Main distributors of pheromone perfumes

Main distributors of pheromone perfumes

One of the main drives of human nature is to arouse the desire of the opposite sex. Therefore, both men and women usually spend a considerable amount of time choosing the clothes that best suit them, improving the appearance of their skin and showing off an attractive figure.

However, to attract the opposite sex, you can also use the sense of smell. By means of this, it is ideal to provoke reactions in the other person that divert their impulses towards you, especially when they exhale pheromones which, although they have no smell, are natural chemical substances that provide an effect at the level of sexuality.

Consequently, many people are now inclined to use pheromone fragrances. Hence, the interest of many retailers in distributing this type of fragrances to meet the demand and, in addition, increase their profits. That is why, below, we will emphasize which are the main distributors of perfumes with pheromones.


What are pheromone perfumes?

While it is true, human pheromones are natural chemicals that are expelled from the bodies of both men and women. In the case of men, they are derived from testosterone, and in the case of women, they are derived from oestradiol, the most important female sex hormone, which is generated in the ovaries. Pheromones are apparently odourless, but they provoke reactions in others through the sense of smell.

In that sense, pheromone perfumes are those that contain a concentrate of these natural chemicals synthesised in a laboratory. They are mainly used as an olfactory cosmetic additive and have the ability to enhance the sexual attractiveness of those who spray themselves with such perfumes.

Thus, pheromone perfumes are defined as a type of perfume used strategically to seduce the opposite sex. Thus, they present a perfect harmony between scents and sensations that enhance attractiveness, improve seduction and, ultimately, make you more desirable. Therefore, they are usually fragrances created to attract individuals for reproductive purposes or any other function linked to sexual reproduction.


How do pheromone perfumes work?

Pheromone colognes are identical to any perfume on the market. However, the only difference is that the primary instinctive component to encourage relationships is added to them, i.e. pheromones. Pheromones are completely safe as they are a chemical compound generated naturally by the sweat glands and simply have the purpose of transforming odours into emotions and desires.

Therefore, pheromones in perfumes work like a normal fragrance and have to be applied to the neck and wrists in order to enjoy a particular scent. This smell, when picked up by Jacobson’s organ or the vomeronasal organ, is automatically converted into desires, sensations and alterations that produce certain impulses in others.


Main benefits of using pheromone perfumes

Although they are not love potions, pheromone colognes guarantee excellent advantages to those who use them. Among the main ones are:

  • The individual perceives him/herself as more attractive to people of the opposite sex.
  • They help to attract attention more easily, due to their great power of attraction.
  • They increase people’s self-esteem and self-confidence significantly.
  • They improve the mood of both men and women.
  • They intervene in desire and emotions in a positive way.
  • In women, they optimise fertility, regulate menstrual cycles and promote a less painful menopause.
  • In men, they tend to enhance sexual potency, improve sexual desire and increase emotions.


Meet the best pheromone perfume distributors

If you are thinking of selling colognes with pheromones and you still don’t know which distributor to go to in order to obtain the most competitive prices and ensure greater profitability in your sales, look no further; here we will let you know which are the best on the market today:


It is one of the most renowned distributors of pheromones in perfume in Europe. Because of its effectiveness, it has already made more than 10,000 women and men everywhere irresistible because each of its fragrances exhibits a great capacity for seduction and confidence that allows them to strengthen relationships wherever they are.

In addition to this, the compounds of Phiero’s products are distinguished by enhancing the sexual attraction of its users, due to the seductive scents that it has designed throughout its trajectory. Thus, with excellent prices, it promotes high quality products that allow users to awaken desire, to get the best out of themselves to conquer whoever they want and to improve their sexual encounters.


It is a brand that also distributes perfumes with pheromones and mainly distinguishes itself by offering fresh and energising fragrances that allow users to feel more unique, attractive, provocative and uninhibited. So, both men and women can make use of this brand that has an optimal balance of pheromones used.

For women, he tends to design fragrances that are strong, sophisticated, sensual, and arduous. For men, it provides scents that are solid, vigorous, powerful and elegant. Like Phiero, this brand has numerous references with pheromones.


It has colognes that can attract both men and women, through their sexual receptors and with the use of proprietary blends of human pheromones that increase the power of attraction immeasurably. Specifically, it is a brand that focuses its designs on stimulating the desires of others and the best part is that the scents are long lasting.


Another well-known distributor is Extasialand. Which, by means of pleasant, extra strong and luxurious perfumes, allows to reach new opportunities to win in love, through attraction and sexual attractiveness. Taking into account that, to serve the art of seduction, their formulas are enriched with powerful pheromones.


