Natural beauty products to sell

Natural beauty products to sell

Natural beauty products are gaining more and more supporters these days. This is because they are safer for the skin, do not cause allergies, and are environmentally friendly to manufacture. So deciding on this option is a good idea both for the benefits for the skin and for the planet.

There are many brands on the market that claim to be natural, choosing one in particular may not be easy. In this article we show you some brands of natural beauty products to sell that you can study if you want to start a business of this type.

Choose natural beauty products to sell quality

Not all cosmetic brands that claim to offer natural beauty products are of good quality. Unfortunately you can get some that are a real hoax. Natural cosmetics need to meet a series of requirements so that it can be called this way.

Tips to know if a product is really natural

  • First of all, they must be products made with natural raw material that has been taken from plants from organic gardens.
  • Must not have been tested on animals. Likewise and logically, they cannot contain raw material of animal origin.
  • On the other hand, natural and ecological cosmetics do not contain petroleum derivatives, parabens, perfumes, silicones, paraffins, colorants, etc. What is allowed is the use of some inorganic salts.

When you are looking for natural beauty products to sell, it is important that you make sure if it really is cosmetics of this type. So do your research, read the opinions about the brand and make sure it has the corresponding stamps.

Brands of natural beauty products to sell

Natural cosmetics cover a wide range of products. From body creams, shampoos and bath soaps, to makeup, deodorants, intimate hygiene care and much more.

If you are interested in starting to sell this kind of items, you need to find quality brands at competitive prices so that you can distribute in your own online store, physical store or even through social networks. Here are some alternatives that can help you start investing in this market.


It is a distributor of natural, organic and vegan cosmetics. Its products are made in special laboratories through simple and environmentally friendly processes. In addition, they have the maxim of manufacturing in small batches so that everything they make is always fresh.

If you want to become a fully certified, good quality Phytocosmetics distributor, then Máyikas is a great opportunity. It is ideal for those who have a beauty center, a business related to cosmetics or a natural cosmetics store.

At Máyikas, the well-being and satisfaction of the client comes first, so there is no problem with minimum orders or demands in quantities. You have the opportunity to start selling your products from the units that your business requires, no matter how small it is.

On the other hand, if you have always wanted to have your own brand of natural beauty products, they will also help you fulfill this dream. Máyika offers manufacturing services to third parties so they can create your products and formulas using the ingredients you prefer and from a few units.


This brand offers natural and vegan cosmetics that are sophisticated and innovative. His exclusive creations perfectly combine aromatherapy, herbal medicine and biological plasma. There are products specifically formulated for each skin type, you even get a line for newborns and children.

When you buy at APoEM you are buying products:

  • Free from animal cruelty.
  • Of natural origin.
  • Duly certified.
  • Free of toxic components and petroleum derivatives.
  • Without synthetic fragrances.

APoEM natural cosmetics are special because they stimulate your whole being by creating a connection between skin sensation, memories, energy and positive thoughts. The natural oils used by this brand are present in therapeutic grade, thus guaranteeing a complete psycho-neuro-sensory stimulation.

If you want to become a reseller of APoEM products, the brand gives you the opportunity to do so. You just have to fill out the form on the official website and wait for them to contact you.

La Albufera

La Albufera is a line of natural cosmetics, manufactured by hand, free of chemicals and additives. The main ingredient in all their products is the rice germ, where the stem cells of the plant are found and consequently it has a greater amount of nutrients.

The oil that is extracted from the germ has powerful regeneration and repair properties for the skin. That is why the Pure Rice Germ Oil that La Albufera produces is its star product. This oil has all the corresponding seals that guarantee that its preparation and packaging meet all the requirements of a quality natural product.

On the official website of this brand you will find a form if you want to convert your store into an authorized point of sale. You have to fill it out with all the required information and wait for them to contact you and offer all the details about it. Take advantage of this great opportunity to sell an excellent quality natural beauty product!

Camassia ECO

Camassia ECO is a brand distributed by the Cosmética Natural Casera Shop that is responsible for manufacturing and selling products for the production of natural cosmetics. It is the perfect solution if you want to create your natural products on your own since it is the only way to guarantee that everything you manufacture is 100% natural and ecological.

For fans of making soaps and creams, the registered firm Camassi has all the natural products, materials and utensils necessary to make homemade natural cosmetics or trasmate soaps.

They are double certified organic, offer high-quality raw materials, include specialized technical documentation, use sustainable bisphenol-free packaging, and the packages come in large-quantity formats.

