Tips for selling natural cosmetics on Amazon

Tips for selling natural cosmetics on Amazon

Due to intolerance to certain chemical substances or as a matter of conscience and responsibility towards the environment, many people are currently looking for healthier options in terms of cosmetics. This is why, in recent years, the growth of natural cosmetics has been remarkable.

Therefore, personal care products such as shampoos, deodorants, soaps, gels, creams, scrubs and even make-up that support sustainability are showing strong sales worldwide. Hence, the interest of many to sell natural cosmetics.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who have thought about offering your natural cosmetic products through Amazon, but you don’t know how to start effectively to distinguish yourself from your competitors and achieve success, don’t worry. Here, you can learn the main tricks to sell natural cosmetics from Amazon.


What is natural cosmetics and what are its main characteristics?

Also known as ecological cosmetics and organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics is the one that encompasses all those articles made from materials of natural origin and without chemical preservatives. In other words, the raw materials used come from plants and animals; as a result, they do not contain any elements that are harmful to the health of users or to the environment.

As such, the processing methods used in natural cosmetics are permitted and the ingredients used are not derived from genetically modified organisms. Thus, it acts in a responsible, respectful and ethical way in order to preserve the environment and stop its pollution.

As a result, it is identified as a type of cosmetics that is focused on consumers who wish to lead a more natural, as opposed to traditional, lifestyle. It is also dedicated to the user who is looking to choose a fashion pattern related to natural and, if that is not enough, it also meets the expectations of people who are looking for scientifically proven results on the benefits of organic ingredients.

However, by way of summary, we highlight the main characteristics of organic cosmetics and how they are different from the rest:

  • Without exception, the raw materials used come from the plant world and we try to ensure that they are organically grown.
  • It is a type of cosmetics that does not contain chemical components. Therefore, the products do not contain artificial aromas, synthetic preservatives, colourings, paraffins, parabens, silicones or petroleum products.
  • During the manufacturing process, the main objective is to avoid harming or damaging the environment. Therefore, the packaging also wants to be environmentally friendly and usually uses packaging that is easy to recycle or reconsider.
  • These products are not tested on animals and do not contain any elements of animal origin, which is why it distinguishes itself as a “Cruelty Free” and vegan cosmetic at the same time.
  • Each and every natural cosmetic has a duty to provide full information on the ingredients of its composition.
  • In contrast to traditional cosmetics, the colour and smell of the products are not usually flashy or artificial. This is one of the main proofs that it is a totally organic product.


Main reasons why consumers choose natural cosmetics

Although there may be many reasons why people choose natural cosmetic products over conventional cosmetics, the main reasons are known. Below, we list them one by one:

  • They are more adaptable to the body – Because they are products that contain fatty acids similar to those in the skin, they are more effective in regenerating, caring for and protecting this organ of the human body. In fact, they are much more adaptable and do not cause allergies or irritation.
  • No chemicals harmful to humans – While traditional cosmetics contain artificial fragrances and substances such as silicones, paraffins or sulphates that can have toxic effects, organic cosmetics do not.
  • Respect and protect the environment – Fortunately, natural cosmetics help minimise environmental impact because they follow sustainable manufacturing standards, do not test on animals, do not generate toxic waste and use recyclable packaging.
  • They contain more active ingredients – Organic cosmetics are composed of ingredients 100% dedicated to the function for which they were added and, consequently, their results are faster. This is not the case with common cosmetics that contain filler ingredients and do not benefit the skin.


Why are natural cosmetics in high demand today?

After knowing the main benefits that natural cosmetics provide and that serve to make many users choose this type of cosmetics, it is worth highlighting why these types of cosmetics are currently in such high demand. Taking into account that, it is a market that accumulates a large amount of sales in the world:

  • It poses no health risks.
  • Provide more efficient and faster results.
  • It guarantees a remarkable quality in terms of durability.
  • They act in a way that respects the environment and animal species.


6 reasons to start a natural cosmetics business

Since this is a business that is in high demand in many parts of the world and has aroused the interest of a wide public, it is, of course, a good solution for entrepreneurship and earning money. If you still have doubts about it, here are the 6 definitive reasons to decide to start a business with organic cosmetic products:

1) Cosmetics are used on a daily basis

Without having to be a cosmetics aficionado, everyone needs to use these products from birth. They need shampoo, soap, conditioner and deodorant, for example. As well as, different types of creams.

It is therefore a business that is in constant demand. This can be significantly increased by offering a new concept that guarantees the care of the organism and the environment in general. It should be noted that more and more consumers prefer natural products to conventional products, and this will continue to be the case.

2) Promotes skin care on a higher level

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and for this reason, many people stress the importance of maintaining the health of the skin, which is possible through natural cosmetic products. Because, they are 100% natural mixtures that contain the highest amount of active ingredients and provide beneficial results quickly.

Thus, at the same time, natural cosmetics help to protect the skin from harmful radiation from the sun, prevent unwanted micro-organisms, control the body’s water loss, moisturise any area and, in short, enjoy healthier skin.

3) Ensures care for the environment

Another reason for choosing to sell natural cosmetics is that you can contribute to the care of the environment or, in other words, supply a positive environmental impact. Thanks to the fact that the products are not tested on animal species, do not use genetically modified organisms, do not generate toxic waste and minimise packaging.

In effect, you can do your bit to reduce the environmental pollution and animal abuse that has increased in recent years. This will help motivate others to do the same and choose organic.

