Suppliers to sell on Amazon

Suppliers to sell on Amazon

Do you want to find suppliers to sell on Amazon? For those who are thinking of starting a cosmetic and beauty products online business, a good option is to opt for dropshipping. This retail strategy is ideal because it does not require that you store stock and the investment is not high.

If you are interested in knowing how to find suppliers to sell on Amazon that work with dropshipping, keep reading this article that also offers informative content about this particular way of doing business.

Suppliers to sell on Amazon: Dropshipping

The idea of ​​dropshipping is simple: you have to sell products that another company provides you, but under your own brand or business. That is why dropshippers need to find suppliers who are responsible for manufacturing and distributing the products they are interested in selling.

Many companies and wholesale cosmetic suppliers work with this sales system, in addition to the traditional one. A great alternative for those who want to create a business and have limited investment resources. You will only need a computer and a stable internet connection.

How does dropshipping work?

The first thing you should know is that you need to find suppliers who are willing to work under this mode of sale. After the entire registration process on the Amazon platform, the items will appear as belonging to your brand.

With dropshipping you do not have to buy products in advance, but when the end customer makes a purchase of the products that you promote on Amazon, you must notify the wholesaler. The latter will be in charge of sending the merchandise anonymously.

You don’t have to handle inventory management, warehousing, shipping costs, and logistics. However, you do have to calculate profit margins, do marketing and generate a business idea. Also, for the end customer, it is you who is involved in the sale. If a customer has problems with shipping, it will be you who they contact first.

In short, the customer buys through your brand or online store at a retail price and you are going to send the order to the supplier, paying the wholesale price. The supplier will be the one who packages the merchandise and sends it directly to the buyer.

How to find suppliers to sell on Amazon?

Amazon is a demanding company with those who use the platform to sell products. It does not support frequent errors related to out-of-stock or major delays in shipping.

So the provider you choose is the key to success. You must have a good understanding of how this company works, especially with regard to logistics. So it is better to negotiate with those who meet the requirements.

Keys to finding dropshipping suppliers to sell on Amazon

Some elements that you should take into account when looking for suppliers to sell on Amazon are:

  • Contact the manufacturer directly. Ask the manufacturer for a list of wholesale distributors. Then, go to the wholesaler to confirm that they offer dropshipping and they will tell you the registration process to open the account.
  • Spend time looking for suppliers. Do not go face to face with the first one to appear. Be patient and contact several until you find the right one for your needs.
  • Make a test order. When you have a list of vendors that match your search, ask for a sample of the products. This way you can check the quality of the service, delivery times and other aspects that are important.
  • Study the competition. In case you cannot find a distributor for your products, you can put into practice a trick that is almost infallible. Select a competitor who appears to be dropshipping and place an order. When you receive the package, go to Google and find the address to make returns and find out who made the original shipment. Upon obtaining the data, you have the opportunity to contact the provider.

Steps to start collaborating with suppliers to sell on Amazon

If you decide to sell on Amazon using dropshipping, keep the following basic aspects in mind:

  • Open an account as a seller on the portal.
  • Synchronize the supplier’s catalog with the sales platform.
  • Once the customer buys a product, the supplier is the one who will send the order directly to the buyer.
  • You must pay Amazon a fixed amount per month (subscription) and a commission for each sale.

Benefits of selling on Amazon by dropshipping

Here are some benefits of dropshipping on Amazon:

  • Quick and easy process. You do not need to set up an eCommerce nor will you have to worry about the forms and methods of payment. The platform ensures that everything works correctly and the user experience is optimal.
  • Sale of various products. As an intermediary, you can sell products from different brands or from more than one supplier. What gives you the freedom to offer varied merchandise and of different price ranges.
  • Consolidated reputation. Potential buyers trust Amazon because it is a retail space with a high reputation. This benefits you because it allows more people to be encouraged to buy your products through the platform.
  • Insured traffic. You get more traffic with Amazon than if you use your own online store, which requires you to apply positioning strategies to perfection. Even so, you will not be able to place yourself in the position of the famous online buying and selling portal.

List of suppliers to sell on Amazon by dropshipping

Tresal Cosmetics

Tresal Cosmetics is a company with extensive experience in the cosmetic market. Their headquarters are located in Madrid (Spain) and they act as manufacturers and suppliers of hair care products. If you are looking for hair cosmetics, this company can be your best ally.

Its offer includes the manufacture of all kinds of products for hairdressers, hair dyes, perms, bleaches, neutralizers, lotions, foams, lacquers, masks, shampoos, hair wax, gels, anti-hair loss treatments, etc.

Thanks to the advanced technologies they use, they manage to obtain first-rate hair products, offering the best solutions for hairdressers and beauty salons to distributors and customers.

Tresal Cosmetics is a store that works as a manufacturer, exporter, wholesale distributor and also offers dropshipping. Its logistics and transport service is fast and safe, a detail that is very important if you decide to sell without stock.


TeDoySalud is a company located in Hellín in the Province of Albacete (Spain) that acts as a supplier of bio, ecological and fair trade products. It has vegan foods in sectors such as aesthetics, food and food supplements.

