up-to-date products or services on the market. But not only this, also make sure that they have a trained staff who is capable of providing you with all the necessary information and knowledge about each of the products that you are going to purchase there.


The best providers in Spain to sell online

Therefore, if you want to start in the world of dropship and you want to know the best suppliers in Spain to guarantee your sales on the Internet, here we are going to present some of the most important that you can contact to start your sales from home. Here is the following list:



It is a company that was created in 2004 and which is responsible for offering different solutions of natural cosmetics and technology at the service of health, beauty and well-being of people. All these solutions are offered in more than 15 languages, so they are available to a large number of people. It also has the strength and support of a business group with extensive experience in the manufacture and distribution of products throughout the world.

All these products offered by 500Cosmetics have been characterized by offering a line of quality and innovation, always adapting to the needs of customers. Its main philosophy is to satisfy the aesthetic and health needs of people, so much so that it has become one of the best suppliers for your dropship store, where it offers you a profit margin of around 50 and 70% and also gives you a 2×1 discount on your first purchase, just for being a new customer.

500Cosmetics has currently become one of the best suppliers to sell online, thanks to its extensive catalog and its effectiveness in each of the shipments, with an association with the best transport companies in the country.



It is a dropshipping wholesale company that was created in 1999, and in 2005 they introduced the concept of a private label in the erotic product to the market to innovate. Likewise, Grutinet currently has more than 50,000 products available, which is why it has become one of the best options when looking for a supplier for your virtual store.

This dropshipping company is characterized by encompassing many sectors such as: erotic products, fashion, gifts, home, gourmet, drinks, bazaar, among others. Finally, in terms of its management as a supplier, it is characterized by having a close relationship with other suppliers in the sector, which guarantees greater safety and quality controls in each of its sales.



LoveCherry is characterized in the wholesale distribution of erotic products, for sex shops and toys for adults. They also have one of the largest warehouses in Spain and associated with the best transport companies in the country. It is a dropshipping company dedicated to distribution throughout Europe and stands out for its speed of delivery, most of it in less than 24 hours.

It has an online catalog where customers can see each of its products as well as its main promotions. There you will not only find low prices, but also the best brands and endless advantages for customers. Being considered specialists in this sector, the shipment of their products is done with total discretion for the convenience of customers.



They are manufacturers and distributors of erotic products and for SexShop throughout Spain, they have a large logistics warehouse with more than 20,000 totally different items at their disposal, so that customers can find a wide variety of merchandise when choosing them as their suppliers.

In this way, Dreamlove S.L is a company that is dedicated to the wholesale of erotic products to companies, professionals and droppshipping, where each of its deliveries is with total discretion. Their shipments are made throughout Spain and Europe, always counting on the best logistics in each of the shipments, making sure to carry out a safe, reliable delivery in the shortest possible time.


Why choose the erotic industry when selling online? Principal reasons

In recent years it has been possible to verify that the sale of erotic products has been one of the fastest growing Internet businesses, this is because buying these types of products for many people is not an easy task, so the great Most customers prefer to do it via the Internet to have greater discretion during the purchase.

Therefore, some of the reasons why choose the erotic industry when selling online are the following:

Anonymous and discreet sales

As already mentioned, this is one of the main advantages of selling erotic toys over the Internet, since buying in an online sex shop will guarantee the purchase of these toys with greater discretion than doing it in a physical store. In addition, this type of merchandise is usually delivered in fully sealed packages and in most cases they are delivered by couriers who do not know their content, this is done to provide greater convenience to customers.

Allows greater access to these products

It is not a secret that in most large cities you can find many sex shop stores, but quite the opposite occurs in smaller cities or towns, where this type of business does not exist or is too scarce.

That is why having a virtual store of erotic toys will always be an advantage, since anyone can access your catalog from any place and time and from there make the purchase of their favorite toy and receive it in a short time.

Greater variety of products

Online stores have the advantage of offering a greater variety of products than physical stores, which is why they become much more attractive to their target audience. The erotic sector is characterized by having very wide and assorted catalogs, so a good choice of products is vital for the success of the business.

Sell ​​out of stock

Finally, it should be mentioned that the main advantage of selling erotic toys online is that it can work with dropshipping, which means that they are stores that connect the buyer with the supplier, without having said item on their property.

This allows the person to simply create their website and attract customers, while the supplier will be the one who takes care of the storage, packaging and logistics for the delivery of the package. So this type of business has now become one of the most profitable and simple.



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