4) Provides high profit margins

It is also good to start a business with natural cosmetics because they are products that help to make a significant profit. Because they are not so expensive, their profit margins are higher than those provided by conventional cosmetics.

Therefore, if you want to increase your earnings and earn a steady income, natural cosmetics is an excellent solution to get into a business that offers higher returns than other types of products.

5) Generates a positive social impact

As natural cosmetics prevent a negative impact on the environment, they also prevent a negative impact on society in general. Thus, by ensuring the preservation of the environment by following environmentally friendly manufacturing standards and avoiding the use of toxic substances, it helps society to live in a more pleasant place and prolongs its stability.

Beyond this, natural cosmetics has also become a type of business that generates work for millions of people worldwide. Thus, apart from acting positively on your stability, it also allows you to be an entrepreneur and earn money.

6) Enhances personal and professional growth

Beyond increasing profits, natural cosmetics entrepreneurship also allows for increased personal and professional growth. People can build their own business, set their own goals, discover new skills or competencies, become more dependent, manage their own schedules, move at their own pace, produce more jobs for others and acquire results that lead to success. All this translates into personal and professional growth.


The best tricks to sell natural cosmetics on Amazon

Although there are numerous e-commerce platforms with a great track record and prestige, the truth is that most internet users choose to access Amazon when they want to obtain a product online. For this reason, brands prefer to make their sales through this service.

Consequently, beyond building and maintaining an online shop, people have a big goal in mind: to offer their products on Amazon. As the world’s largest online sales portal, it can guarantee optimum profits, which can be summarised as follows:

  • Have more reach and reach millions of people who log on to the platform every day.
  • To have an expanded customer database, which can be converted into recurring customers.
  • More effective “word-of-mouth marketing” through real feedback from internet users, because Amazon handles shoppers’ opinions very well.
  • Total freedom and comfort to manage your own online shop. Amazon takes care of preparing the orders and shipping them to your end customer.
  • You generate greater confidence in your potential audience, as it is a platform with global prestige that is safe, reliable and efficient.
  • Free advertising on many websites; in other words, your products can appear on hundreds of blogs and websites at no additional cost to you.

After knowing the advantages of advertising on Amazon and making your sales there, we now let you know what are the best tactics to offer natural cosmetics there and be successful:

Study the market within the website

It is clear that you want to sell natural cosmetics on Amazon, but there are numerous references and therefore you have to choose what to offer. Before that, the most appropriate thing to do is to check that these products are in sufficient demand on the platform.

Therefore, start by studying the market within Amazon and the easiest way to do this is to go to the category of this type of product and look at the list of best sellers. If the shampoo, soap or natural cream, for example, is among the first positions, it is a good indicator to promote that product on Amazon.

On the other hand, if you want to be much more accurate about it, you can make use of a tool like “Jungle Scout” (an extension for Google Chrome) with which it is possible to know how many sales each product has, specifically. With this, your choice will be more effective to start your new business on Amazon.

Analyse the number of competitors you have

Apart from the above, another question that can help you is the following: Are the products you want to sell from Amazon dominated by few or many sellers? In other words, you have to analyse whether the sector is subjugated in order to discern what the competition will be like.

In addition to viewing the results as above and checking approximately how many sellers there are, you can also use the Google extension “Jungle Scout”. There, you can see if the sales numbers of each product are distributed among several sellers and get an estimate.

Displays high quality descriptions for users

Once you have decided which products to sell, it is time to use their specifications to your advantage. Because product descriptions on Amazon are a key factor in capturing the attention of potential customers and, at the same time, making a good number of sales.

To do this, it is ideal that you know your natural products inside out and not only rely on the manufacturers’ claims, but also mention more unique facts about the product that you have learned yourself. Remember, this will be the main driver for others to decide to buy these items.

Make sure you gather good reviews

Amazon’s service focuses on the number of reviews a product has to rank in the search results. So, with the quality of these and your attention, you will need to make sure you collect a lot of quality reviews to become one of the top sellers in the industry.

In addition to this, it is also relevant to examine if your competitors have many reviews on the same products you promote, so you can have an idea of how difficult it will be to beat them. In addition, you also need to look at the quality of those reviews; if they are mediocre, you will have more chances to improve them and position your products on Amazon.

Position your natural cosmetic products by key words

Of course, consumers will search for your products using the different keywords in the sector. These will help you to filter their search results and appear in them much more easily.

A good trick to find out which keywords are most used on Amazon in reference to your products is to use Amazon’s own search engine that offers suggestions. Once you’ve determined the list of keywords, all you need to do is use them in your product descriptions and descriptions. In this way, it will be easier to increase your visits and increase your sales.

Share your product URLs

To drive traffic from your potential audience to your Amazon pages, another great trick is to share links to those products on other digital media. Either through a blog, your own online shop or on your social media profiles. To further incentivise people, you can provide these URLs with eye-catching photos and videos, useful tips, user guides, etc.

Keep in mind that, the greater the diffusion, the more possibilities you have to attract customers and increase the number of sales of your products, which translates into higher profits. With this, at the same time, Amazon will optimise your positioning within the platform itself by interpreting a greater number of clicks from its list of results.

It is worth noting that, in addition to doing this with your own profiles, you can also use an influencer and thus reap the benefits of influencer marketing (or influencer marketing). With this, you will be able to gain a greater reach and secure many more sales.

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