In addition, it distributes products free of gluten, lactose and different types of vegan foods. All its articles have organic certification. They have a wide catalog that contains among other things: vegan foods, organic olive oil, organic tea, stevia, salt, gourmet honey, medicinal plants and organic rice.

For those who are committed to the environment and natural medicine, and want to offer good quality organic products, TeDoySalud is the distributor you need. They offer dropshipping service and the best conditions for all their clients.

Zafire Labs

Zafire Labs is a group of Spanish companies that specialize in developing, manufacturing and marketing beauty and health care products. They provide vitamins, minerals, cosmetics, hair products, food supplements, nutraceuticals, probiotics, dermocosmetics, body and facial creams, etc.

It has products for everyone in the family, from children and adolescents to adult women and men, it even has solutions for pets. Thanks to his experience of more than a decade in the sector, the innovation and the quality of his articles; They have become a successful company and a national and international benchmark.

Zafire Labs is a manufacturer, exporter and also offers dropshipping sales for its clients who want to start a business under this modality. If you are interested in this offer, do not hesitate to contact them.

German Cellular Nutri-cosmetics

Nutri-Cosmetica Celular Alemana is an independent distributor from Europe to the world. It works as a nutrition and beauty store, specialized in providing PM-International Fitline nutritional supplements.

Fitline supplements are high in nutritional value and feature a unique, patented concept of nutritional transport. Its products help to feel better, both young and old.

The range of products offered in its catalog is very wide and includes: Body firming, vitamin drinks, shakes, vitamins, facial creams, among other things. All products contain nutrients that the body needs and can be sold in cosmetic, beauty and health stores or health centers.

You can collaborate with Nutri-cosmetica Celular Alemana as a direct distributor or through dropshipping, since the company works with different distribution and sales modalities.

Natural Logistics – 500Cosmetics

Company located in Madrid (Spain) that has almost two decades of experience as suppliers of perfumery, natural cosmetics and parapharmacy products. They are dedicated to the online wholesale and retail sale of various beauty, cosmetic and well-being products, as well as state-of-the-art equipment at the service of health.

They sell worldwide, but their main market is Europe, with registrations in all EU countries. In addition, they offer their services in more than 15 different languages. They are in charge of the entire process, from the idea of ​​the product, to its manufacture and distribution. They also have efficient customer service and after-sales service.

At Natural Logistics they are manufacturers and wholesale distributors. You can collaborate with them in different ways: As a direct retailer, through dropshipping or using the affiliate program. The company makes all the promotional material available to you in a personalized way.

AW Artisan

AW Artisan de España is a company dedicated to wholesale natural and artisan products. They are suppliers of face masks, soaps, nourishing face creams, pendulums, natural aromas and flavorings, esoteric stones and candles, etc.

This company belongs to Ancient Wisdom LTD, one of the largest online wholesalers in Europe. It imports handicrafts directly from India, Nepal, Indonesia and China. They also have their own factory in the United Kingdom that has the best technology to produce their products, as well as distribution warehouses in Spain and Slovenia.

It is the ideal opportunity to find a wholesaler of handmade bath products, aromatherapy and fragrances for the home. Every week they incorporate new product options for your business.

AW Artisan is an excellent wholesale distributor that also offers dropshipping service. If you want to incorporate the sale of flavoring cosmetic products, handmade soaps and esoteric items into your business, this is an excellent alternative.

Velandia Alta cosmética Natural

Velandia Alta Cosmetics Natural is a company that offers an exclusive line of vegan natural cosmetics made in Spain. Its products have the V Label certification, a unique symbol of quality for labeling vegan and vegetarian products and services that is internationally recognized.

They are manufacturers of natural soaps, vegan cosmetics, natural base creams, and much more. Its special formulations contain specially selected active ingredients that care for and renew the skin.

They also pay attention to every detail when it comes to respecting the environment. Its wrappers contain residual cotton obtained from textile production and seeds.

Velandia Alta Natural cosmetics is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor that attends requests from individuals, companies and professionals. It also works with the dropshipping sales modality, so don’t miss the opportunity if you are looking for suppliers to sell on Amazon.

Shieko Cosmética Natural

Shieko Cosmética Natural is a company in Cercedilla (Madrid) that is distinguished by manufacturing natural cosmetics with ingredients that come from organic crops. They work as manufacturers and suppliers of handmade soaps, natural shampoos, facial toners, natural makeup, make-up removers, hand creams, anti-stretch mark creams, among other products.

Both companies and professionals as well as individuals can request products from this company. They are manufacturers, wholesale distributors and also offer dropshipping so that you can sell product through this type of trade. is a company of recent history that is located in the municipality of Bellreguard (Valencia – Spain). They are dedicated to providing ecological food and cosmetic products.

They distribute aloe vera-based products for different applications. What it includes: face and body creams, shampoo, hand gel, painkillers, anti-inflammatories, juice and pate (food).

Its marketing system is both retail and wholesale. They offer distribution to retailers and dropshipping. So it is another alternative if you want to sell natural cosmetic products on Amazon.

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