Why sell pheromone fragrances? Most important reasons 

Generally speaking, the perfume business is one of the most profitable businesses globally. In other words, it is a type of business that guarantees good profits and, in addition, reveals excellent opportunities for all those who want to join it.

But beyond this, many will wonder what the pheromone perfume business is like, whether it is really worth selling this kind of product and whether they could be successful with it. In short, the answer is yes.

Nowadays, fragrances with pheromones have gained remarkable popularity, as there is less and less taboo around sexuality. That is why both women and men nowadays prefer to focus on buying perfumes with pheromones instead of using a conventional one. Whether to improve their self-esteem or to increase their chances of attracting love, for example.

Therefore, in the following, we would like to highlight the most important reasons for selling pheromone perfumes and from these, we can answer why you should do it for your benefit:

  • It is a less explored market compared to the sale of traditional perfumes. Therefore, it can be easier to distinguish yourself from other sellers.
  • They allow you to bet on innovation and this element is essential to capture people’s attention. This translates into securing a greater number of sales.
  • They benefit people’s well-being by increasing their self-esteem, helping them to be more attractive, improving their mood and giving them the possibility of new experiences.
  • They help to play with wide profit margins, because they are not so expensive products and today, they enjoy a good demand.
  • Just like conventional perfumes, they are in high demand all year round. Especially because they are in fashion.
  • As it is a growing market, it is constantly being updated with new references in order to meet everyone’s needs.


Top tips on how to sell pheromone perfumes like an expert

If you want to become a seller of pheromone colognes, you had better know how to offer pheromone colognes. Otherwise, you may be branded as inexperienced by customers and you will certainly reduce your chances of success in this market.

That is why, here we want to show you some of the most effective tips, recommendations or suggestions to sell perfumes with pheromones and acquire excellent profits:

Present and know your products to perfection.

Before offering these perfumes, the best thing to do is to know them perfectly. Only in this way, you will be able to detail them to your customers and arouse their interest much more easily. Remember that if you don’t know what you are offering, it will be difficult to sell it.

Have variety to satisfy all target audiences

Just as it is important to sell pheromone perfumes to women, it is also important to sell them to men. Nowadays, many taboos have been removed and therefore there is no gender discrimination when it comes to selling pheromone colognes. Fortunately, both genders want to flirt and attract the attention of others.

Fit any customer’s pocket

Although pheromone fragrances are not that expensive, some are cheaper than others. Therefore, it is good that you offer solutions for all customers, both expensive and affordable perfumes. That is, as long as both types can maintain their quality.

Promote your products on social media

What doesn’t get displayed doesn’t sell, and since social media platforms have such a wide reach, it’s best to promote the perfumes you sell through these mediums. When doing so, choose to upload quality images or videos that will stimulate the interest of men and women.

Show reviews on each of your perfumes

It is not enough to know the product perfectly, because it is also necessary to provide more detailed information that users can consult whenever they want. Therefore, we recommend you to create an exclusive catalogue where you present reviews about each of the perfumes, highlighting their benefits. This catalogue can be in digital format, in order to distribute it more easily.

Distribute guides to teach how to use these perfumes correctly.

Although pheromone colognes are identical to conventional fragrances, many people believe that they work differently because of the substance they contain. But, although this is not the case, you can offer guides, tricks or exceptional suggestions through which your customers can learn to wear this type of perfume in the best possible way and thus, verify their benefits in a short time.

Make online sales on-demand to your audience

Unfortunately, there are still many people who are embarrassed to buy any product that is associated with sexuality, and as a result, many customers are reluctant to buy such perfumes. However, to provide them with as much convenience as possible and to allow them to make their purchase anonymously, it is best to sell online.

Sell other products that also benefit consumers’ sex lives.

Another trick you can use to your advantage to sell more pheromone perfumes is to display and sell other products that also allow for a more active and enjoyable sex life. For example, you can go for lingerie, costumes, sex toys and so on. This way, you will be able to capture a larger audience and as a result, make many more sales.

Don’t forget to differentiate yourself from the competition

As you get deeper into this business, you will find new ways to attract your audience and especially to distinguish yourself from your main competitors. Don’t forget that the key is to ensure more innovation, exclusivity, quality and personalisation for your customers. With each of these factors in place, it will be easier to build loyalty with your potential customers and establish yourself as one of the best sellers of pheromone perfumes.

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