Large wholesalers of perfumery

Large wholesalers of perfumery

Selling online is becoming more and more common, especially products related to the natural cosmetics sector, which are characterized by a high demand in the market. One of the best alternatives to work online is through the dropshipping system.

It is a system that will allow you to work directly with suppliers without having to invest large amounts of money, so money this time will not be a problem to start your business. However, starting any type of Internet business is not a simple task.

In order to succeed in your venture is necessary that you know how to handle very well what is the dropshipping system and you can have the best wholesalers of perfumery that will give you great prices and very good quality products, as this will be the main basis of success.


What is dropshipping and how to apply it in your business?

If you are looking to sell perfumes wholesale then the dropshipping model is one of your best alternatives. It is a system of shipping and delivery of retail orders where it is not necessary to have the products you are going to sell in your warehouse.

In this case you are going to offer products that your cosmetics distributors have available in bulk. This way, every time someone buys an item in the online store, you only have to buy it from a third party and have it shipped directly to the customer. This system means that the seller never handles or sees the product he has sold.

This is why it is important to be able to count on reliable perfume distributors so that you can be sure that the products your customers will receive are totally reliable and guaranteed. In addition, making guaranteed deliveries will help you get a better reputation as a seller.


Dropshipping business vs retail

The main difference between these two business models is that with dropshipping the seller does not need to have their own inventory so money will not be a constraint in these cases. In addition, you can offer thousands of products without the need to have a physical space for your warehouse.

While in retail business sellers must have a warehouse of products, which requires a physical space to have the products as well as a sum of money to be able to invest in them. This will also make the variety of items offered much smaller than those you can offer with a dropshipping business system.


What are the main advantages of dropshipping in your business?

When starting a business it is important to do it with as little capital as possible, so saving a sum of money on the purchase of merchandise will be essential, as this will allow you to invest much more in digital marketing so you can attract many more customers.

The main key to this type of business are the suppliers, so it is very necessary to be able to count on reliable perfume wholesalers. The main advantages that this sales system offers you are the following:

Have low-cost inventories

When starting a business the biggest expense of money is the inventories, so it will be necessary to have a very complete stock that allows you to meet the needs of customers. However, for lack of money in many cases these product warehouses end up being obsolete or with a very low stock of products, causing a loss of income.

If you have a reduced stock of products in your business, this will cause you problems and prevent you from growing your customer base and above all it can cause you a bad reputation with them.

With the dropshipping system you will have the opportunity to create very large product catalogs without the need to have them in stock, for this you only have to have trusted wholesalers of perfumes to supply you with the products at the time that any of your customers want to buy it. This allows you to work directly with the stock of your distributors.

Requires less capital

Undoubtedly the main advantage of this business model is that you can create your own online store without having to spend thousands of dollars on stock. Something you can’t do with retailers who have to spend a large sum of products to stock in order to be able to supply their customers.

With dropshipping you will only buy products when you have sold them, so you should not make large investments. This allows you to start very successful businesses with very little money, you just have to do a good job of finding suppliers and a market study that will lead you to work success.

Gives you an easy start

With this sales system you will be able to manage your e-commerce store in a much easier way where you can carry out these activities without so much protocol:

  • You won’t have to handle physical products.
  • The product does not pass through your business.
  • Your suppliers will deliver directly to the end consumer.
  • You don’t need to have a physical warehouse.

It allows you to have a much wider catalogue

By working directly with wholesale cosmetic distributors you will have the opportunity to use their catalogs. If you have two or three suppliers then you can create a very large catalog with all the items they carry.

It is important that you define a niche for your sales, but the amount of products you can offer in your catalog will be unlimited, so you can take advantage of this to have a very complete virtual stock and the best prices on the market.

You won’t spend on shipping and handling

Another great advantage that this offers is that the seller will not have to spend money on transportation for shipments, since it should only buy the product that the customer wants to your supplier and they will automatically be the ones who are responsible for placing the product in the customer’s home.


How to become a perfume wholesaler?