If you are a craftsman or cosmetic producer and you want raw material to make natural personal care products, then visit the official store so you can buy raw material in bulk.

On the other hand, if you have an online business or have a physical store and want to sell products from the Camassia ECO brand, then go to the B2B online store for retailers. There you will find all the details about the procedure you must follow if you want to be a distributor.

Amai Hana Natural Cosmetics

Amai Hana Natural Cosmetics is an exclusive factory of professional natural cosmetics. They provide 100% natural cosmetic products, facial toners, personal hygiene items, hydrating body oils, exfoliants, and many other things.

They offer magisterial formulation, their manufacturing processes respect the environment and are totally sustainable. The products are developed based on herbal medicine, so the cosmetic effect is obtained thanks to the improvement of the body in general. All Amai Hana cosmetics are free of sulfates, silicone and parabens.

The only drawback for those who are just starting to sell natural cosmetics is that their products are only distributed through qualified professionals. So to be a Point of Sale you need to have a beauty center, therapy center or pharmacy.

If you meet the requirements, the company makes everything very easy for you. For example, they give an exhibitor, accreditation as an Authorized Point of Sale, posters and displays, among other things, according to your needs.

At the Points of Sale they hold meetings and presentations so that people can try their products, learn to apply them and learn about new therapies. They also give free samples to attendees.


MACBE is dedicated to making natural and ecological beauty products based on aloe vera. They provide nourishing and antioxidant facial creams, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams, intimate cosmetics, soaps, etc.

MACBE products are indicated to care for the skin, there are also options to relieve joint and muscle pain. The company is in charge of controlling the entire production process of its products, from the production of aloe vera to the processing in the best laboratories.

For those who are interested in distributing these wonderful beauty and health care products, there are very attractive special prices, personalized attention and purchase advice. Enter their official website and contact them for more information.


Biolovely is an online store that offers you the best natural cosmetics brands, offering natural and plastic-free products. It is not a cosmetics brand but a supplier of different natural brands on the market, including: BÉLICE, The herbary, DENTTABS, Clémence & Vivien, endro, georganics, GOLCONDA and Tron.

For stores that want to buy on Biolovely there are several aspects that are attractive. For instance:

  • They offer a good profit margin.
  • They have a permanent customer service by phone or email.
  • Provide sales support materials such as online photography and physical information brochures.
  • Free product samples.

It is very easy to register in the store, just go to the official page and open a professional client account. To check the prices, you have to log in to your professional profile. Then place your order online and pay by transfer. You will receive the merchandise between 2 to 4 business days from the moment you have made the payment. Finally, you can download product photos from your account menu.


Herbals Nature is a wholesaler of natural and organic cosmetics that offers the best products to those looking for natural cosmetics. Therefore, it brings together a variety of prestigious brands to meet the needs of all types of people.

Its premise has always been to make high quality organic products available to its customers at attractive prices. For this they have made a careful selection of pure and effective formulas.

He is also concerned with achieving flexible purchasing conditions, as well as maintaining a close and friendly relationship with all those who are part of his family. Enter their page and discover how they can collaborate with your business projects and thus be successful in the world of natural, respectful and healthy cosmetics.

500Cosmetics by Natural Logistic

Natural Logistic is a recognized company that specializes in beauty and health care products that are made with natural ingredients. Its brand 500Cosmetics offers perfumes, cosmetics and parapharmacy products.

If you are looking for a supplier of natural beauty products to sell that offers quality and good prices, then you have to consider contacting this company. With more than 18 years of experience in this market, 500Cosmetics guarantees an extensive range of natural beauty products to sell. Its page is available in more than 15 languages ​​and is registered in each country of the European Union.

To access the entire product catalog of the online store, you must create an account and thus you will be a member of this prestigious company. Register without paying for maintenance, management or permeance.

There are several ways to collaborate with 500Cosmetics. You can be a direct distributor, receiving a stock of products to have available in your physical store or online. It also has the Dropshipping mode where you are only an intermediary between the customers and the brand, but the brand is in charge of packaging and making the shipments.

Buy natural beauty products to sell online

Natural cosmetics is an incredible business option today. As you have seen, there are many brands that are dedicated to making very good quality natural beauty products. These companies offer the opportunity to retailers and entrepreneurs to collaborate with them by becoming a distributor of their merchandise.

Now more than ever it is much easier to establish your own business, thanks to the internet and social networks. What are you waiting for to start generating income selling natural cosmetics?

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