If you want to become a distributor and sell perfumes wholesale, then you will need to consider each of the following steps:

Define how to sell your products

If you are selling a specific line of perfumes you can do it through online sales sites where you can create your profile and offer your product. However, if you want to have your own online store and have your own brand, then you can create a website where you can offer your products directly for purchase.

Here you must define the type of business you want, if you are going to sell the products online and have an inventory or simply take advantage of the inventory of suppliers to sell their products directly. The latter will allow the distributors themselves to deliver the product to the customer.

Get the license to sell wholesale

If you are going to create an online perfume brand it is important that it has all the legal permits. To do this you must obtain a wholesale license through the state tax department or through the secretary of state’s office.

Take advantage of your suppliers’ transport for deliveries

When selling your perfumes take advantage of the transport of distributors to be themselves who will deliver it to your customer, this will help you save on transporting the goods. This is a very economical and easy way to distribute what you sell. Here you simply receive the money and transfer the corresponding to your supplier and that way you will get the profit immediately.

Contact wholesale companies

You need to select your suppliers and contact their sales department. There you should contact them so that you can become one of their distributors. This way you will ensure that your packaging or invoices do not carry any data from them at the time of delivery.

Advertise your business

Once you have all the above defined, it is important that you manage a very good advertising of your business, for it offers promotions and constant discounts that allow you to attract customers. If you apply the dropshipping model those that you save on a stock you can invest in digital marketing that allows you to attract customers and increase your sales.


Best perfumery wholesalers for your business

If you want to be a distributor of cosmetics in this case perfumes, then you need to have the best wholesalers of perfumery that allow you to offer a reliable and safe service. Make sure it is an experienced and reputable company.

Also, look for those that offer an extensive catalog so that the options offered to your customers are very broad. Keep in mind that variety is the key to success, so be sure to create very complete virtual catalogs.

Taking into account all of the above, here are the best wholesalers you can contact for your business.


FRASCOS is recognized as a worldwide wholesaler of perfumery and cosmetics with its headquarters in Spain. It is characterized by offering a large number of top quality products and with one of the best prices on the market.

They are considered to be quite reliable suppliers of everything related to beauty products where you will find original perfumes, creams, lotions, makeup, skin and hair treatments, as well as many other cosmetic products that you can start selling in your online store.

2002 FRASCOS stands out for offering shipments nationwide (Spain), as well as throughout Europe, the United States, Africa and Asia.

International Perfumery Group

Known for being a wholesaler of perfumes 100% original brands that has one of the largest stock of products. They also have more than 140 brands of perfumery totally selective so you can get the best perfumes for both men and women.

It stands out for offering a totally reliable, fast and secure delivery system where they offer a 24 hour delivery service throughout Spain and 72 hours for all of Europe. Here you will get a dropshipping service in perfumery so it is ideal to start your online store so you can have access to its full catalog with real-time stock updates.

Beauty Fort

If you want to have an unforgettable experience when buying your beauty products such as perfumes, then with Beauty Fort you will have a technological service for the supply of wholesale perfumes, as well as hair treatments and cosmetics products.

It is a company that has a high range of perfumes from different brands. In addition, it is characterized by offering the dropshipping model, which makes it ideal for all those entrepreneurs who want to start selling in their own online store.

It has an online catalog where you can find a variety of perfumes, hair and skin care products, beauty products and many others that will be fully available to you.


500Cosmetics is characterized by being a company in charge of distributing and creating high-end perfumes and different types of natural cosmetics ideal for all skin types. It is also characterized by offering one of the largest catalogs in Spain offering everything you need for health care.

All this has led him to become more than a supplier of natural cosmetics as it is a company that carries out the entire manufacturing and sales procedure. For the manufacture of its perfumes uses 100% natural products thus achieving that all its customers are completely satisfied with the final result.

They also usually offer 2 for 1 promotions and offer you profit margins of over 50% on each of their products, which makes it ideal to become a dropshipping supplier with fully guaranteed deliveries and in record time.


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